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Top 20 Detective Games for PC

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

In the realm of general storytelling, there is less of a story to the delight of a mysterious and detective narrative. Surely you know what we are talking about; Those horrible crimes that seem impossible to solve, serial killings, sudden disappearances and of course complex riddles.

Of course, reading such stories in the form of novels or watching them in the form of TV series and movies is an impossible pleasure. He denies it, but detective-style video games allow you to step into the shoes of these agents and investigate the crime or issue.

This article examines the best detective games. Which we have so far offered for personal computers.

20. Tangle Tower

Manufacturer: SFB Games
Release Year: 2019

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

This game from SFB, developed in the click and intellectual genre, depicts a year when a detective named Grimoire and his colleague have to deal with a mysterious case related to the murder of a painter by his artwork. To capture and unravel its mysterious dimensions. Tangle Tower has some interesting narrative ups and downs that engage you, and Grimoire and Sally are great partners. On the other hand, the game's artistic design is very admirable, and its light tone and humor make it an attractive and, of course, enjoyable detective adventure.

19. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

Manufacturer: Revolution Software
Release Year: 1996

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

A tourist's life changes forever with a strange event. When George travels to Paris to spend his free time, he does not even imagine that a crime might be committed against him. But those perceptions change forever when the cafe where he sits explodes. Fortunately, George survives, but swears to find the culprit. This click adventure eventually leads players into a very complex chain of conspiracies and takes them to different places like a market in Syria or a pub in Ireland.

18. KGB

Manufacturer: Cryo Interactive
Release Year: 1992

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

In the old KGB game, you play the role of an intelligence agent who must look for corrupt and traitorous elements in the Soviet spy agency. KGB is a different interpretation of the detective genre, and the gameplay is so hard and challenging that you can easily get confused and put it aside. The game was re-released in the form of a CD called Conspiracy, the newer version of which included interludes starring popular Canadian actor Donald Sutherland.

17. Fahrenheit

Manufacturer: Quantic Dream
Release Year: 2005

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC <"Fahrenheit" is one of the most well-known plays by David Cage - directed by Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls -. So, as you can guess, he uses a lot of mysterious and surreal elements in his narrative. This complex story invites you into an exciting criminal world where you, as a detective, can investigate a crime scene before relying entirely on supernatural elements in the middle of the story. Of course, unlike many detective games, this time "Fahrenheit" puts you in the role of a criminal who has committed murder involuntarily.

16. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Manufacturer: CD Projekt Red
Release year: 2015

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

You might think that the acclaimed game The Witcher 3 has no place in this list, but if you look a little closer, you will see that most of the stages in" Wild Hunt "use Geralt's enhanced senses to find It starts with different clues in the environment. Even with another look at the story, you will find that this lovely monster is actually a detective who has to find his missing and wanted daughter. Look, we see that "Witcher 3" can definitely be a detective game.

15. Return of the Obra Dinn

Manufacturer: Lucas Pope
Release Year: 2018

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

The Obra Dinn crew has mysteriously gone missing, and now you must investigate this strange occurrence in this mind-blowing adventure game. do. Return of the Obra Dinn lets you see the moment a person dies, and by putting these scenes together you can identify their names, how they died, and the person who killed them. One of the reasons why this relatively new work has become a very popular and enjoyable experience in the detective genre is that it leaves you completely in charge of solving problems and does not give you any tips or clues.

14. Gemini Rue

Manufacturer: Joshua Nuenberger
Release Year: 2011

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

This cyberpunk adventure takes you to the distant future and planets in the Gemini system. The game's urban setting is inspired by Blade Runner and follows a policeman named Azril Odin who is looking for his lost brother. As you progress through the game, Azriel's story is tied to another playable character who is very different from him. This is another game that can not necessarily be called a detective based on the gameplay elements, but it certainly evokes the feeling of a detective game for players and on the other hand has received very high scores from most critics and audiences./p>

13. Backbone

Manufacturer: EggNut
Release Year: 2021

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

In this stunning adventure game, we play the role of a detective named Howard Lauter, who brings to life exactly the feeling of Philip Marlowe, a legend for the audience. With the difference that Howard Lauter is a raccoon. Why? why not! There are unique detective elements in this game. For example, you have to draw conclusions from the clues you collect, and the game is not going to categorize and provide the necessary information to you. If you are interested in adventure and detective stories, be sure to try Backbone.

12. Blade Runner

Manufacturer: Westwood Studios
Release Year: 1997

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

" Blade Runner "is one of those games that will take you to a ruined city in the future of this world. As a hunter on the streets of Los Angeles, this work has been reviewing the story of the popular Blade Runner movie for you since 1997, and in this respect it goes hand in hand with the work adapted from it, but in this game you have the opportunity to Make more than "Decard" detective game. In fact, most of the game takes you around Los Angeles to find clues, and its atmosphere creates exactly the dark world of the movie for the audience.

11. Discworld Noir

Manufacturer: Perfect Entertainment
Release year: 1999

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

As the name implies, this game is based on the collection of fantasy novels" Discord "written by" Terry Perchet ". Fans of the series know that Discovery never takes itself seriously, and even borrows humorous elements from the narrative, so it's no surprise that the game has brought exactly the same disaster to detective storytelling in the 1980s. In general, the game revolves around talking to different people and gathering clues that will eventually bring you closer to the truth.

