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Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Warhammer 40K and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is that Warhammer 40,000's worldview is so vast and rich that if you start one of its games with zero information, you might be confused by the volume of unknown names and gestures and not be able to relate to the story. In the "Warhammerology" series of articles, we intend to say everything we need to know about the world of Warhammer 40,000 in general, so that by reading this material you can safely play/watch/read any work in the world of Warhammer 40,000 and be sure. Be that you do not get lost in the complex and voluminous worldview of this epic and dark science-fiction series. Join us.

"There are always the strong who lead the weak. When the powerful find a goal and roll up their sleeves to achieve it, the weak only obey; When the powerful cry out to fate, they bow weakly and surrender. The number of weaknesses is large and the temptations that revolve around them are not complete. Cultivate the seeds of hatred for the weak in the heart, because they go into the arms of demons and rebels like a domestic animal. Do not feel sorry for them and do not pay attention to them when they declare their innocence; It would be better for a hundred innocents to roll to the ground in the face of the emperor's wrath than for one of them to kneel before the demons. "


There are many threatening elements against the human empire in the world of Warhammer 40,000: such as the army of orcs, tyrannics, necromancers, and other groups introduced in previous articles. The Empire has enough equipment and facilities to fight these enemies.

However, in addition to these noisy clashes with specific enemies, there are more hidden and subliminal dangers: secret conspiracies, dark tricks, the power of corruption. Demons and/

These dangers exist both outside and inside the empire. A surgical knife should be used when the Imperial Army hammer is not responsive. In this parable, the surgical knife refers to The Imperial Inquisition.

The Imperial Inquisition, which can be a combination of detective agencies, government police forces and, of course, the Spanish Inquisition ( The Spanish Inquisition) oversees the affairs of the galaxy with keen eyes. The circle of influence and domination of the circle is so wide that the rest of the empire's sense of fear is associated with respect for them. I will go into details.

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History of the Inquisition

The Inquisition, like many other institutions of the empire, arose after the beginning of the apostasy of Horus Heresy. As a reminder, Horus' apostasy refers to an incident in which the Chaos Gods corrupted Horus, one of the emperor's primaries, and incited him, along with half the imperial population, against the emperor.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

image of a female inspector

after Upon learning of Horus' betrayal, the emperor of humanity commissioned one of his longtime advisers, Malcador, to assemble a group of people whose loyalty, courage, and mental strength were unquestionable.

Malcador 8 Chose 4 lords and rulers in the empire. They were brought to the emperor to form a secret inquisition. The Space Marines formed the Gray Knights. The Gray Knights were the first military subdivision of the circle. The masters and administrators also formed the rest of the basic parts of the circle. . But next to this sub-category, there is another sub-category in the forum whose job is to hide information about the history of the establishment of the forum. Having these two contradictory sub-disciplines together will tell you everything you need to know about the Inquisition.

What we do know is that after the apostasy of Horus is over and your empire Two of the first inspectors introduced themselves to The High Lords of Terra and began recruiting new troops. Although the circle is officially part of the empire, they have a special place in the chain of power.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

Image of military inspectors

The position of inspectors in the empire's power hierarchy

Inspectors answer only to the emperor And their jurisdiction includes all other members of the empire, including your superiors. Also, by direct order from the emperor, they are allowed to recruit any of the empire's servants to assist with the mission they are carrying out, from ordinary citizens to space marines and even an entire fleet.

Ultimately, the only ones who have the ability to exercise power over the inspectors are the other inspectors. The inspectors have no obligation to have the air of each other or to be loyal to each other, and if one inspector is corrupt in any way, the other inspectors have the power to look into his account.

General structure of the inspection body Ideas are unlike any other of the imperial institutions, as they do not have an official leader. The task of each inspector is to ensure the survival of humanity, and each of the investigators is working in their own way to achieve this goal.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

Picture of a praying inspector

In the internal structure of the circle, there are different ratings between members, but the differences in these ratings This does not mean that the degree of authority of a particular officer brigade is different from that of other officers, because all inspectors have full authority. Instead, a higher-ranking inspector has more influence over other agents, and the criterion for this influence is mostly more experience.

Sub-branches of the Inquisition

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

Image of an inspector

Change his order. New Ordos also emerge over time, while the effect of others diminishes.

Each Ordo deals with a specific threat to the empire. Some of these threats are eternal, while others are temporary and vary in scale.

For example, The Ordo Machinum oversees Adeptus Mechanicus, and its members must be vigilant. The Ordo Astartes are responsible for overseeing space marines, and its members must be careful that space marines do not become distorted or corrupted.

The Ordo Excorium is responsible for overseeing the Exterminatus process. The extremo is the process by which a planet is completely destroyed. Disappeared.

The use of some Ordos is completely unknown, such as The Ordo Necros, which is overseen by The Ordo Vigilus.

