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Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

Religion is an important part of human life. Every day, one of the religious occasions is covered in the news, and wherever we go, we see traces of religion. The names of the prophets of Islam and Christianity are firmly on the list of the most influential people in history. Many of our holidays, great occasions, and traditions have religious roots, whether they are rooted in modern religions or in ancient religions that are now largely forgotten. Even the names given to us by our fathers's are rooted in religion: pagan religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

So it is not surprising that religion plays a major role in video games. In some games, we know the religion of the main character. In some games, an imaginary ritual dominates the game world. Some of the games also deal with the theme of religion in detail. Some of these religions are good, and others are evil sects ruled by a wicked story.

However, all the religions and religions that are introduced below have one thing in common, and that is that they are attractive. Join us for a list of the top 10 religions in video games:

10. Christianity In Dante's Inferno ( Christianity In Dante's Inferno )

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
Year of Release : 2010

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

During the Middle Ages, when Dante lived, Christianity differed from its present state It had a lot. The greatest change that Christianity has made over time is that it has become more subtle, and there is no longer any mention of the horrific powers of Christians in the past. But under Dante, the pope was as powerful as the American president in today's world, accustomed to ordering the burning of "unbelievers" left and right. Unbeliever was anyone who dared to oppose the pope, even if he himself was a Catholic. Also, at that time, people were increasingly afraid of hell. These days, people either no longer believe in hell or think they are going to heaven, but at that time, because of the strictness of the church, people thought they were going to hell straight away.

Dante himself He portrayed the game, had no sword in his hand, was not half-naked and had no muscles), and decided to write an allegorical poem called Divine Comedy to help people be more honest. The first volume of the Divine Comedy, Inferno, is one of the most terrifying literary works ever written, and it does something you would not really want to do when you die. This work is one of the classic works of world literature, because its poetic quality is first-class, it has instructive themes for people, and it has the potential to be entertaining because of its harsh and dark atmosphere.

The creators of this game have great ideas. To build the game based on Hell, they found Dante: they decided to turn Dante from a poet who put his sadistic fantasies on paper into a warrior who performs these fantasies more violently than depicted in the original poem. p>

In this game, religious Christianity is very attractive. Very very attractive. Forget all the times you fell asleep in church on Sunday and listened to the boring lectures of the pastor. In this game, Christianity means the experience of the God of War in hell and rubbing the devil's snout on the ground.

9. Greek Mythologies In God of War Series ( Greek Mythologies In God of War Series )

Platform: PlayStation 2 and 3
Year of publication: 2005 to date

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

If the citizens of ancient Greece could travel to the future and write fiction They would probably be surprised to see what we made of their mythology. Our main source of inspiration for the Greek beliefs is Homer's epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey, but the Greek religion has many faces, and this poem shows only one of them. Homer was an intellectual, and his beliefs were more complex and refined than those of an ordinary Greek citizen. For most Greeks, therefore, what we consider to be their beliefs will be strange. If they watch the Disney Hercules animation, they will be surprised and will not understand why we put the name of King Oedipus the Great on psychological entanglements with the mother and the murder of the father. But among the works inspired by Greek mythology, there is one that they find very offensive and ugly, and may even sue its creator for blasphemy. It is the work of the god of war.

The Greek gods are portrayed in an interesting way in this game. At first, they are generous and give you their strengths as you progress through the game. But if they break your nerves, you can kill them violently. The Greek gods do not display godly behavior at all in the god of war. They wait in their palace to slaughter their newcomers one by one and make their way to their palace and finally do their trick with a cool instant event (QTE). What other gods are these? Can't they send a tornado to Cretus? Aren't the gods supposed to be immortal at all?

But there is no reason to object! It is more attractive to display these ancient mirrors and images in this way. Due to the fascinating depiction of the creators of the god of war from the myths of ancient Greece, this game deserves a place in this list.