10. The Painscreek Killings

Developer: EQ Studios
Release Year: 2017

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

Many of the games on this list really mimic the feeling of being a detective, but The Painscreek Killing, which has attracted the attention of many audiences in recent years. Capture really puts you in the role of a full-fledged detective. Set in an uninhabited American city in the 1990s, you play the role of a persistent journalist investigating several mysterious murders. In this EQ Studios creation, you really have to work from your brain and put the available clues together with your creativity to reach the final truth.

9. The Last Express

Manufacturer: Smoking Car Productions
Release Year: 1997

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

This is another old and popular computer detective game. The Last Express takes place in 1914 on the Orient Express train and has a very interesting and unique narrative that moves forward in a real-time gameplay. This means that you have limited time to solve a series of mysterious events on the train, one of which involves the murder of your best friend. So far, the narrative and gameplay style of The Last Express has not been implemented, and the element of time can certainly be challenging at first, but you will soon realize that this challenge will ultimately be worth solving the riddles of the story.

8. Grim Fandango

Manufacturer: LucasArts
Release Year: 1998

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

Grim Fandango is one of those games that does not need to be introduced or even defined. The events of this work take place in the land of the dead, where a salesman named Manny Calavera is involved in a complex conspiracy. To better understand this work and its atmosphere, it is enough to imagine that it is a combination of Glen Ross and Casablanca, to which the unique humor of Tim Schafer has been added. Of course, it is worth noting that "Grim Fandango" is not a traditional detective game like the other games on this list, but it is so visually and atmospherically modeled on the noir style that it conveys almost the same feeling and mood to the audience.

7. Unavowed

Manufacturer: Wadjet Eye Games
Release year: 2018

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

This adventurous and clickable action game that takes place in a fantasy environment has been developed by one of the most professional creators of detective games and puts you in the role of one of the Unavowed ; A supernatural police force that has to deal with strange crimes. Unavowed includes role-playing elements, which means you can choose your character background at the beginning of the game. But beyond that, this work is one of the best detective games of the last few years, which easily combines more and more realistic elements with magic in order to create an unforgettable narrative.

6. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Manufacturer: Sierra Entertainment
Release Year: 1993

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

" Gabriel Knight "takes place in a world where the supernatural forces of good and evil have been with us since the beginning of human civilization. The game begins when Knight, a novelist who owns a bookstore in New Orleans, searches for content to write his new book, and intends to do so through the bizarre murders that have taken place across the city. got. Although Gabriel is not a detective, he explores various crime scenes and asks different people to find out the truth. The game was developed by Sierra, one of the great adventure genres in the gaming industry, but beyond that, it can be said that Gabriel Knight was one of the most popular click genre works in history, a remake of it on the twentieth anniversary of the game for Windows, Android and Mac Released.

5. Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon

Manufacturer: Access Software
Release Year: 1994

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

Pure jazz soundtrack, serious and thought-provoking monologues, and a hero in the style of Sherlock Holmes wearing a long raincoat, Under a Killing Moon have all the hallmarks of a powerful noir film. Perhaps it can even be said that this game is a public omega in the style of modern detective storytelling. The story of the game takes place in 2042 and follows a constantly addicted private detective named Tex Murphy. The combination of 3D game environments that were considered borderline lip technology at the time with the cult elements of Under a Killing Moon made it one of the most memorable computer games and of course the detective style.

4. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments

Manufacturer: Frogwares
Release Year: 2014

Can a list of the best detective games be made and named LA Noire battle? Inspired by detective storytelling and noir film style, the game invites you to solve complex crimes in Los Angeles in the 1940s. The game is completely faithful to the structure of the city of Los Angeles at that time, and although it has been published for years, it is still visually stunning. Perhaps L.A. Noire may not sound like much fun in terms of gameplay, but the atmosphere and storytelling will no doubt nail you down.

2. The Wolf Among Us

Manufacturer: Telltale Games
Release Year: 2013

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

It is unlikely that you have never experienced the masterpiece of TV studio The Wolf Among Us, but if this is the case, then let the impact of the game in this summary It has the potential to become one of your most memorable gaming experiences. This episodic adventure combines noir and supernatural elements to take you into a world where not only are fictional characters completely real and believable, but they live secretly all over New York City. The story of The Wolf Among Us is so engaging that you still think about it long after you experience the game. Also keep in mind that the news of the end is not good. Yes, the end of the game will certainly be satisfying for most players, but know from now on that you have to make tough decisions and there may not be the right decision in the end.

1. Disco Elysium

Manufacturer: ZA/UM
Release year: 2019

BingMag.com Top 20 Detective Games for PC

Disco Elysium may not have much action, but its strengths certainly make ZA/UM one of the best detective games in video game history. It is difficult to talk about the depth of narrative, characterization and concept of Disco Elysium, because not all of its subtle and admirable dimensions can be easily addressed. In this role-playing game, you find yourself as an unlucky detective who must slowly find himself again and at the same time solve a painful murder case that leads him to a complex conspiracy. With its extraordinary art design, unique acting as well as subtle bitter comedy "Disco Elysium", it is definitely a classic detective adventure.

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