However, when we speak of the Inquisition, we usually refer to one of its three main orders, because these three orders are the largest groups and are responsible for dealing with the greatest threats to the empire.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

image of an inspector

The Ordo Malleus, the smallest of the three major Ordos, is responsible for dealing with evil threats and incarnations of Chias in the material world.

The Ordo Xenos task is to neutralize any threat from Anb is in charge of aliens.

The Ordo Hereticus, the largest arduous body, has a duty to protect humanity from itself and its members through betrayal, mutation, blasphemy and psykers. They fight.

Given that all inspectors have full authority to enforce the law, it is the duty of each inspector to determine whether or not something is a threat to the survival of the empire. The members of the circle are known for their zeal and zeal in pursuing this goal.

According to the order of an inspector, a planet may be completely destroyed and no one has any right throughout the empire, except the emperor himself or perhaps the emperor's guards. Reject an inspector's request for interrogation.

Of course, this does not mean that all imperial residents take every opportunity to assist the inspectors, and that Carbald's inspectors are aware of the value of secrecy and caution.

Undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous tasks of the empire is on the shoulders of the inspectors. They have a duty to deal directly with evil corruption, monstrous aliens, rogue psychics, and murderous traitors, none of whom are reluctant to kill a voyeuristic inspector.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

Image of an inspector

Ordov Malius

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

Image of Gray Knights fighting demons They are demons, but they are not alone in the battlefield, and they also benefit from the help of the Gray Knights. Gray Knights are a special chapter of the Space Marines. It was founded by the first space marines to join the circle. One of the most unique features of the Gray Knights is that all of the space marines that are members of the chaplain are capable cyclists, and the chaplain recruits new members from the black spaceships that roam the galaxy in search of psychics.

New members Hundreds of tests And they leave behind various rituals in order to test their mental strength against the horror of Chias. If they pass these tests proudly, their memory and personality will be completely erased.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

Image of the Gray Knights

When an inspector identifies a group of demons, direct combat with them is primarily the responsibility of the Gray Knights. These knights are very scary warriors; They are equipped with technologies that are even advanced to the standards of the Space Marines, and their weapons are enhanced by their psychic abilities. Space Knights are believed to be mythical gray knights. . In the Battle of the Monsters, the largest collection of orcs in the history of the Empire took place. They are going to become extinct. If there is anyone among the members of the empire who deals with the alien creature - for example, trades with them or tries to protect them - it will be destroyed.

As you can guess, the members' hands The Order of Zeno is badly stained with blood, for the Milky Way is full of various aliens, and the Inquisition looks at almost all of them as a threat to the empire. Whether they are aliens, whether they send a large group of Imperial Guards or space Marines to war, or order Externatus to completely destroy the alien planets, they always pursue their goal with exemplary bloodshed.


The members of the Ordinus Zinus Chapters also have their own space marines: Deathwatch. That is, they do not hire newcomers, but employ skilled marines from other chapters, Gand is taught to serve the order of Zinus for a certain period of time.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

A picture of one of the Ordos Zenos inspectors leading the Deathwatch Marines

The Marines are found to think of collecting each and every one of the alien creatures that the inspectors show them. The largest and perhaps the darkest of the Ordos, it is obliged to deal with the small and large threats within the borders of the empire, not the threats outside it. 36, after the Age of Apostasy paralyzed the Empire.

Simply put, the Age of Apostasy was the result of the conflict between Adeptus Administratum, the governing body of the Empire, and the Church of the Empire. During this period, the head of the administration took control of the Ecclesiarchy and began the process of purging the opposition. Ensure Ecclesiastical teachings. Of course, their role expanded over time, and eventually they were allowed to punish any blasphemous behavior in the empire. There is panic and astonishment among its inhabitants, as no one knows on whom their sharp eyes may be locked. Herticus's army is not a chamber of space marines, but they use the service of the Sisters of Battle. The Battle Sisters are a group of warriors who serve Ecclesiastes and all of its members are female.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

A picture of the sisters of battle

The sisters of battle are among the most capable human warriors and are taught from childhood to use their faith in the god-emperor of humanity as a weapon to destroy all Use his enemies.

They are usually equipped with a smaller version of the Space Marines' power armor and their Bolter, and although they have not been genetically optimized for the Space Marines, they still have considerable combat power./p> BingMag.com Warmology (Part XI): The Inquisition

image of fighting sisters fighting

Nevertheless, a group like the Inquisition is ideal for empires like the human empire. Because the purpose of the empire is to find and destroy, with religious bigotry, every single one of the factors that pose a threat to humanity, and the council is a great help in this regard. A similar organization is inspired in the real world, and this adds to the depth of its horror.

Although ordinary citizens may think they have nothing to hide from the inspectors and therefore have no reason to be afraid. , But perhaps if the inspectors have the opportunity to interrogate them, they will find traces of blasphemy and corruption in them, a trace that even they themselves may not be aware of.

Source: The Exploring Series

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