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Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Warhammer 40K and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is that Warhammer 40,000's worldview is so vast and rich that if you start one of its games with zero information, you might be confused by the volume of unknown names and gestures and not be able to relate to the story. In the "Warhammerology" series of articles, we intend to say everything we need to know about the world of Warhammer 40,000 in general, so that by reading this material you can safely play/watch/read any work in the world of Warhammer 40,000 and be sure. Be that you do not get lost in the complex and voluminous worldview of this epic and dark science-fiction series. Join us.

"Stranger, I salute you on behalf of the Tau Empire.

If you are reading this post, it can be concluded that one of our messengers was hit. And as a result you have access to space travel technology. You will soon find more evidence of our existence. Do not be alarmed by this.

If you come across one of our ships or bases, embrace its occupants. We are very generous to our loyal friends. We are made up of five castes, but we are all members of one race. The task of the cassette is to build and produce soil, the task of the air cassette is to pilot and navigate, the task of the water cassette is to negotiate, and the task of the fire cassette is to defend our buildings and defeat our enemies. They are all striving for a common dream: to provide a new way of life in the galaxy.

I hope you decide to contribute to the culture, technology and protection of the Tau Empire.

The only element Constant in the galaxy is change; Believers adapt to change.

Believe in our destiny.



The Milky Way is 40,000 places in Warhammer's world where power plays the first and last letter. Human empire believes that the only hope is for the future of the galaxy, the Necromancers and Elders believe that they have the right to return to the top of the food chain, and the Tyrannids continue to swallow everything in their path, because that is their essence.

In this article I want to explain what makes tau look so unique and what exactly their place is in the Milky Way galaxy.

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Genesis of Tau

The tau, like most other species, began its existence as a primitive and hunter-gatherer species on the planet T'au. This happened around the thirty-fifth millennium, when a fleet of Adeptus Mechanicus discovered the planet Tau during this period. According to members of Adeptus Mechanicus, the primitive inhabitants of the planet had just learned how to use and control fire. , But a Warp Storm formed around the planet. The Tau themselves are immune to the effects of Chaos, but the empire assumed that Chias had destroyed them. For this reason, the empire engaged in other conflicts and battles and forgot the planet Tau and its inhabitants.

The Tau population was divided into different tribes, and these tribes began to learn and evolve in different ways. Some of them were developed in the field of agriculture and metalworking and others in the field of hunting.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

An image of a tau

Trade relations also formed between the tribes, but when the growth of civilization exceeds a certain extent, conflict is inevitable. The tribes that did not have a farm or a city got into a fight with the tribes that had these privileges, and they also built walls and forts to defend themselves and learned how to make primitive weapons.

During this period Called the Terror or The Death Age, thousands of people were killed. The conditions seemed very unpleasant for the tau, and if these conditions continued, the tau might have become extinct.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

An image of tau fighting

But according to tau legends, something miraculous happened. An unusual-looking tau entered the camp of one of the besiegers and persuaded their leader that they should reach an agreement with their enemies as soon as possible. A Tau with a similar appearance entered the besieged fortress and the leader convinced them that they had to reach an agreement with their enemies to make peace.

A few hours later, the Tau came from both sides to negotiate. These newcomers introduced themselves as the Ethereal, explaining that the various skills of the tribes were useful in their own right, and that the tribes had to work together to achieve The Greater Good.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

image of an ethereal

high purpose The main philosophy is behind the Tau Empire, the guiding principle that is the main factor of unity; Not just the union of the Tau, but of all the other species in the galaxy. Other ethereals also appeared among the other tribes, and it did not take long for the whole tribes to unite. The system in which the tau were united under its banner was a caste system consisting of five different castes.

The social class of each tau is determined at birth and is passed from parent to child. The physiology of the members of each cassette is slightly different from the other cassettes. If a tau later decides to change its caste, its decision is considered contrary to the lofty goal.

The main fire caste is the tau army. Fire chests are taller and taller than other chests and are raised from birth to become soldiers.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of a fiery tau

Earth Caste composed of workers, craftsmen, and scientists, and most of the technological leaps of the tau empire occur by them Falls.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

image of an earth tower The Water Caste is made up of diplomats and businessmen, who generally travel to other planets as ambassadors and representatives of the Tau Empire and manage diplomatic relations between the various castes.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of a blue tau

Air cassette (Air Caste) has the task of managing the Tau space fleet, and their job is to pilot the Tau spacecraft and coordinate the Imperial space fleet. The members of the air cassette are not willing to land on the planets themselves, because their ossification has weakened due to the many years they have spent at low gravity.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

An image of an aerial tau

The last cassette is the ethereals themselves who rule over other tao with an iron fist. Most tauve do not reject the request made by a trace of them in any way, and many myths are told about their origin among tauwas. It is thanks to the ethereals that the Tau came out of their primitive state very quickly and progressed. This is why many Taws look at them through the eyes of the gods.

