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Top 10 Ways to Save on Video Game History

Imagine the years before 1985 in your mind. Video games were short and fascinating in those years. There was no way to Save the game. In fact, the concept did not even occur to anyone. However, as the games got longer and more complicated, a password system was invented so that players could continue playing the Game from where they left off. However, when the Legend of Zelda was in production, iger Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka knew that the password system for the Game they were going to build - a Game that according to It was too long by the standards of its time - it did not meet. It was at this point that they decided to use battery-powered RAM to Save their progress whenever the players died or used the second player batch trick. This was the first time in the gaming industry that a player was allowed to Save a game. Since then, Game developers have become more courageous to build bigger, longer games, knowing that players can Save their progress. However, some games have Game Save points, because there are some areas in the Game environment that you can not return to, so if you Save the Game wherever you want, the consequences may affect you. In such cases, you can reset the Game and upload your backup file.

As Video Game technology has advanced, the ability to Save games has become more common. While some games allowed you to Save the Game wherever you wanted, some games only allowed you to Save the Game in certain locations; Like inns in role-playing games. Even these days, with the ability to Save automatically, and in most games the player progress is still being saved, some games still use the "save points" mechanism. Some of these points just do what they have to do, but some other points have a number of special features that make the Game storage experience interesting and different from other games. In this list, I am going to introduce ten of the Top and unique storage points in games, but before introducing this list, I need to mention five points:

  • Only one Game is brought from each set
  • I only recommend games that have auto-save capability if they have more than one Save file or are considered exceptions
  • This method should be the most common way to Save the Game
  • Games in which you can manually Save your progress at any time are not included in the list; So it's not about Metal Gear or Dark Souls.
  • Remember that this list is based on the personal opinion of its author.
  • Well, this is you and here are the Top 10 methods To Save the game:

    10. Storage Stations - Metroid 2: Return of Samus ( Save Stations - Metroid II: Return of Samus ) >

    Platform: Gimboy
    Release year: 1991

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Permission Let's start the list with one of the oldest examples from the Game storage point. Saved games were not very common until the early 1990s. Metroid 1 is notorious for its 24-character password. The password was also sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters, and used numbers and grammatical symbols. Recognizing the difference between large O, small O, and zero (0) was a great torment. When Metro 2: The Return of Samos was released for Gimboo in 1991, it introduced many players to the concept of "Save Point". Although storage stations in Metro do nothing but Save your game, they were a big change when the Game was released. This storage system paved the way for the release of Metrodvania games such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its bloody spiritual sequel: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

    Besides, is there anyone reading this list who misses killing his character in order to get a 24-letter password? I am the one who did not miss that time at all. Although later versions of the Metro 2 series or even a remake of the 3DS have caused many to forget the game, we can not forget what a change Samos's second adventure brought not only to the Metro series, but to the entire gaming world.>

    9. Phones - Heritage ( Telephones - Earthbound )

    Platform: SNES , Gimboo Addons
    Release Year: 1994

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Inheritance in the modern age contains a series of very strange and insane features that you can not find even in today's role-playing games. One of these elements is that you use your phone to Save the game. Although this mechanism was first introduced in Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings, unfortunately we Westerners were not able to play it long after it was released in Japan. This, in turn, improved the Game sequence of this mechanism. Like the previous game, in this Game we have two types of phones. You can use black phones for free, but you have to pay $ 1 per call to use green phones. But the distinguishing feature of this Game from the previous Game of Inheritance was that you could call someone other than your father to Save your progress: your mother. When Ness, the main character of the game, misses home, she gets into a bad habit, which is to give up her shifts. You can also call your younger sister Tracey, who works for a warehouse company called Escargo Express, and through her you can find items that are not currently useful to you, but may come in handy in the future, as well as items. Keep something important that has done its job, but can not be thrown away.

    Some readers may be upset that I chose inherited phones instead of storage frogs in Mother 3. . Although I think the mother's storage frogs are cool, they do not seem to have any special points or features that were not implemented in previous inheritance games. It is true that these frogs look cool, they should be used to deposit and withdraw money in the game, and their heads are found in the strangest places (like the belly of a snake), but in my opinion they are not as noticeable as inheritance phones.

    8. Inn - Secret of Mana ( Inns - Secret of Mana )

    Platform: SNES, Android, PC, PlayStation 4, Vita
    Release year: 1994

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Although inns are not the only way to keep the Game a secret, they are undoubtedly the most original and memorable way. Almost every city you visit has an inn where you can pay to find a place to fill your life and Save your game. These inns are very efficient, because in addition to filling your health and well-being bar, they also bring to life any character killed in battle. These features were not common in role-playing games. In Final Fantasy 1, you had to bring the slain characters back to life in the church, and that was rewarding. But in the secret of mana, inns give you both a place to rest and the ability to store games. Although you can store your Game in other places, there is no substitute for saving the Game after a pleasant rest. Neko, the cat dealer, also has a way to store the game, but with the exception of the inn south of the Water Palace, the only way to fill the health bar at the store is to buy items from him. The price of its items is twice the price of the shops in the city.

