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Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Since the birth of criticism, fine arts have been closely linked to human emotions. Plato denounced poets for using revelation and inspiration instead of reason, and criticized them for arousing the emotions of their audience and directing them to their inferior selves. Aristotle, a rebellious student of Plato, also believed that the purpose of poetry was to take us to another world, not to persuade us to do something. Horace, Longinus, etc. all believed that the purpose of art was to satisfy the emotional part of our brain, not the intellectual part.

This is also true of video games. The purpose of the games is to excite, scare and arouse our emotions. Great works of art not only evoke our emotions, but also reflect on our emotions, as an integral part of humanity. Some games are not just meant to arouse our emotions and have a higher purpose; Games such as:

.10. Army of Two: The 40th Day ( Army of Two: The 40th Day )/Friendship

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP Year of publication: 2010

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Among the games on this list, Double Army: Fortieth Day is the only game that I think is not a masterpiece, but a fun experience. The previous game in this series was not very good, but this game improved a lot. Although the game itself still has a long way to go to become a masterpiece, the deep friendship between the two main characters is very interesting. This relationship not only has a narrative aspect, but is also linked to the gameplay.

The gameplay revolves around Coop fighting with two main characters: Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem. The two must work together to defeat the enemies and get through the stages. Players can use co-op moves at any time and devise team strategies to trick enemies. The dialogue between the two heroes is also of high quality and clever. The two express their love and affection for each other and are willing to sacrifice for each other. The bond between them is very strong.

Many have speculated that the two may be romantically interested in each other. In this case, their relationship will not be an example of friendship. But the game's creators have denied the rumors and have no reason to lie. But the fact that the two seem like lovers to some players shows how sincere their friendship is. The game does not appear on the level of Metal Gear in terms of paying for the relationship between the characters, but there is a real sense of brotherhood between the two friends.

9. Castlevania: Order of the Ecclesia ( Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia ) / Indifference

Platform: DS
Release year: 2008

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

I have rarely seen a book or movie that addresses the topic of "complete lack of feeling." What would life be like if there was no emotion? Thinking about the answer to this question gives us a good idea of the nature of emotion. ) Has developed it. The gameplay is two-dimensional and has both action and role-playing elements. The story of the game takes place after the events of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The Ecclesiastical Council is one of several organizations that aim to prevent the return of Dracula. The three magical symbols of the organization are each based on one of Dracula's powers: anger, hatred, and torment. Shanoa is a member of the organization whose job it is to carry these tokens, until one of his co-workers steals them and no memory or emotion remains for Shanoa. He embarks on a journey to reclaim his memory and feelings.

This journey, as much as it is about freeing hostages and deactivating enemies, is about Shanwa's struggle with his indifference (unfortunately I could not think of a better word than "indifference") and It is also rediscovering his true identity. Although this game is about not feeling, it raises deep questions: Are you still real if you lose your emotions? How effective are your emotions in shaping your identity? Can we live without feeling emotions (even negative emotions)? The strength of this game is that it does not only focus on love or positive emotions like this, but also deals with emotions such as anger, hatred and torment; Feelings we do not like to feel. But the message of this game is that if we lose these emotions, we will miss them.

In short, if we look at the game from an allegorical point of view, this game is about finding our true selves through our emotions. .

8. Max Payne ( Max Payne )/Rage

Platform: PCs, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Adobe Gimbo, iOS, Android Year of publication: 2001

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Max Payne is basically a social game and the main message It is also linked to the social context in which it takes place. But one of the biggest strengths of the game is the emotional imagery of Max Payne. He is the best example of an angry, depressed, tired and spiteful hero. That is why we can easily identify with him. Max Payne's anger is deeper than the anger of those who killed his family; His anger is fundamental. He is angry with the community, the police, the media and most of all himself. His anger is deep and existential.

  • Max Payne is still a masterpiece after 20 years

The reason we understand Max so well is that he feels lost. He's lost his wife and children, his anger over the current situation, and his depression over his lack of happiness have all been well conveyed thanks to his excellent writing. The story of the game is narrated by Max himself. His voice actor is James McCaffrey and the author of the game is Sam Lake. Their great acting monologues and great voice acting make you feel how Max's clever yet sad and depressing acting affects your emotions. Max Payne is one of the few games that can create deep emotions in humans.

7. Heavy Rain ( Heavy Rain )/Sense of Loss

Platform: PlayStation 3 and 4, PCs
Year Published: 2010

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

In heavy rain like Max Payne, Ethan Mars, The main character has lost a loved one. Although Max Payne's depression, like the game itself, has a social and existential dimension, Eaton's depression has a more personal aspect. She loses her son in a car accident and suffers from back pain. He suffers from a deep psychosis. We also understand his suffering. Why?

