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Top 20 Superhero Games in History

There are many reasons why we should see more superhero games every year. BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History Superhero comics with their own elements and charms can be one of the best sources of adaptation for making new video games. Although the superhero genre has not been very popular in video games in the past, with the growing popularity of superhero movies these days and the release of successful games such as the Batman trilogy of Rocksteady and the Spider-Man Insomniac Games, more games are coming soon. We will be comic book superheroes.

In this article you will find a vast collection of the best superhero games in history. Some of them are not even related to comics and present their independent and original stories, while some of them adhere to the classic stories of the characters. Attempts have been made to limit the number of copies of each series, so only one game from the Batman Arkham series is listed. On the other hand, Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, which was recently released, has not been included in the list due to the time of writing this article, but it is one of the most interesting games in this genre that you can experience. In the following, you will get acquainted with the top 20 superhero games in history.

20. Marvel's Avengers

Producer: Square Enix/Producer: Crystal Dynamics
Release Year: 2020
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC , Google Stadia

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Avengers Marvel could have gotten a better ranking on this list, but this The effect did not work as expected. Although there are attractions in its single-player story section, it quickly becomes immersed in the style and context of service-oriented games and loses its quality. Despite the problems that many players have with it, and some of these problems are correct, the game also has some positive points, the most important of which are the parts that focus on the story. Although the game does not offer much in this section, but there is an interesting story in the game that is hard to ignore. The problem is that achieving this beautiful story depends on going through things that may not be appealing.

Of course, Crystal Dynamics, as the game developer since its release, has always tried to diversify the game by releasing new content. And has been somewhat successful in doing so. However, Squiranix, as the publisher, recently announced that the game development studio was not suitable for it. In the latest update of the game, Crystal Dynamics introduced the character of Spider-Man for this work.

19. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Producer: Vivendi Universal Games/Producer: Radical Entertainment
Release Year: 2005
Platform: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is one of the most obscure superhero games ever made, and despite its low budget, it It was released at a time when Hollywood had not been able to bring Hall's character to cinemas as it should. Ultimate Destruction immediately realized the charm of this character and the violent and destructive element of this green giant is the main pillar of the game. This open-world superhero still makes the best video game over the years, with amazing and sophisticated physics due to its release time and destructible environments that allow you to be in the form of this character and destroy the world. Based on the popular Hulk character. On the other hand, the presence of Ron Perlman, a famous American actor, has made the game even more attractive.

18. Batman: Arkham VR

Producer: WB Games/Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Release Year: 2016
Platform: PS4, PC

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Another superhero game released during the tech boom is Batman: Arkham VR, which continues to be one of the best virtual reality games of recent years. Is. Nothing is more appealing than wearing Gotham's black-clad knight mask, and Arkham Vier does a wonderful job of inspiring you to take on the role of this beloved character. But apart from the positive points, this game is very short. The gameplay experience of the game takes an hour and a half, and even if you want to explore all the corners of the game, you will complete it after 3 hours. This is a short but sweet experience with more emphasis on the Batman detective aspect. So we hope that in the future a longer and more complete virtual reality game will be released that will focus on Batman's fights in addition to the detective section.

17. Megaton Rainfall

Producer: Pentadimensional Games/Producer: Pentadimensional Games
Release Year: 2017
Platform: PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

To get the most out of Megaton Rainfall, you need a virtual reality headset. It forms a powerful creature that must prevent the invasion of aliens. You fly around the world at breakneck speed, and in this limited but fun game, you fight evil people. Of course, the game is not completely perfect and may be repeated a little soon, but the first game that, like Dr. Manhattan, saves innocent people through the power of virtual reality, is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will probably have in a superhero game. Also, since the experience of a quality game of Superman character is not yet available, the experience of this work can fill this gap to a large extent.

16. Prototype

Producer: Activision/Producer: Radical Entertainment
Release Year: 2009
Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

The prototype, which is often unfavorably compared to the work you will find later in the list, may have problems, but still very much It is attractive. You take on the role of Alex Mercer, who has powers that allow you to change your shape and make huge bloody swords or sledgehammers from his arms. In an open world where the inhabitants are at risk of a deadly plague, you must use all the powers at your disposal to deal with these problems, from the evil organization to the deadly creatures. In general, the gameplay is very entertaining and with its interesting mechanisms can engage you for hours. Unfortunately, the second version of the game could not appear as it should and the size of the first version and even better; So we may not see anything called Prototype 3 anymore.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Producer: Activision/Developer: Raven Software
Release Year: 2009
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PS2, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