    Another advantage of Raz Mana inns over similar examples is that the innkeepers dance behind the counter! I do not know if their dance can be imitated perfectly, but it is definitely worth a try. According to Brad Venable, one of the authors of the site Fandom: "Mana series games should be known because their shopkeepers are swinging as if they had been bitten by soldier ants all over their bodies."

    7. Earth Dragon Statues - Earth Gaiden 2 ( Earth Dragon Statues - Ninja Gaiden II )

    Platform: Xbox 360
    Release year: 2008

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Although Ninja Gaiden 2 was a good Game for the Xbox 360, one of the criticisms being that it's a lot harder than the previous Game in the series. However, one of the factors that made the Game more bearable was the dragon statues on the ground that were scattered throughout the game. In addition to providing storage for the game, these sculptures also filled your soul. Of course, one big problem was that using any sculpture, its healing ability was lost. So every time you came across one of these sculptures, a question came to you: Is it better to use its healing power at that moment, or to wait a little longer? Given the game's overwhelming difficulty, you need to think carefully about every decision you make.

    • Ninja Gaiden Collection Review; The Way of a Ninja

    The best time to use your healing abilities or when you feel You are gaining enough momentum, or it is a time when you seem to be passing a point that you will not be able to return to in the future. In any case, these statues were tranquil settlements in the middle of a difficult desert. Although you can Save your Game at the end of each season, only the scariest players can finish the Game seasons without relying on dragon statues.

    6. Mistles - Code Way ( Mistles - Code Vein )

    Platform : PCs, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    Release Year: 2019

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    I'm sure many Readers will complain that I did not include Dark Souls fans in this list. But banners were not the only way to Save your progress in Dark Souls. But the Vienna Code issues (which is a Solzelik game) have a different story. Michelles have commonalities with Dark Souls bouncers, so you need to refer to them for balancing, managing backpacking items, switching groups, teleporting between previously activated micelles, and so on. Although in Dark Souls you could also teleport between banifiers, this feature was not available until the second half of the Game and defeating a number of very difficult basses. Although the Wayne code states that it saves your progress automatically, the only time it does so is when you visit the last mic that you activated; Whether using items, Vivification, or dying (and most players die too often). Remember that after you die, the Game saves the place where you lost your precious Haze, so do not think that by leaving the Game without saving, you can eliminate the negative effect of your death.

    As you might have guessed, micelles also fill your health bar and ichor, but interacting with them is costly, and that is, like the Dark Souls series, after interacting with the micelles, all the enemies up to that point Wrestles (excluding bosses) are revived. This mechanism motivates you to progress in the Game and find new micelles and do not go back to the previous micelles until it is tangled. Although Dark Souls banners could be placed in this position, I think the Wayne code implemented this storage mechanism better.

    5. Safe Rooms - Persona 5 ( Safe Rooms - Persona 5 )

    Release year: 2019

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Persona 5 The first Game It's not a collection that has blackouts included in that storage point, but this Game made these storage points look very special. After hearing gamers constantly complaining that the structure of the black holes was random, the creators of Persona 5 decided to make pre-designed black holes in the game, and all of them, with the exception of Okumuros Palace, turned out great. Of course, it is very difficult to detect these black holes (known as palaces and they are a kind of distortion) within a day of in-game time, because their area is very large, especially at higher degrees of difficulty. That's why these palaces have storage points called safe rooms.

    When you first start a palace, the palace entrance is the only place where you can store the Game and a series of special items. Use to fill your soul. But as you progress through these distortions, you come across safe rooms. In some parts of the age, distortion is at its weakest, which is why Phantom Thieves, the main characters of the game, can use them to relax. In this part, the Joker can Save the game, talk to the rest of the group, use some items, and best of all, move between other safe rooms. One of the funny details of the Game is that if you download and activate the Japanese dub of the game, the thieves will pronounce the ghost of the Safe Room with perfect English accent. This is called steel.

    4. Emergency Phones - Alien: Alone ( Emergency Phones - Alien Isolation )

    Platform: personal computers, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch, Android, iOS
    Release year: 2014

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Although the game's encyclopedia mentions the names of its storage points as" Registration Points ", I personally prefer to choose a name for them that the contact can contact. I have already mentioned this Game several times in the Top ten lists I have compiled, and in most cases my goal was to refer to xenomorphs. This time, I want to talk about another element of the game, and that is its storage points. During Sevastopol, Amanda Ripley Occasionally comes across phones that act as Game storage points. The unique thing about them is that after interacting with them, the Game Save menu will not be shown to you immediately. You have to wait a few seconds for the game's Save menu to appear, and in those few seconds, you are vulnerable to attack by enemies, especially Xenomorph himself. I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube in which players were suddenly attacked by Xenomorph while animating interacting with emergency phones and their valuable progress was lost in the blink of an eye.