8. Unitology In Dead Space ( Unitology In Dead Space )

Platform: Station 3, Xbox 360, PCs
Year Published: 2008

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

Unitology and Scientology have a lot in common. The most obvious thing they have in common is that, like many of the world's major religions (!) Such as Appliantology, Blainetology, Prismatology, and Practicology *, their last name ends in "loggia." The second common denominator is that they first appeared in science fiction. The third point of commonality is that the two religions look a little similar; In all fields.

(Explanation *: All of the above names are Scientology satires in various works such as the music albums of Frank Zappa, South Park, Sam, and Max.) Ron Sorry, this is Michael Altman. The religion believes that the marker, an attractive tool that has many uses, brings immortality (surprisingly, writing on a whiteboard is not one of these uses). Of course, most followers of unitology have kept their beliefs secret, and it becomes difficult to find out about these beliefs (how familiar).

However, unitology is a really interesting idea. You have to play the game to understand the depth of its appeal.

7. Ormus in Xenosaga Series ( Ormus in Xenosaga Series )

Platform: PlayStation 2
Release Year: 2002 to 2006

In the future, Christianity will bear a strong resemblance to Eastern religions such as Zoroastrianism. In this series of games there is something called Zohar which is the source of power and people believe it has a divine aspect. Many institutions of power in the Zinosaga series do their best to obtain the main poison and are even willing to do evil deeds in this way. One of these institutions is the power of the religion of Ormos, which is dominated by a pope-like figure who wears strange clothes and has a long name: like Patriarch Sergius XVII.

I have, it is accurate. The creators of the game have designed a complete theology for the religion of Ormos, the principles and rules of the religion are believable, and its followers are not just demon worshipers who want to revive the Antichrist. Also, the nature of this religion corresponds to a historical truth, and that is the combination of mirrors with each other over time.

6. First Church of the Lechuck (Orthodox) in Escape from Monkey Island )

Platform: PCs, PlayStation 2
Year of Publication: 2000

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

For people like I spent my whole childhood immersed in the evil video game industry, playing games published by Darth Vader and having a special devotion to Monkey Island and its special humor. Such a list will be. Add the humor of Lucas Artzi (Darth Vader's name) to the light to make it shine.

Has killed. If Rasputin was a normal ghost, he would probably have tried to scare Lachak at night, but instead built a church and worshiped him. He also writes a Bible for her, which Guibrash (the main character of the game, who is his eternal enemy) calls it "the most unholy Bible."

The way of marriage in this religion is very strange. Molten material is flowing through the church, and a couple who want to get married must enter the molten river by boat and die. Then they can get married as a ghost. Instead of swearing their allegiance "until death do us part," it's "until death do us part." Gaibrash is Anti-Lechuck (apparently equivalent to the "Antichrist" in this religion) and his name should not be mentioned. When Gaibrash mentions that he is anti-Lachak himself, the priest reminds him that "the anti-Lachak is three meters tall, has a long tail and a forked tongue, and the number" 1138 "is stamped on his forehead."

The followers of this religion believe that Gulabrash's wife, Elaine, should get married, and they do not recognize "Aline's anti-Lachac's blasphemous marriage." They are the satirists of the world.

5. Church of the Children of Atom in Fallout 3 Platform: PCs, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release year: 2008

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

A man named Confessor Crowley is the cult's pastor. He stands next to the bomb, preaches and praises the bomb (strangely enough, it does not seem to be affected by the radioactive rays). You can talk to him about his religion. Conversation with him is one of the most interesting conversations in the game.

The philosophy behind this religion is that there is a world in every atom. As each atom splits (and an atomic explosion occurs), many new worlds are created. Thus, nuclear wars are not destructive, but create new life. We have to embrace these wars with open arms and we have to wait for the atomic bombs to land on our heads. And increases your karma score?

