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Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Warhammer 40K and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is that Warhammer 40,000's worldview is so vast and rich that if you start one of its games with zero information, you might be confused by the volume of unknown names and gestures and not be able to relate to the story. In the "Warhammerology" series of articles, we intend to say everything we need to know about the world of Warhammer 40,000 in general, so that by reading this material you can safely play/watch/read any work in the world of Warhammer 40,000 and be sure. Be that you do not get lost in the complex and voluminous worldview of this epic and dark science-fiction series. Join us.

"What is Chias?" You might say torment. Tyranny. Trick. But aren't all of these traits generalizable to Imperium? You hunt talented and determined people. You break them from within or sacrifice them. You lie to your citizens and declare war on those who dare to tell the truth Why? Why are you doing this? Because you know there is Chias, but you do not know how to fight it, so you crush your citizens for fear of helping the enemy. The empire is in torment because of Chias. No matter how hard you fight, the truth does not change; Chias is the foundation on which the empire is built.

This article does not focus much on the main gods of Chias. The goal is to provide an overview of this important part of the Warhammer 40,000 world.

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What is Chias?

In short, Chias is the concept of "change" at its most fundamental. The nature of Chias is unpredictable and does not follow any of our temporal, spatial and physical laws.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of Chias energy

This vast ocean of energy called Chias fills another time/space dimension called Immaterium. Imitrium is an unstable realm that exists in parallel with the material world. Of course, it was dangerous at the time, but it was not as corrupt and violent as it was in the 1940s.

A species of very old creature called the Old Ones managed to dig tunnels inside the warp. With the help of these tunnels, they were able to overcome the dangers in Chias and travel to distant stars. Apparently, the ancients' understanding of the mechanism of warp was superior to that of any contemporary, as they succeeded in creating new species that were all somehow related to warp. Like the Crocodiles (the ancestors of the Orcs) and the Eldars. These creatures were embodied in Warp. Many of these feelings and thoughts had a dark side: such as feelings of anger, fear, helplessness, pride, and these negative feelings and thoughts became part of the bubbling volume inside Warp.

Over time, Warp became It became a more violent and chaotic place. Eventually a number of these feelings and thoughts came together to form special beings. These creatures became intelligent and became the gods of Chias.

Emotions such as anger and hatred, violence and bloodshed became Khorne, the god of blood.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

image of the god of blood

physical corruption, fear of death, Illusion and helplessness became the master of decay.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of Norgel

Concepts such as ambition, intrigue, desire for knowledge, evolution, and change into Tzeentch became path changers.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of Zinch

Aldars and their drowning in lust, greed, extravagance and hedonism created Slaanesh, the lord of pleasure.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

image of slash

There are a number of sub-gods Each representing the feelings and thoughts of the other, but the four gods mentioned make up the bulk of the emotions of intelligent beings in the world of Warhammer 40,000.

They are interested in the material world, but they are more interested in fighting with each other for superiority. The battle between the gods of Chias is eternal, because if one god of Chias overcomes the others, Warp will return to his original calm state and Chias will no longer exist.

This eternal battle will continue through countless plots and conspiracies. And there are a lot of new ones involved in it, new ones that have their roots in both Chias and the material world.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of the forces of Chias

The most numerous of these newcomers are The Daemons. Demons are beings created by the gods of Chias from the energy of Chias to carry out their will. Demons come in many sizes and shapes. Most of them look like the goddess of worship they serve.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of Demons

The lowest type of demons, called The Lesser Daemon, are actually wild animals that often serve other demons or even some corrupt mortals. . The lowly demons are the infantry soldiers of Chias army. They are very, very numerous, and the army of every god of Chias is made up mainly of them. Although these beings are intelligent, their only purpose in existence is to serve their masters. Is an ordinary human being.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias


Corn's demons are deadly in combat, while Zich demons are more capable of driving insane creatures crazy.

The Greater Demon). These creatures are far more powerful than their inferior counterparts and generally play the role of army leader on the battlefield.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of the Great Demons

The Great Demons specialize in creating terror and destruction, and can destroy an army of enemies, forts, and armored vehicles. It was said that only a Primarch could duel with one of the great demons of Korn, and the great demons of Norgol could infect an entire planet with terrible diseases.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of one of the great devils of Korn

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of one of the great demons of Nourgol

The demons are created from Chias. So they can only exist where there is chias. This means that demons cannot invade the material world like any other creature without any preconditions.

Warp gap and warp storm

Given that the material world And warp overlaps, at certain moments the fence between the two worlds weakens in certain places, and thus Chias enters the material world. The place where the barrier between warp and the material world weakens is called the warp rift. Sometimes these cracks occur naturally, and sometimes the gods of Chias or people corrupted by warp deliberately create these cracks.