    Another interesting aspect of emergency calls is this. When you use them, you have to wait a while for them to be usable again. This adds to the tension of the Game and makes you think carefully about when is the right time to Save the Game and when you are saving the game, keep your senses focused. I really like the fact that Creative Assembly, the creator of the game, has deconstructed this stereotype that the Game storage point is a safe place for the player to rest and heal his wounds. In this game, there are no safe points in Sevastopol. You are in constant danger from the moment Zinomorf makes his glorious entry into the Lorenz Systech Spire lobby and kills a group of survivors. While some people may dislike the way the game's storage system works in this game, I think one of the ingenious aspects of it is alien: it has made loneliness a much better game.

    3 . Private Property - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Properties - >

    Platform: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, iOS, Android
    Release year: 2002

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Private property was introduced in Gate 3, but Corruption City, in turn, improved them in many ways. To begin with, you only have one point to store at the beginning of the game, and that is the Ocean View Hotel. There is another free storage point on Starfish Island called Diazs Mansion. To get other storage points, you have to earn enough money to buy them. Some personal properties only allow you to Save your game; Like Skumole Shack. On some other properties you can store your stolen cars for future use, and on other properties, such as Hyman Condos, a Maverick occasionally appears at the landing point of your helicopter.

    Some other properties, such as the Sunshine Autos and the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, provide you with regular cash withdrawals if you complete their missions. There are also some safe houses where you can pick up your reward packages and also change your clothes to bring down the police wanted stars. One great aspect of this mechanism is that as you buy more real estate, you feel like a real mafia boss taking over the city. Although this system has changed in the upcoming games of the series, but the way it is used in the city of corruption always has a special place in my heart.

    2. Moogles - Final Fantasy 9 ( Moogles - Final Fantasy IX )

    Release year: 2000

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    Storage points have been in the series since the release of Final Fantasy 4 on the SNES, but in Final Fantasy 4, the Mughals finally got the cute little creatures the attention they deserved. If you go to the Game menu at the beginning of the game, you will see that there is no Save option. As you will soon find out, to Save your game, you need to talk to the moguls and fill your health bar and tents with tents. Another interesting detail is that whenever you ask them to Save your progress, they should bring a book that is the size of their own. This makes them very funny.

    Another interesting point is that there is a Muggle-centric side mission called Mognet, in which group members must deliver letters to Mugglers around the world. Deliver the game. While the rewards for completing these side missions are not huge, it is interesting to note that SquareSoft (now known as Square Enix) was able to design a side mission around the game's storage points and incorporate it into the game. There are a number of moguls who will sell you items if you can not easily get into a city (or if you can not at all). Also Muggle There is a name called Mogou that you can summon by pressing a button in the Game map to Save the Game and use the tents, but be careful not to call him many times if you have not done something useful, because In this case, he gets angry. The only time you can Save a Game without muggles is when you change the disc and also in the black hole at the end of the game. Except for these, you can be sure that you will meet many of these cute creatures during your trip.

    1. Typewriters - Resident Evil ( Typewriters - Resident Evil )

    Platform: PlayStation 1, PC, Sega Saturn, DS
    Release Year: 1996

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Ways</b> to <b>Save</b> on <b>Video</b> <b>Game</b> History

    The first place in this list is dedicated to the storage system, which places great emphasis on calculated decisions. From the Spacner Mansion to the Raccoon City Police Department and beyond, in Resident Evil, nothing makes players happier to see a typewriter, because they can use it to Save progress. But Capcom gave this mechanism a frightening aspect. In the early games of the series, you can only Save the Game if you have ink in your backpack. As Resident Evil fans know, the number of these inks is limited. At easier difficulty levels the number of inks is so high that you do not know what to do with them, but at higher difficulty levels these inks get stuck hard. This system changed my habit of saving the Game for a minute, because I never knew if I would have enough ink to save.

    In Resident Evil 4, you could Save as much as you wanted. . In Resident Evil 5, the ability to Save automatically was added to the game. But in later games, the set of this mechanism returned to Resident Evil in a pleasant way. Take Resident Evil 2 and 3 reconstructions as an example. In these games, there is also the ability to Save automatically, but at higher difficulty levels, this feature is locked, and in the reconstruction of Resident Evil 2 on the hardcore settings, you can only Save the Game with ink. Auto-save and infinite-save may be fun for newcomers to the series, but some Resident Evil killer players are looking for a Game that leaves the auto-save system out and the number of times you can Save the Game is limited. Just like the old days.

    Other storage systems that could be included in the list:

  • Phones were inherited in the beginning - I think the Game sequence implemented the phone mechanism better
  • Frogs in Mother 3 - Frogs are funny, but they have nothing to say about inheritance phones
    • Toilets are not heroes (No More Heroes) - for obvious reasons I do not think GameFAQs administrators will let me talk about this
    • Benches in Ico - If I could name more than ten games, I would include Echo
    • Storage rooms Game in the Castlevania Collection - I had to give Castlevania its place to Metroid 2, because the storage rooms in Castlevania depend on that Game
    • Sculptures of the Goddess in the Trials of Mana - I wanted this I will include the case, but it contradicted the first rule I set.

  • Source: GameFAQs

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