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Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Warhammer 40K and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is that Warhammer 40,000's worldview is so vast and rich that if you start one of its games with zero information, you might be confused by the volume of unknown names and gestures and not be able to relate to the story. In the "Warhammerology" series of articles, we intend to say everything we need to know about the world of Warhammer 40,000 in general, so that by reading this material you can safely play/watch/read any work in the world of Warhammer 40,000 and be sure. Be that you do not get lost in the complex and voluminous worldview of this epic and dark science-fiction series. Join us.

"There is a cancer that is eating the imperium. With each passing decade, it progresses deeper, leaving behind lifeless, lifeless planets. This horror, this deviation, has the power of thought and has a goal that it pursues on a galactic and unimaginable scale, and the only thing we can do is to stop the horde of bioengineered monsters that we instinctively kill. We have named this horror to heal our fears. We call it a shooter, but if these creatures are aware of our existence, they will know us by one name: prey. "


Warhammer's world is full of 40,000 alien species, some of which are more important than others, each representing a series of common clichs and science fiction concepts. Perhaps the strangest and most alien of these creatures are the Tyranids. Tyrannics do not understand diplomacy, do not use technology (at least in the standard sense), and have no interest in controlling territory or power. , Are considered a very serious threat. This article discusses the information available about tyrannids, their unique biology, and their war tactics. Warmology (Part II): The Emperor of Humanity

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    Where did the tyrannies come from?

    As is clear from the very alien nature of tyrannids, their roots go back to somewhere outside the Milky Way galaxy. It is not known exactly where they came from or how old they are, but some sources speculate that they passed through hundreds of galaxies. The Milky Way was discovered when, during the reign of Horus Heresy, one of the psychic lanterns overheated and exploded. The explosion of psychic force proceeded along the warp and covered such a long distance that it reached the place where the Tyrannical army was at that moment, and they, receiving this new signal, began their journey towards the Milky Way galaxy. .

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    image of a tyrant

    This problem was exacerbated by the existence of the human emperor The Astronomicon. Stronamicon is another psychic beacon used by the human empire to navigate warp and has not been ineffective in directing tyrannids to the Milky Way galaxy. The Imperial Inquisition believes that The first contact of the empire with tyranides took place in the thirty-fifth millennium, but the first official contact in the forty-first millennium took place on the planet Tyran.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of Tyrannids

    Planet of Tyrannus

    Types of Ocean Planets It was located on the eastern edge of the galaxy, a largely undiscovered area, and was home to one of the empire's watchdogs. The techno-monks stationed in Tirane noticed a number of dead planets in the systems around Tirane, but were eventually surprised by the Hive Fleet of the Tyrannosaurs. It was the standard that most aliens were able to withstand the onslaught, but the Tyrannicals surrounded the planet both physically and psychically, and these defenses could not withstand them.

    The Tyrannids swallowed the planet in a full-blown raid, although the head of Adeptus Mechanicus had previously managed to send a warning message to the rest of humanity. "We can not survive this," his message read. Humanity can not survive these. Within a day, they filled the entire planet with a flood of living blades and sharp-toothed mouths. Each time we kill, dozens of others take their place. If they are not really limited in number, humanity will be doomed to a violent death, and a force that is even more destructive than the fire of hell will overwhelm the last remnants of our civilization. Death! I swear to the machine god, death has come! "

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    An image of a tyrant

    Imperium's first war with tyrants

    Humans name these hostile alien creatures, inspired by a planet where They encountered, fired, and the mass army that swallowed Tiran continued to advance toward the center of the galaxy. Victory in this conflict, later called The First Tyrannic War, seemed almost impossible, as a massive army of tyrants swallowed everything in its path.

    The Ultramarines ), Part of the Adeptus Astartes, or Space Marines, were called in to end the war, but their first encounter with the Tyrannians turned into a Hoon bath, as they were in no way prepared for the alien biology and tactics of alien warfare. They did not.

    This war reached its climax in Macragge, the home planet of the Ultramarines. An unprecedented battle took place there. Both the Ultramarines and the Tyrannids suffered heavy casualties, and soldiers are said to have walked on the Tyrannicals' body instead of on the ground. To build a whirlpool of warp, a whirlpool that destroyed the Tyrannical army. This spacecraft sacrificed human victory for its sacrifice.

    The Milky Way galaxy was given several centuries to lick its wounds, but eventually the tyrants returned.

    Collective Wisdom of Tyrannas

    Before we get into the second attack of the Tyrannids on the Milky Way, let us first get a little acquainted with the Tyrannids.

    An army of hungry, bloodthirsty monsters It sounds dangerous in itself, but what makes Tyrannides one of the galaxy's biggest threats is their Hive Mind.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    The image of a tyrant in combat

    collective wisdom is not a single, intelligent mind; In other words, it is not the case that tyrannical minds are under greater mental control than themselves. Collective wisdom is an interconnected network of individual tyrannies working together to achieve a single goal. To issue. Instead, all the tyrannics interact psychically to accomplish a common goal: swallowing.

    Collective wisdom allows trillions of tyrannids to behave as if they were a single organism. This psychic connection is established through certain tyrannids; These tyrants play the role of psychic ducts and attach their close tyrants to the collective wisdom. Tyrannics separated from the collective wisdom enter the state of "wild" (Feral State). These tyrants are still dangerous, but they do not attack as well as their counterparts in a coordinated and calculated manner.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of Tyrannics at War

    One of the side effects of a psychic circuit that creates collective wisdom is that it affects the warp that surrounds the collective army and prevents telepathic connections. Takes the other and disrupts the spaceships inside the warp. This psychic circuit also drives horrible images of warp into the minds of intelligent beings in the range, pushing them to the brink of madness.