These cracks can take many forms and can last from a few moments to It took several centuries. When one of the demons of Chias is inside the gap of warp, he can interact with the material world, although if the relevant devil is separated from the gap of warp, he will be weakened or killed.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of the Warp Gap

Demons present in the material world cannot be like creatures Normally killed, they can only be returned to warp, and in warp they regain their lost power. In order for demons to be literally killed, special rituals must be performed, a special object used, or a very large amount of psychic energy used against them. Speaking the real name of demons can also weaken them and make the process of destroying or returning them to Warp easier. Warp Storms are a similar phenomenon to Warp Storms. After Hurricane Warp, part of Warp is thrown into the material world in an explosive and sudden movement. Warp storms are very turbulent and deadly, and the length of time they last varies, like warp cracks. See how many centuries have passed or they are stuck in warp altogether. Large-scale warp storms may separate part of the galaxy from other parts. They form the Chias army. Chias is a corrupting power, and many intelligent beings in the material world have been affected by its corrupting influence. The gods of Chias are always looking for creatures that succumb to emotions such as hatred, lust, ambition, panic, extravagance, and so on. Others have the potential to fall into Chias.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

The image of a human being corrupted by Chias

The dissolution of demons in the skin of mortal beings is possible. The host may voluntarily allow the demons to do so, or the demons may possess a vulnerable mental force (usually a cyclist's mind). , Known as the Rogue Psyker. The insurgent cyber for the Chias forces is practically a living bomb.

There are a number of Chias cults operating throughout the galaxy, and members of these cults are secretly trying to destroy the human empire from within. These sects try to draw people to themselves and eventually open the rift gaps to pave the way for a full-scale attack by the demonic army.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias p id="caption-attachment-972277" class="wp-caption-text"> Image of members of the Chias cult

Many Imperial Guard soldiers surrender to Chias and part They become the Traitor Guard and take their weapons, equipment and vehicles with them. The members of the treacherous guard often fight on the side of demons and mutants.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of a member of the treacherous guard

Members of Adeptus Mechanicus are also vulnerable to the temptations of Chias, and if they surrender, they become members of The Dark Mechanicum. Becoming a member of the Dark Mechanics allows them to use previously banned technology and build hellish machines for the Chia forces. Other corrupt humans can be traitorous Titan legions Titan Legions) noted the massive Titan forces whose corruption has multiplied the power of Chias. Chaos Space Marines, also known as Traitor Legions. Chias space marines are terrifying creatures that Chias mutated and added to their power.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of a Chias Space Marine

These marines first appeared during the Horus Heresy apostasy. During this time, Horus Primark surrendered to Chias and recruited many of his brothers and legions. The treacherous legions deeply hate the emperor, the empire, and the corrupt and loyal space marines loyal to the emperor. The force of Chias mutates and improves the biological body and armor of the power of Chias space marines, and by welding their armor and body together, it creates a terrifying and stronger whole.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of a Chias Space Marine

Chias Space Marines of self-control embedded in ordinary space marines They may not have them and that is why they are considered very scary enemies. Chias space marines who prove to be a fanatical follower of one of Chias gods receive points and may become Chaos Champion. The hero of Chias takes on the role of leader of a squadron of Chias space demons and demons.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of a Chias Space Marine

The marine that becomes the Chias champion becomes more mutant and altered. The hero of Chiasi, who proves his allegiance to the god Chiasi who serves him as much as possible, achieves a rare honor, which is complete dehumanization and becoming a devil.

These creatures are called evil princes. (The Daemon Prince) are known and their power is so great that mortal beings do not even dream. They are usually given full leadership of the mortal Chias or even a legion of demons, although the great demons look down on them because of their human origins.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of Evil Princes

Evil Primates - Horus Brothers They joined - they are the greatest princes of evil and all the followers of Chias are afraid of them and respect them. If the hero of Chias does not succeed in attracting the attention of his god, he may become the puppy of Chaos (Chaos Spawn). Chias puppy is a horrible and crooked meaty piece that Chias has driven crazy.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of the Chias puppy

Although humans are the main focus of Chias corruption, they are not the only form of corruption. There are a number of other species whose entire limbs became infected with chiasmus and whose past history was completely destroyed. One of these species is Saruthi.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of the Chias Army

Most other important species in the Warhammer 40,000 world are safe from Chias influence for some reason. Aldars are extremely wary of the effects of Chias, dark Aldars sacrifice the souls of other creatures so that the slash does not feed on their souls, The T'au - which we will discuss in later articles - have very little interaction with warp, collective wisdom (Hive Mind) Tyrannides protect them against warp and wow! (Waaagh!) Orcs and their loyalty to Gork and Mork protect them from being influenced by Warp. Of course, there are individual exceptions in all areas, because Chias is unyielding and universal.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

Image of Chias Army

Chias forces are a constant threat in the Warhammer 40,000 world and are determined, powerful, and ruthless. But Chias is more than just a physical threat, because the inhabitants of Warhammer 40,000 must also protect their minds and souls from being corrupted by warp.

BingMag.com Warhammerology (Part 6): Chias

A picture of a marine infested with Chias

Payment, but this article is a good starting point for getting to know the forces of Immetrium. The Empire of Humanity has devised powerful defensive measures to prevent the onslaught of treacherous and corrupt humans and their dark masters, but it may eventually overwhelm everything.

Source: The Exploring Series

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