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Two new side games were introduced in the world of League of Legends

BingMag.com Two new side games were introduced in the world of League of Legends

Rion Games, the maker of the League of Legends game, has announced that it will have two new spin-offs next year. Will offer. The company today introduced two spin-offs called Hextech Mayhem and Ruined King. It also unveiled two new spin-offs.

As Riot Games explains, Hextech Mayhem is a rhythm-style running game created by Choice Provisions. Rhythmic running is a game in which your character starts to run and there are obstacles in front of him. Your character will constantly increase in speed, so it will be harder to meet the challenges.

You will play Ziggs in Hextech Mayhem. He is followed by a scientist named Himminger and he tries to escape from this scientist. If you play with something like Bit. Get to know Trip You will definitely enjoy this game. Hex-only game is now available for PC and Switch users and will be available for mobile soon. Of course, it should be said that this game for mobile is exclusive to Netflix and will only be available from the company's game streaming service.

Another spin-off offered is Ruined King. This game is in the style of role-playing and turn-making and is made by Airship Syndicate.

BingMag.com Two new side games were introduced in the world of League of Legends

Spin-offs are mostly about different characters in the game and give explanations about them to the player.

You have played the role of a number of Champions League legends and You are trying to fight an unknown enemy. The heroes in this game are Miss Fortune, Brom, Yasu, Ahri, Pike and Illaoi. As we said, this game is in the style of role-playing and turn-based. In other words, in those fights, you get hit and you have to wait for the enemy's response, which in turn is an interesting style.

Ruined King is currently available for 8th generation consoles and computers. It will also receive free updates for 9th generation consoles in the future. In addition to the regular version, there is also a Deluxe Edition that has a number of more skins and weapons. Announced that two new spin-offs will be released next year. The first is Song of Nunu, which will be produced by Tequila. According to what has been described, this game is a single-player adventure and will follow the story of Nono, who is looking for his mother. This game will be available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC with Switch.

BingMag.com Two new side games were introduced in the world of League of Legends

Making each spin-off keeps the original game name alive.

Another spin-off to be released next year is Conv/RGENCE. This game is in the style of platformer and shooter, which has a two-dimensional mode. Its main element is the ability to control time.

After the release of the Arcane series and its success, League of Legends proved that it has good potential for marginal cases. That is, making a series or a side game is worth it and has a high probability of success. Riot is also aware of this story and will do its best to keep the game alive and to explain the story of each character to the fans with additional stories and spin-offs.

Source: Eurogamer.net

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