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Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

If you're a gamer, you've probably heard of Warhammer 40K, and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is that Warhammer 40,000's worldview is so vast and rich that if you start one of its games with zero information, you may be confused by the volume of unknown names and gestures and not be able to relate to the story. In the "Warhammerology" series of articles, we intend to say everything we need to know about the world of Warhammer 40,000 in a variety of materials, so that by reading this material you can safely play/watch/read any work in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Rest assured that you will not get lost in the complex and voluminous worldview of this epic and dark science-fiction series. Join us.

"Orcs never play in war. If we win we win. If we are killed, we are killed on the battlefield, and that does not count. If we run away, we will not die and we can go back and fight. You see!

an ark


Orcs are primitive creatures. , Are wild and very populous, which is one of the main races in the world of Warhammer 40,000. In this article, we are going to look at the history of orcs in their Milky Way galaxy, their unique culture and physiology. li> Warmology (Part II): The Emperor of Humanity

  • Warhamorology (Part 3): Space Marines
  • Crocodiles, the Ancestors of Orcs Orcs were not created naturally, but the Old Ones - an ancient high-tech race - built orcs using biological engineering knowledge to fight their enemies, the most important of which were the Negroes. Necrons), to help.

    The earliest orcs that the ancients built were called the Krork, and their purpose in existence was to be a living weapon, an aggressive, dumb, and powerful creature, some as tall as twelve meters. you will arrive. It is said that knowledge of certain tasks was embedded in their genetic code, such as how to build simple machines, as well as the ability to share psychics, which I will discuss later.

    The arcs were divided.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Image of the arcs Fighting

    Orcs, creatures that act like mushrooms; Literally!

    The physiology of orcs is very unique and can be described as a combination of animal and fungal physiology. Orcs are not born, they are raised; Each subspecies of Ark grows from spores that grow underground. Some orchids grow into simple fungi that are used as food. Some other spores grow in other living species, such as:

    1. Squig ( Squig )

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    2. Snotling ( Snotling )

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    3. ( Gretchin )

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    or the orcs themselves. All of these creatures can be considered part of the Orkoid Family.

    Squigas, snatlings, lizards and orchids

    Squigas are the simplest species in the family. It is an orchid and has different types, each of which is used in different contexts: for example, as food, in war, and in more bizarre applications such as preparing hair for an orch.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs p id =" caption-attachment-963238 "class =" wp-caption-text "> Image of Squiggles have. Their job is to maintain fungi and squid, and some of them act as pets for larger orchids. BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Image of snatlings

    Grotz are similar to snatlings; That is, they are smaller and weaker than the orcs, and they are used to do the mundane tasks that the orcs themselves prefer not to do.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    An image of ants

    Orcs are at the top of the food pyramid and are considered the strongest fighting forces in the Orchid family. On the battlefield, their unique physiology is a major strength for them. The strengths provided include very strong muscles, thick bones, and the replacement of their internal organs with a kind of mushroom soup.

    Their fungal nature allows them to survive the work-related wounds that kill humans. To the extent that they may be able to suture their entire body. They are also said to have photosynthesis capability.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Image of orcs

    When orcs enter new planets, spores of orchids spread throughout the planet, and these spores become different types of orchids that form a new orchid community on that planet. It is said that the planet where the spores of the orchids are spread will always be contaminated with them, because it is very difficult to get rid of all the spores. Orcs are the predominant species among the Orchids, but even among them there is a hierarchy of power and social classes, and there are many differences between each of the Orcs.

    War Boss). The Warlord is the largest arc in a tribe or battle group (as the orcs age and succeed on the battlefield, their stature continues to grow).

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    image of an ark

    Among the orcs, civil wars are as common as wars with external agents, but usually they are They are willing to put aside their differences and unite for a single goal, provided that the warlord who has enough power unites them. . Adboys are orcs who have knowledge in a particular field engraved in their religions and therefore are able to do things that other orcs are unable to do. Adboys are divided into four categories:

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    1. Mekboys ( Mekboy ): They specialize in making weapons, vehicles and cars.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    2. Painboys: They specialize in healing physical injuries and wounds.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    3. Weirdboys: They specialize in using violent psychic forces.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    4. Runtherd ( Runtherd ): They specialize in training and caring for snails and snatlings. To be. Adolescents either have the relevant knowledge from birth or do not. There is no middle ground.

    Next in rank are the Nobs. The geniuses are bigger than most orcs and therefore usually gain more respect. They usually lead a group of orcs and carry the best armor and weapons.

    In the next rank are the Boyz. Scents are the most common group of orcs; They are smaller than the purebreds, but if they are numerous, they are very deadly and destructive. BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    1. Burna Boy ( Burna Boy ): They specialize in using firearms.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    2. Stormboys: They specialize in using the Jump Pack.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    3. Biker Boy : They specialize in driving war engines (Warbike).