4. The Brotherhood of Nod in Command & Conquer Series ( The Brotherhood of Nod In Command & Conquer Series )

Platform: Personal Computers Year of publication: 1995 to date

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

3. Worshipping You In Black & White Series ( Worshipping You In Black & White Series )

Platform: Personal Computers
Year Published: 2001 to 2005

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

The whole black series And white is about a religion. Who is God at the head of this religion? Your person! and she! That's even better than being named Person of the Year by Time Magazine in 2006, isn't it?/

He was chosen as the person of the year.)

Yes, in this game you play the role of a god, with all the powers and duties that are on the shoulders of a god. You can raise a sacred animal, expand your cities, perform miracles, decide what people have to do to survive; You can even make them reproduce (of course, be careful not to overdo it; you certainly do not want to face the problem of overpopulation).

The main goal of the game is: there are a number of rival gods and you You need to make sure their followers are attracted to you. To attract their followers, you must prove that you are more merciful or ruthless than their god. You have to do a miracle to prove this. Miracles are either constructive or destructive. You need spiritual power to perform miracles, and this power comes from worshiping and sacrificing your followers.

In this game, you can be a good or bad god. If you torture your followers, sacrifice human beings and bring natural disasters on the heads of the people you want to join, you will be considered a bad deity and your land will be like the backyard of Saron. Even your hand (which indicates the mouse) is deformed and becomes a dirty and wrinkled hand. If you cure people's diseases and sacrifice trees and animals instead of humans, you will be considered a good god. There are two funny creatures, one that invites you to do good and the other that invites you to do bad.

2. Legendary Dawn in the Old Scroll 4: Oblivion ( The Mythic Dawn in the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion )

Platform: PCs, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release Year: 2006

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

Unfortunately, I can not say much about Let me talk about this great cult and its fascinating aspects, because the legendary Dawn plays an important role in the main narrative line of the game, and talking about it reveals the important points of the story. ) Is in the game. The members of the Diderik sect worship a demon named Daedra, and the god of this sect is one of the most powerful demons: Mehrunes Dagon, whom the sect members intend to summon. This sect is very powerful, its members have access to powerful weapons and their ability to use magic is exemplary.

The Mythic Age was an age in which the ordinary world and forgetfulness (a realm similar To hell, inhabited by those visions) were not separated. The followers of this sect want to revive the mythical age. This is all the information I can give without revealing the story.

You may say to yourself that the mythical dawn does not seem more fascinating than the other religions mentioned in this list. But this cult is very secretive and as you progress in the game, you become more familiar with them. The fascination of their religion can be summed up in this point.

If you play the ancient scrolls 4, you will understand why the second place in this list is dedicated to the legendary dawn.

1. Silent Hill Series ( The Order in the Silent Hill Series )

Platform: PlayStation 1, 2 and 3, PCs , Xbox and
Year of Publication: 1999 to date

BingMag.com Top 10 Imaginary Sects in Video Games

If a list of world religions Make video games - the scariest, ugliest, most complex or any other trait - will take the first place. Wow nominal! Circle! This is a very general name, but when you hear it on Silent Hill, you will be horrified. This religion has different sub-branches and they are all terrible and insane. No moderate subcategory of the circle has been found yet.

The circle is the most complete cult in the world of video games. The cult has a complete history and mythology that you will gradually become more familiar with as you go through each of the series games. However, many things remain a mystery, and this makes the circle and its derivatives look more terrifying. With the exception of Silent Hill 2, which is a mostly psychological game, in the rest of the series games, the circle is at the center of the story and the main villains of the story are its fanatical followers.

Followers of the cult of otherworldly beings ( Otherworld) are worshiped. Their goal is to create an apocalypse that will lead to world cleansing and eternal happiness. Their moral orientation is not based on "good" and "bad", but on "order" and "chaos". ( ) .


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2. : (The Mother) (Paradise) . . .

3. : . ( (Jainism) ) . .

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6. : . . . . (Shepherds Glen) .

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(Vincent) . . . . .

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