X-Men Origins: Wolverine featuring Logan's favorite character Granted, it may be overlooked at first because of its relevance to the low-quality film of the same name, but the game shows elements of the character that the film can never get around. This is nothing but turning your enemies into large alleys with Wolverine adamantium claws. This game is more violent and bloody than the Deadpool video game adaptation, and it also has a stunning look at the details. For example, when Wolverine is injured, in addition to the high detail of the injuries, you can see her wounds heal. X-Men Origins: Wolverine may not seem like much of an experience these days, but if you're a fan of this superhero, it's definitely worth a look.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Producer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/Manufacturer: Traveler's Tales
Release Year: 2017
Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mac

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

If you want to experience a challenging and stressful superhero game, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 will definitely not be your choice, but on the other hand, if you want to worry about friends and family. Play and have a good laugh is one of the best options you can experience. Lego Marvel has nothing new to offer compared to recent Lego games. In fact, when you experience a Lego game, you can say that you have experienced them all because they have the same principles. However, it works well as a family and friendly game, bringing together a large group of Marvel characters, as well as a set of steps to see and do.

13. Batman: The Telltale Series

Producer: Telltale Games/Developer: Telltale Games
Release Year: 2016
Platform: PS4, Android, iOS, PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS3

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

You might be surprised to learn that Batman: The Telltale Series actually has There are many action parts as a game from TelTill Games Studio. While Walkinghead may not be as appealing to the studio as it was in the final season, it should be seen as the first sign that the studio is moving toward changing its gameplay. Just like Gotham, this game takes a different turn in The Dark Knight with major changes to the villainous characters and a greater focus on Bruce Wayne as a friend and business man. Although it is unlikely that the game will be able to change the opinion of the opponents of the production studio, but it is highly recommended for Batman fans and those who are looking for the best superhero games.

12. Saints Row 4

Producer: Deep Silver/Producer: Volition
Release Year: 2013
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia , Linux

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Technically, this is definitely not a superhero game, but there are elements Borrowed from this style. For example, the game will never definitively call you a superhero, and also someone who constantly insults people can never be called a superhero. However, if you want to try the adult version of the Avengers, Saints Row IV will be your option. In this action-adventure game, the open-world nature of the game allows players to freely explore the fictional city of Steelport while completing major and minor missions in their spare time. The game also incorporates science fiction elements and the fame of this series continues. The game follows the story of the same character created by the players in previous games, who is elected President of the United States after neutralizing a terrorist threat.

11. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Producer: Ubisoft/Developer: Ubisoft San Francisco
Release Year: 2017
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC


BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Like the previous game on the list, South Park: The Fractured But Whole does not introduce characters that can be called superheroes. Put them on, but instead, you play the role of the infamous kids in town, the kids who dream of becoming superheroes. This turn-based role-playing game does not change the main elements of the game much compared to its previous version, The Stick of Truth, but with the animation style that you know and love from South Park, it provides you with a lot of joy. Performing different abilities of the characters has many attractions that can not be found in many superhero games with high build costs. Since the game has not experienced great sales, you can buy a copy of it at a relatively cheap price depending on your platform.

10. Deadpool

Producer: Activision/Producer: High Moon Studios
Release Year: 2013
Platform: PS4, Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Xbox One

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Activision's Deadpool is very similar to the Doyle May series-inspired versions of you, and humor is the main part of the game. The game does not offer the most interesting or fluent action available, but if you want to be in the form of a crazy man who tells horrible jokes, then this game will be for you. It is interesting to know that the voice actor of Deadpool character is Nolan North, who we know as the voice actor of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. Although the game is short and does not revolutionize its genre, it will be suitable for you if you are looking for superhero games that inherit the tone and content of their adapted source to a relatively large extent.

9. Spider-Man 2

Producer: Activision/Developer: Treyarch
Release Year: 2004
Platform: PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, GameCube, Xbox, PC

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

If a list of the best superhero movies in history were to be written, Spider-Man would definitely be among the top 5 movies. This does not mean that Spider-Man 2 is not of good quality, but at the moment it does not have much to offer compared to games like Spider-Man from Insomniac Games Studio. However, for its time, Spider-Man 2 has been a fascinating work. This game has a great open world with lots to see and do. Due to having the best Spider-Man launch mechanism up to that time and the attractive mechanisms that he had in his fights, it is still worth trying.