The command of the Ethereals, known as the Ethereal Supreme, rules over the whole empire. /2111/27/13732-9.jpg" alt="BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire" loading="lazy">

Image of an ethereal

The first area of expansion

Thanks to the etiquettes at the helm of power, and the tau that worked in harmony with each other, tau technology grew at a tremendous rate. Thanks to this rapid progress, the Tau Empire entered a new era known as the "First Sphere of Expansion". During this period, the Tau traveled to space and expanded to places other than the planet of their life. On their way, they saw them unite. The Tau empire diplomatically advised other civilizations to join them. They pointed out that these civilizations could preserve their culture and beliefs, but only if they believed in the general and unifying philosophy of the lofty goal.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of the Tau Army

Space travel at the speed of light for the Tau Empire was still a mystery. In fact, one of the reasons for the slowdown in the Tau empire was that the time it took to travel the distance between the two ends of the Tau empire was longer than the lifespan of its citizens. Met. Although they initially sent ambassadors to negotiate with the orcs, they changed their minds when they saw that the orcs massacred their ambassadors.>

The second sphere of expansion began when the Taoists acquired the technology of traveling at the speed of light, a technology that allowed them to travel much faster at the stars. They also formed an important alliance with an alien species called the Kroot; After the planets where the Croats lived were rescued from the orcs.

During the second sphere of expansion, more species entered the realm of the orcs, and the spells also removed a number of planets from the orcs' control.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of the battle between the Taoists and humans

Instead, dispatch members of the water cassette They were able to slowly integrate into these distant planets. Trade began, and alien goods flowed to the planets, even though imperial laws strictly forbade such trade. But it worked, and in a slow and steady process, the planets separated themselves from the empire.

When the empire leaders learned of this, they began The Damocles Crusade Destroy. Although Tau's army performed well and exceeded the empire's expectations, they were defeated at Damocles Bay and forced to retreat. The empire's advance was halted on the planet Dal'yth, one of the planets of the Tau Empire. On this planet, both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Eventually, the water body sought to reach an agreement with the human empire to establish a temporary ceasefire, and the empire agreed to the ceasefire request. The main reason for agreeing to this proposal was that the Tyrannical army was advancing in another part of the galaxy and the empire had to turn its attention to them.

As a result of this brief war with the empire, the Tau Empire The scale of the galaxy and the dangers that threatened them were questioned. This problem could have been exacerbated and led to the collapse of the empire. So the etherians sent a team to recover the lost territories.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of members of the cassette playing while busy

Unfortunately, this program started another war for survival. This time they were opposed by a very large army of orcs. Forced to retreat.

Third Sphere of Expansion

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology during the war, the Taoists were ready to begin another sphere of expansion, the sphere of expansion. This time the distance scale was much higher than other periods.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of the battle between the Tau and the Orcs

They once again crossed the Gulf of Damocles, entered the empire, and conquered several planets, both peacefully and by force. However, the more they advanced in the realm of the empire, the stronger the resistance. Eventually, the empire stopped the Tows from advancing, but the Tows proved to be stubborn rivals for their enemies.

However, the Tows' ultimate goal of unifying the galaxy was fundamentally challenged. The empire had proved to be a fierce enemy for them, the tyrants had swallowed many planets, and the heads of arrogant and ambitious idiots had been found, making things difficult for everyone. Most importantly, The Great Rift appeared in the Milky Way galaxy, separating large parts of the galaxy.

Fourth Sphere of Expansion

After years of studying imperial technology in space travel faster than light, the Tau succeeded in building a new spacecraft that allowed them to move through the galaxy at very high speeds. Thus began the Fourth Sphere of Expansion, with the goal of sending more spacecraft to an area where they could expand their territory. And the entire space fleet was sent to Warp. BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

A picture of the Taoists fighting

Up to this point, the Taoists' interaction with Warp was very limited, so the rest of the Taoists did not pay much attention to the accident. But in the end it turned out that only three-quarters of the Tau fleet had been destroyed in Warp. The rest of the tau were saved by a creature with many hands. Some believe that this creature was the god Kiasi, created as a reflection of the tau.

The rest of the fleet emerged from the depths of the human empire beyond the space wormhole. A number of drones were sent back from the wormhole to communicate with the Tau Empire, but the survivors of the Fourth Sphere were notorious for being exposed to warp.

The Fifth Sphere of Expansion and Military Technology of the Tau

Fifth Expansion Zone Shortly after fleet exploration, the Fourth Exploration Zone began, in which the Tau sent another fleet using wormholes.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

's image of the Taoists fighting

The Fifth Sphere of Expansion, Phase The current is the expansion of the Taoists, and during these spheres of expansion they have fought with the forces of Chias, Orcs, Tyrannids, Necranians, and the Imperium of Humanity. . One of the weaknesses of peacocks is that, unlike orcs or space marines, they are not very capable of solitary combat, which is why most of their military technology is based on long-range combat. A more advanced weapon than standard weapons is considered more than other types. Their Rail Rifle is also so powerful that a shot fired from it can break through the Terminator Armor of space marines.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of Tows fighting pulsed rifles

Drones are also one of the Tau army's fixed legs, They have limited intelligence. These drones lock their target on one of the enemies and fire a barrage of double pulse bullets at them.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

Image of Tau drones

However, the most important tool of Tau warfare is their Battlesuit. Armor is mechanized armor that has the offensive capabilities of a tank and their strength and speed are such that they can withstand heavy fire. This armor can effectively fight both infantry and vehicles.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

A picture of Tau while wearing armor

A fiery warrior wearing war armor with a jetpack, targeting system, shield generator, advanced sensors and weapons It is equipped that their power is equal to other types of battle tanks. That is why firefighters equipped with battle armor are among the most dangerous forces on the battlefield.

Are Tau races a good breed?

Some, especially scholars of the human empire, believe that the reason behind the control and influence that etherics have on the tau and other species is the pheromones that etherians produce. p>

This chemical makes the mind of others more open to hear and accept the offer, and this open mind, along with the philosophy of the lofty goal, creates a sense of indoctrination or brainwashing. .

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BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part IX): The Tau Empire

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Source: The Exploring Series

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