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    4. Commandos ( Kommando ): Their specialty is stealth.

    Arc tribes and clans

    Beyond these classifications, almost all the orcs belong to one clan. According to rumors, the number of these tribes is very large, but there are only six tribes that are important. A common denominator is a clan, philosophy, or way of life. For example, the Bad Moons Clan is interested in trade and the Evil Sons Clan is interested in driving high-speed vehicles.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Image of fighting orcs

    An orc may be a member of several tribes throughout its life, But their bond with one tribe is usually much stronger than the other.

    Gork and Mork, the God of the Orcs

    ) (Mork).

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Image of Gork and Mork

    According to the orcs, Gork is ruthless but shrewd and Mork is shrewd but ruthless. So the two are practically no different from each other! The Orcs say that Gork and Mork are in an endless battle with each other and live like the Chaos Gods in Warp.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    An image of Gork and Mork fighting

    Violence is the lifeblood of an ark and has deep roots in society and culture They have them. Orcs travel across the galaxy, spreading their spores wherever they go and fighting anyone and everything they see, including themselves. The less force is able to stop the army of orcs. After the Tyranids, they are the most populous species of living things. Simple for close combat to giant Mecha to which giant guns are attached.

    Any rude cold weapon, such as a sharpened scrap metal, is called a Choppa. The larger firearms to which the sword saw is sometimes attached are called the Big Choppa. The simplest firearm for most orcs is the Slugga. Slaga is usually a semi-automatic pistol that fires large bullets. Most orcs carry both a print and a slug.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    An image of an ark carrying a chapa and a slug

    They carry the name Rokkit Launcha. BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2109/24/12230-24.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs" loading="lazy">

    image of shooters

    all species There are other modifications to this, and there is no uniform design for these weapons, as the Meccans assemble whatever they have at hand to make weapons and machinery.

    In the Army of the Orcs , The rough equivalent of any combat equipment you can think of: tanks, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles and

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Image of their assembled orchestras Not how efficient they are.

    The main question is how the Orcs succeed in using all these non-technical and insecure equipment, which does not exist in a galaxy like their own, in their wars.

    Wow! </</strong>

    I mentioned earlier that orcs have a common psychic ability, and that ability plays a key role in their survival. This feature Wow! (WAAAGH!) Is called. It is a bit difficult to pronounce correctly, though, because it is usually screamed and stretched out loud. ! It has several special effects. One of its effects is that it allows the wordboys to absorb and circulate the psychic force emitted by the orcs around them.

    The main effect of this psychic force is that it uses the orcs' technology, provided that the orcs Believe that their technology will work. For example, many orchestra guns are made of random metal pieces, but this belief comes true given that what they hold looks like guns and orchestras believe that the gun fires bullets. When another person, such as a human, tries to use the technology of the orcs, he sees that the piece is completely useless.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    An image of an orc

    This psychic effect can be extended to all onc devices. Sometimes they make changes to their technology components because they believe that these changes will change their functionality as well. For example, because orcs believe that a red vehicle moves faster, their red vehicles actually move faster. Build a new vehicle and repair broken machines dozens of times and keep working on them.

    Wow! There is another definition. Just as we need water, so do the orcs. That is why most of the time they are involved in small wars with other Ark tribes or any other enemy that comes their way. However, these wars do not cause much casualties due to their small size, and the population of the orcs increases so much that it reaches a critical point. In this case, the orcs 'shared psychic field (which is enhanced by the orcs' aggressive behavior) gathers all the orcs on a planet and they enter the Warpath.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    A battlefield and space marine in battle

    Lets identify the largest ark among themselves. This Ark as the ruler of the war Wow! Will be selected. In this sentence wow! It means a great and devastating war that the orcs are the initiators of. . When the orcs' own losses were enough, wow! It's coming to an end.

    The biggest wow! In the history of the Orcs, under the leadership of Salar, a war known as The Beast took place. The monster was an intelligent orc that managed to unite the largest number of orcs and was about to conquer the entire galaxy. They were leading. Human empire to prevent wow! The monster suffered heavy casualties. Sooner or later wow! It will happen again on the same scale.

    BingMag.com Warmology (Part 4): Orcs

    Orcs are not complex creatures. Their lives revolve around fighting and are therefore the enemy of all other creatures in the galaxy. Many newcomers to Warhammer 4000 may be surprised to hear that orcs are one of the main races, as orcs are one of the stereotypical races of the fantasy genre and do not appear in science fiction.

    Now, as you can see from the description in this article, the orchids in the world of Warhammer 40,000 are very different from the image you have in the orchestras of the fantasy genre. Although they seem like a humorous element due to their thick cocky accent and interest in exaggerated things, it should not be forgotten that they pose a serious threat on the battlefield.

    Source: The Exploring Series

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