8. Injustice 2

Producer: WB Games/Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Release Year: 2017
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Superheroes and fighting games can often be incompatible Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is a perfect example. However, Mertel Combat franchise Injustice has been able to provide a good experience in this style. Injustice 2 also has one of the best storylines we've ever seen in a superhero game. The game tells the story of a superman who is in the role of the villain of the story and with its deep content and fights that make you feel good, it becomes the best fighting game of dice characters. Also, considering the quality of the second version, we will probably see the release of the third version of this attractive series.

7. The Wonderful 101

Producer: Nintendo/Producer: Platinum Games
Release Year: 2013
Platform: PS4, PC, Wii U, Nintendo Switch

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

The Wonderful 101 never got the audience it deserved just because it was available on the Wii U. Although not less than expected from Platinum Games Studio, this game is still great. The members of the studio, who felt that their game was being underestimated, spent a lot of time and effort releasing it on other platforms. In this superhero game with an emphasis on teamwork, you must monitor a team of unusual heroes (exactly one hundred of them) as the aliens invade Earth. The game is very similar to the Pekmin series of games, but on a much larger scale. This brilliant game was finally remastered so that new players could enjoy it even more.

6. Viewtiful Joe

Producer: Capcom/Developer: Clover Studio
Release Year: 2003
Platform: GameCube, PlayStation 2

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Like the previous game, Viewtiful Joe is another superhero game that did not receive the love it deserved because of the platform on which it was released. A port from the GameCube console to PlayStation 2 helped everything, but the game still remains outside the box as a jewel, at least from the game design era. You are in the role of Joe; A lovely backgammon that has to save his friend after being kidnapped by a movie character through the cinema screen. In fact, the game was primarily a two-and-a-half-dimensional beat 'em up effect that had good action and combat, and now, after a long time, its experience is amazing and is recommended to fans of this genre.

5. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Producer: Capcom/Manufacturer: Capcom
Release Year: 2003
Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PS3, Xbox One p>

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is the best game for fans of this fighting series; Especially since the Infinite version strangely caused the series to lose its way and jeopardize its future. The game has a large list of fascinating characters that has made this series such a success in the past. Whether you want to kill Nemesis or kill Spider-Man and Spider-Man for fun, the game will live up to your expectations and do a good job as a fighting game.

4. The Punisher

Producer: THQ/Developer: Volition
Release Year: 2004
Platform: PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

You might be surprised to find Punisher on the list of the best superhero games. The game is undoubtedly not very good at the moment, but in its time, The Punisher was a fun shooting game with a lot of violence. Exactly what every player needs. The game is in the style of comic books and is not afraid to use other Marvel comics. The Punisher allows players to instill fear and horror in the role of Frank Kessel almost as they see fit. Using a gun is fun, but beating someone to death or piercing their eyeballs is another matter. It is not clear whether a work with this violence can be released these days, but it is interesting.

3. inFamous 2

Producer: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Producer: Sucker Punch
Release Year: 2011
Platform: PlayStation 3

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

A series almost similar to the prototype series, which eventually became one of the most popular superhero games in the open world, despite its exclusive platform. inFamous 2 is made of the first version and fixes some of its drawbacks and has a better quality compared to the Second Son version that was released on the PlayStation 4. Playing with the karma system, which has unfortunately been phased out of the game design, has actually allowed you to be a criminal or a hero in New Marais. It's been a long time since the last release of this series, but the second version, despite its longevity, still manages to entertain the audience well. It is hoped that Sony will once again be able to revive it in the ninth generation with new technology by offering a sequel to this series.

2. Marvel's Spider-Man

Producer: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Producer: Insomniac Games
Release Year: 2018
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

Spider-Man game was released exclusively by Sony for PlayStation in 2018 and was able to attract critics and fans. The game is not much different from Spider-Man 2 in terms of core gameplay and basic principles, and it improves the elements of the classic game in the best way. Shooting is better than ever, and there are many things to see and do as a Spider-Man that take more than fifteen hours. The story of the game is of good quality and will accompany you to the end with its good narration. Undoubtedly, Spider-Man is one of the best PlayStation exclusives and one of the best superhero games ever released. In the ninth generation, Sony also released a high-quality version of Miles Morales. .

1. Batman: Arkham City

: WB Games/: Rocksteady Studios
: 2011
:PS4 Xbox One PS3 Xbox 360 PC Wii U

BingMag.com Top 20 Superhero Games in History

: . . . . . . Asylum .

Source: Cultured Vultures

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