Unlike Max Payne, whose emotional power is conveyed through writing (saying), the emotional power of heavy rain depends on directing the game (showing). First, we are introduced to the Eaton family before the catastrophe. We see them at the birthday party of one of Eaton's sons. We see Eaton doing daily chores, loving his wife and playing with his boys. In our opinion, they look like happy and loving families. But this is not enough. We must understand the shock of losing his son. And we do. One of the most influential scenes in the history of video games is the one described below:

  • "Show, do not say"; What is the meaning of this famous term in the world of writing?

You are in a big and crowded store. You put your hand in your pocket to pay the seller. Suddenly you realize that your son is missing. You have to run to the store to find it. You constantly push other people as you walk. The camera is shaking violently. Its angle is closed and you have to look around with an angle of view that provides a much narrower view than the standard video game. When you press the X button, you shout your son's name in horror, and your voice vibrates more and more each time. Your son wanders out of the store and is hit by a car on the street. When you see his body, you can feel the pain of the moment. In the next scene, you see Eaton alone, mentally ill and depressed, separated from his wife and feeling the pain of losing his son wholeheartedly.

This is a very long introduction to the game and's seemingly irrelevant Does not play into the overall story. But in fact, this scene sets the tone for the rest of the game, introduces us to Eaton, and we now better understand the motivation behind Eaton's work throughout the game. This is a sign of strong personality development.

6. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 ( Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 )/Fear

Platform: PlayStation 2, PSP

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Maybe you were expecting The "fear" entry belongs to a horror game. Yes, many horror games make those who play them feel scared. But this game is a more interesting example than the category of fear, because in it the characters struggle with the feeling of fear during the game. Personally, I like Persona 3 more than any other Tennessee Shin Megami title. Its story is better and its plot is deeper. Dark Hour is a mystery to most people. During the dark hour, you enter Tartarus, a mysterious place full of shadows, monsters that attack the human mind. To combat shadows, SEES members must summon a persona. The persona is an embodiment of their inner self. To do this, you need an object called Evoker. The story gets interesting from here on out.

Ivoker is basically a pistol. Of course, you might say it just looks like a pistol. But this is one of the details that has been censored in the version published for the thin-skinned Westerners. In the Japanese version and the original game, Ivoker is really a pistol. You have to aim it at your head and shoot. Of course, this is not a deadly weapon. Or maybe it is? Undoubtedly, shooting Evoker at a head is a self-destructive act. There is a lot to be said about the symbolic value of this system. The main thing is that we do this to separate our characters from our bodies, to create a monster of ourselves. This is repetitive and inherently masochistic.

And to do that, you have to overcome your fears. The first time each of the protagonists of this story uses this weapon, they are scared to death. This theme continues in the game: you have to overcome your fear of death and nothingness. To kill your enemies, you must eliminate the need for self-care and embrace death and nothingness. But isn't the purpose of fear to remind you in an emergency that you want to survive? To overcome your fears, you have to give up life.

Let me take this opportunity to recommend a great article: "Loss of Death: Suicide in Video Games" (Loss of Death: Suicide in Videogames), by Ryan Kuo.

5. Shadow of the Colossus ( Shadow of the Colossus )/Sorrow

Platform: Playstations 2, 3 and 4
Release year: 2005

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Can video games feel anything but excitement? Are they motivating? The above examples show that the answer to this question is yes. But the shadow of Colossus is generally about another emotion: grief. I do not mean ordinary grief or helplessness, but a sense of melancholy in the face of powerful forces that are out of your control and accompanied by a deep sense of loss. This game looks ancient. It seems to carry the pain of the past.

This play, directed by Fumito Ueda, tells the story of a boy who travels to the temple of godly creatures and holds the body of his beloved. He asks these gods to revive his beloved. A terrifying voice asks him to kill the sixteen Colossians, and thus begins his journey.

All components of the game are designed with one goal in mind: to emphasize your smallness and insignificance. The gameplay is vast, untamed and endless. Your enemies look gigantic, ancient and majestic, and you are too small for them. There was no one to talk to. There is no one to join your group. Your only friend is your horse. Your guide is a scary sound coming from the sky. The atmosphere of the game is absurd, sad and engaging. Just play a little to penetrate the deep sorrow that flows in its fabric. You will not feel excited when you play this game. This game is not like God of War, in which giant creatures kneel in front of you after an epic battle. In this game, you are like a virus that affects a world much bigger than you. And you are a lonely, insignificant and sad creature. The end of the game is also tragic; Very tragic. There is hope in rescuing the girl, but you have lost yourself. But this game is one of the saddest games ever made. Its strong point is the feeling of destruction and sorrow that accompanies you in all moments.

4. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater ( Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater )/Pride

Platform: PlayStation 2 and 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, 3DS
Release Year: 2004

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

The third game in the Metal Gear Solid series is about the Big Boss or Naked Snake, and the events of the game end with a face-to-face confrontation with his old master, the Boss. The game takes place during the Cold War, and Snick is commissioned to rescue a fugitive scientist from the Soviet Union. His old master stops him and the scientist falls into the hands of Volgin, a mad general who wants to start a war. Using two small atomic bombs, he creates just explosive entertainment. So Snick is sent on a second mission. This time he has to save the scientist and stop Volgin and of course Bass. After a series of intricate expressions, Snick kills Volgin and Bass. But then he realizes that Boss has been a secret agent all along and had no choice but to sacrifice his life for the success of his mission.

You may ask what this game has to do with pride. Because pride is the main motivation behind bass work. His characterization is excellent (no less is expected of Kojima). He is a deep, wise and charismatic person and you will be respected as a good villain, until you realize that he was originally a hero. What is the motivation behind his work? The last speech before he is killed clearly defines his motivation: Enemies become friends, governments come and go, but what matters to a soldier is his mission and personal struggle.

In the literature of pride, one of The most common motives are behind the actions of the characters. In video games, we also see many characters who aim to satisfy their personal pride and follow a path that is only for themselves and no one has chosen that path for them. All the important characters in the Metal Gear Solid series are examples of such characters.

3. The Story of a Stray ( Vagrant Story )/Alone

Platform: PlayStation 1
Year of Publication: 2000

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

The story of a stray is another list game that is based on And the basis is sad. Loneliness is also a common theme in the world of literature and cinema, especially in relation to profound but anti-social characters. One such character is Ashley Riot from the story of a stray. His name even suggests that he is a rebel and conveys a sense of loneliness in the face of his enemies. Tactics). In this game you have to discover the connection between the leader of a sect and a duke. As soon as you enter the battle, the Duke is killed and his murder is blamed on you. This synopsis does not tell the truth about such games. There are many stereotyped games and movies whose main subject is the wrong accusation against an innocent person. But the problem is that this false accusation is made at the end of the game, not at the beginning. This is important, because the standard plot of such a scenario is that someone is wrongly accused, tries to prove their innocence, and eventually succeeds. But in the story of a tramp, the wrong charge is the culmination of the game. The result of your actions is that you will be punished forever for a crime you did not commit. That means loneliness. This game will make you understand what it feels like to be alone in front of the world.

Many elements are included in the game to emphasize this. The story of a tramp is one of the few role-playing games in which you do not interact with non-playable characters, you do not have a group, and there is not even a shop to buy items. In this game, no one is your ally and you are alone. As the name implies, this game is about a "stray" character. A person who has no home and is alone. He looks like a classic heroine, but inwardly he is lonely and sad. This game has taken the archetype of the "hero of the monsters", has diminished the aspect of being a "hero" and highlighted the aspect of being "monotonous".

The end of the game is ambiguous. The hero disappears in the middle of the night and no one notices him. In the end, he is so lonely that he leaves us, the gamers, alone to begin his true journey.

2. Final Fantasy VIII ( Final Fantasy VIII )/Love

Platform: PlayStation 1, PCs, Switches, PlayStation 4, Xbox One , IOS, Android
Release year: 1999

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

Who can hide the importance of the theme of love in literature and other arts? The romance genre is generally dedicated to this feeling, and traces of it can be found in all kinds of films. Believe it or not, this feeling is the most important thing we deal with. Love is even more important than war, philosophy, politics or other great concepts. . . . ( 2 (Enslaved)). 8 . Why? . (Rinoa) .

(Squall Leonhart) (Rinoa Heartilly) ( ). . : . . . . ! . . . .

8 . Game Revolution GamesRadar . . . . .

1. 7 (Final Fantasy VII)/

: 1 4 iOS
: 1997

BingMag.com Top 10 games that deal with important emotional issues

. : ! ! 7 ! ! ! 7 . 7 . . . 7 . .

  • 7

(Cloud) . (Sephiroth) . ( ) . (Zack) . (Vincent) . (Aerith) . . .

(Final Fantasy Tactics) 7 . .

  • 10
  • 10
  • 10
  • 10

Source: GameFAQs.com

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