    Different types of tyrannids

    Image of marines fighting tyrannids

    The most populous type of tyrannides They have a snout and are called rippers. Rappers are the main method of tyrannosae consuming biomass of any biological species in their path. And they turn the planet into a wasteland. They are then returned to the collective army with the biomass they have consumed for use by the tyrants.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of rappers

    Gaunts have different subspecies. Among them are: Hormagaunt, which is equivalent to the monocotyled Velociraptor.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of a Termagaunt

    Termagaunt using weapons that are creatures instead of bullets It fires like a beetle that sinks into living things when it comes in contact with living things.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of a thermagant

    Gantes aside, Lictor are tyrannical specialties that are therefore used as observers. Their skin takes on the shape of their surroundings, so the naked eye cannot see them. They have a high ability to ambush and ambush their enemies.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of a Liquor

    Tyranid Warriors are one of the strongest tyrannical threats on the battlefield, and each one alone is as powerful as a space marine. They are twice as tall as ordinary humans and are strong, agile and stable.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of Tyrannical Warriors

    Hive Tyrants are basically the commanders of the Tyrannical Army and are the main conduit for other tyrannical mass shooters. The tyrants of the army themselves have great ability and power and are considered a stronger, bigger and more deadly equivalent than the tyrant fighters. They are very smart and can execute extremely powerful psychic capabilities.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of an Army Tyrant

    The number of forms and biotransformations of tyrants is large, and many of them are larger than army tyrants. They also have their own technology and living spacecraft. Among the most important tyrants are the Norn Queens, who live in living spacecraft at the center of mass armies and use biomass collected from planets to produce more tyrants.

    About genes Their Hybrids

    However, perhaps the most notable subtype of tyrannides is the Genestealers. These unique aliens work more subtly and quietly than other tyrannosaurs, yet their work is vital to the tyrannical species. Genes can change shape, but in their most common form, They usually stand on two legs and have two pairs of hands, one pair resembling a human hand and the other pair having claws. Genetics are very intelligent and their bodies can survive for centuries, even when they are in a vacuum.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of a genetics

    Although pure genetics (Purestrain Genestealer) like other tyrannosaurs are born from queens of Noreen, most genetics are independent of other organisms. Collective armies reproduce and therefore can be scattered across the galaxy.

    The method of reproduction of genetics is as follows: they insert an embryo into the host's body through a tube-like tongue and deliver their genetic material to the host. They transfer. Small groups usually carry out this operation, as these groups enter a planet or hide in empty spaceships waiting for the rescue team to arrive. (Such spacecraft are called space hulks.)

    This embryo slowly begins to rewrite the host's genetic code and replaces their mental intelligence with intelligence controlled by in-situ psychic relationships. These relationships are under the control of genetics.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    An image of a genetics

    Genetics then force these hosts to reproduce as quickly as possible. The child born to the host will be a hybrid of genetics. This hybrid will also continue to reproduce and more tyrannical hybrids will emerge in the population of a planet.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    An image of genetics hybrids

    Although the first generation hybrid looks a lot like a genetics, when we get to the fourth generation, the difference Their appearance becomes much more difficult than that of the host species, at least at first glance. . The growing psychic connection to the planet's genocidal cult acts as a beacon for the mass army of tyrants, attracting them and informing them that the planet is ready to be conquered.

    When the mass army arrives , The planet is probably drowning in disorder and lawlessness, because a large part of its population is a member of the genocidal sect. After the conquest of the planet, the genocidal sect engages in war with itself, and many hybrids gather to collect the biomass of the tin, and this cycle begins again. Geneticist sects were the pioneers of the second tyrannical attack on the Milky Way galaxy. The empire had strengthened its defensive preparations in an area of the galaxy attacked by tyrannies, but eventually several riots broke out on the planets in the area. A number of imperial bureaucrats claimed that people were dissatisfied with living in military camps and that this was the reason for the riots. That's why they did research. They realized that what these bureaucrats had in common was that in the past they had all been to that part of the galaxy.

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of genetics attacking

    The Imperial Guard and Space Marines were sent to quell the riots. During the repression, they discovered the existence of genetics in the hearts of sects. Although they thought they had killed all the genocides, hundreds of genocides came out of the ground when the mass army reached the area. They had won, they used in this new war. The casualties were still astronomical, but the Tyrrhenians were defeated a second time. Meanwhile, one of the detached subdivisions of the Collective Army of the Tyrannids inflicted serious damage on one of the Eldar craftworlds. It did not take long for the third Tyrannical War to begin. In this war, the tyrants staged their largest attack. The massive and very large army of tyrants decided to deploy its forces throughout the galaxy and attack from several different directions. Defend this imperial galactic war. During this war, the Imperium fleet completely destroyed some of the planets so that the Tyrannians could not supply the biomass they needed, and both sides suffered heavy casualties.

    This war is still going on, and the question remains. Can Imperium win for the third time or is a bigger shooting force on the way? P

    BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Humans at War with Tyrannosaurs

    Tyrannics are reminiscent of many fictional elements and stereotypes of other science fiction, and have themselves been the source of inspiration for other science fiction. In Warhammer's world, 40,000 things that humanity lacks are enemies, but there are few enemies that are comparable to tyrannicals in horror. "The destruction and violence that a tyrannical army inflicts on a planet is unimaginable, and the trillions of deadly alien-killing masses attacking their prey in coordination with a single organism are constantly expanding and scattering throughout the galaxy."/p> BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides

    Image of human encounter with tyrants

    40000 (Plot Armor) .

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