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Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Warhammer 40K and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is that Warhammer 40,000's worldview is so vast and rich that if you start one of its games with zero information, you might be confused by the volume of unknown names and gestures and not be able to relate to the story. In the "Warhammerology" series of articles, we intend to say everything we need to know about the world of Warhammer 40,000 in a variety of articles, so that by reading this material you can safely play/watch/read any work in the world of Warhammer 40,000. Rest assured that you will not get lost in the complex and voluminous worldview of this epic and dark science-fiction series. Join us.

"What do humans know about our pain?" "Before your ancestors crawled on their bellies and came out of the sea, we used to sing mourning songs."


Although the Warhammer 40,000 style is officially science fiction, its influence on the fantasy genre is obvious, especially given that it was originally intended as a Spin-off was made for the Warhammer fantasy board game.

War of Humans and Orcs is one of the most common fantasy stereotypes in Warhammer 40,000, but another common fantasy stereotype of the Warhammer world. 40,000 copies, the race of elves is in the form of the Eldar race.

Is. Aldar is the name of the elves in the Middle-earth world, meaning "star people". They are long-lived, superhumanly agile, and a mysterious and endangered species. Killing is done.

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Roots of the Trees

The history of the early days of the Eldars is as mysterious as they are, and over time more details about it have disappeared.

In modern times, a group of Eldars called the Harlequins, who in Performing arts are talented, they play plays to define the origins of the Eldars, but it is difficult to determine what is real and what is imaginary. (The Old On es) created the Eldars to help them in their war against the C'tan and the Necrons, just like the first orcs. But the purpose of the Aldars was to exploit their power to use psychic power. With the end of the war between the two species, the Eldars had the opportunity to explore and take over the galaxy.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of aldars

During this period, aldars were associated with several gods, or god-like beings. This point in the history of the Eldars is in a state of ambiguity, as the nature of these god-like beings is unclear and it is not clear what the Eldars had to do with them, so to understand this we must refer to the myth of the Eldars.

This possibility Due to their high psychic power, the Eldars were able to create creatures inside the warp, and thus created god-like creatures as their servants, creatures under the command of the Eldars.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of the Aldar Gods

It is also possible that these were the first Aldar gods who Attained the status of a deity; Or some of the ancient gods who attained the degree of deity.

Whatever the truth, these gods were part of the warp, but according to the myths of the gods, these gods also had the ability to appear among the early gods.

> BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

image of the god of war

The war between the god of craftsmanship and The god of war

was revealed to one of the goddesses of Eldar Basirati: the killing of the god of war by the Eldar. Therefore, the god of war decided to fortify the Eldars before this happened. The fort of the gods was so brutal that the leader of the gods decided to create a barrier between the warp and the material world and to prevent further interaction between the two dimensions of the world.

They are a kind of old man, they asked the god of craftsmanship to help them overcome this obstacle. The craft god created the Spirit Stones, which allowed the gods to communicate with the aldars. The leader of the gods decided to hand them over to the god of war as punishment. To give them a hundred swords to the God of War a year later.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

The God of Craftsmanship Making Swords

The god of war agreed to the offer, and the process of making a hundred swords began. But after a year, the god of craftsmanship had prepared only 99 swords, so he hid an ordinary sword among a hundred swords, hoping that the god of war would not notice it.

The god of war handed over a hundred swords And released two prisoners. It was after the release of the prisoners that he realized the deception of the god of craftsmanship.> BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of the God of War

The god of craftsmanship finally completed the making of the 100th sword - the largest and best example of a sword made - and with it he fought a one-on-one battle with the god of war.

Even with this powerful sword, he has the ability to confront the god of war And was defeated.

However, this sword was stolen and fell into the hands of Eldanesh, the greatest hero of the Eldars. He went and fought valiantly, but he too was defeated. The god of war killed his knowledge and became known as Khaine the Bloody-handed. The leader of the gods finally decided to intervene to end the war. Their expansion owed both their own capabilities and the old technology of the aliens.

The most important technology they had was the Webway, a network of interconnected portals that allowed them to travel faster than light. Access to the tarmac was a major trump card for the Eldars and was a great advantage over other intelligent species in the Milky Way galaxy. So they managed to work with their own power to push the rest of the species to the margins of space.

No force could threaten the Aldar empire. Over time, the concept of physical work became obsolete for the Eldars, who used robots for all their work.

No part of the galaxy was beyond the reach of the Eldars, and the galaxy was filled with utopian planets in which the Eldars enjoyed When one of the Elders died, his soul would go to Warp (Warp was much calmer then than it is today) and he would eventually be born again.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

image of an aldar

but always Arrogance leads to the fall, and this was the fate of the Eldars.

The Fall of the Eldars

Given that for many Eldars there is no purpose but There was no pleasure left, they turned to darker and wilder pleasures. A number of small denominations sprang up throughout the galaxy, each devoting itself to exploring one aspect of dark pleasures. They sought to satisfy their morbid desires by killing them.

However, many Aldars were opposed to the atmosphere that had set in, and its corrupt and destructive nature was clear to them, so they moved from the Aldar civilization to the margins of the empire. They escaped.

However, life was difficult for Aldar immigrants, as they were not accustomed to working and doing their personal chores. They saw, and the prophets knew, that the Elders had entered a dark and painful path. The deviation of the Eldars and their natural connection to Warp brought the sleeping creature one step closer to waking up.

Finally, after thousands of years of falling into darkness and deviation, this dark god entered the realm of existence. . Slaanesh, the god of Chias and the dark lord of pleasure, was born; As a symbol of the drowning of the Eldars in perverted pleasures.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Picture of Slash

Slash's birth was not a silent event; He let out a very loud roar as it erupted, causing horrific Warp Storms to sweep across the galaxy. All the Elders heard the sound of Slanch's psychic screams, and they were all filled with his voice. Although some Eldars managed to survive, the souls of trillions of Eldars were removed from their bodies and sucked into the warp. It turned out, but some Eldars managed to survive the fall of the empire. Most of the alder gods are said to have been swallowed up during the catastrophe, and only three survived. They took refuge and rode in space.

Craftworlds are large, independent spacecraft that are generally thousands of miles wide and can meet the needs of billions of people indefinitely.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of the CraftWorld spacecraft

Every craftworld has its own culture: some are traditionalists, some look at other creatures through the eyes of their enemy, some even look at other creatures around the eyes of their enemy.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

An image of the space inside a Craft World

Craft Worlds with a substance called a Wraithbone ) Are made, a material that is specific to the trees. The bone ghost is essentially Warp's solidified energy, extracted from the Immaterium and shaped by a group of Eldars called the Bonesingers. The bone ghost, in addition to its inherent psychic power, is extremely durable and strong, and can also repair itself if damaged.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha p id="caption-attachment-970205" class="wp-caption-text"> The image of a fighting world

The bone ghost has many uses for aldars; Such as building ships, buildings, weapons, various structures, and the psychic power of the ghost allows the material to carry psychic energy like electricity. Elders can use it as a communication network or a way to control objects remotely. It was this psychic bond within the skeleton that protected the inhabitants of the Craftworld spacecraft from the psychic scream and deadly slash.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of the Eldars fighting

Thus, parts of the great empire of the Eldars remain, and many survivors of the moral deviation of the former Eldars that created the Slash They distanced themselves, but not all of them. Eldar) were converted.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of Dark Alders

Slash is still thirsty to conquer the souls of all living Aldars and wants to taste the spirit of their singles, which is why Slash has chosen the title "She Who Thirsts" for Slash.

Elders, a shadow of their glorious past

At this stage in the history of the Eldars, other species such as humans and orcs are conquering other parts of the galaxy, and the surviving Eldars are just a few pieces of a large puzzle. Aldars are more scattered and sparsely populated than competing with species that breed and reproduce, such as rabbits. He looked into the eyes of helpless creatures.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

The image of an Eldar battling a space Marine

Eldar technology is not at the level it was in the past; Prior to their fall, aldars were among the most advanced intelligent creatures in galaxy history, but conditions changed after the fall. But the Eldars made this decision deliberately, as the Eldars who survived the fall came to the conclusion that their utopian and advanced society had led them down a dark path.

Some Eldars rejected technology more radically. Eldars who fled the Eldar community before the fall abandoned almost all of their high-end technologies. The Elders riding the Craft Worlds abandoned many technologies that were not necessary for their lives; Including their advanced tools for settling inanimate planets, as well as their most destructive weapons.

The technology that Aldars now use is based on their psychic abilities, although most Aldars use their psychic abilities cautiously so as not to open the door to Chias and an opportunity for destructive forces to intervene. Provide it.

The path that aldars must follow

Every aldari living in a craftworld must follow a certain path; In other words, every Eldar has a role in society that he must study and gain experience in order to play it.

When an Eldar masters the path chosen for him, he follows another path to follow. He chooses and when he masters that path, another path and so on. Due to the fact that aldars are a thousand years old (some of them live even longer), they can dominate different paths.

Many of these paths need no explanation; Like the war route, the industrial route, the command route.

Some other routes are more specific. For example, the focus of The Path of Awakening is to examine and identify the environment; The focus of the Path of Service is to serve others; The focus of the Path of the Seer is to enhance the psychic abilities of Eldar. These capabilities include the management of ghosts that contain ghosts, or the formation of a bone ghost. To dominate. In such a case, it is said that the Eldar is lost in that direction.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of a female Eldar

Elders who do not follow the path system include the following:

- Drukhari: or the Eldars The Dark We've Talked About Before.

- Exodites: Exodus that escaped to distant planets before crashing. .jpg ">

Image of Exudites

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

image of cursors

- Harlequins: which we will discuss in more detail below.


Harlequins have only one source of verbal power, and that is Their god is Cegorach, whom he met They know the name of the smiling god. He is one of the few surviving gods after the birth of Slash.

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

An image of a Harlequin

Harlequins look unique even among unique aldars. They are mysterious, art-loving, and extremely deadly creatures.

They combine war and art, and thanks to their agility, balance, and speed, they combine the two plays; A play that can be described as "The Wing of Death".

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

Image of Harlequins Fighting

Harlequins, in addition to their ability to fight, are talented storytellers and performers, and use their talents to commemorate the past of the Eldars. They travel across the galaxy and tell stories about the history of the aldars, including their fall, when they encounter aldars and other species.

The Harlequins are said to be one of the few groups to replace the Black Library. - A very large repository of the Eldars' knowledge - they know.

The Future of the Eldars

His chest is locked up. The ghost is returned to Craftworld, and the Eldar ghost is transported to a part of the spacecraft called the Infinity Circuit. . .

. .

(Yinnead) . . .

. .

(The Ynnari) .

BingMag.com Warmology (Part 5): Eldarha

4 5 (Yncarne) .


40000 .

. .

Source: The Exploring Series

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