Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Ranking the best games based on the character of Batman is not an easy task. There are plenty of high-quality games inspired by the cloaked knight that have kept players entertained for years. In this case, we can specifically mention the games of the Rocksteady studio, which have influenced the modern superhero genre since the very first version, Arkham Asylum. Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Ranking the best games based on the character of Batman is not an easy task. There are plenty of high-quality games inspired by the cloaked knight that have kept players entertained for years. In this case, we can specifically mention the games of the Rocksteady studio, which have influenced the modern superhero genre since the very first version, Arkham Asylum.

Since we are about to experience the Knights We are Gotham Knights from the creator of Batman: Arkham Origins, it's a good time to review the best Batman games. Of course, it should be said that although you cannot be in the role of Batman in this game, his spirit is woven throughout it and this effect is somewhat similar to the games that we will discuss in this list. Here are the best Batman games, ranked from worst to best.

10. Batman

Producer: Sunsoft/Manufacturer: Sunsoft
Year of release: 1990
Platform: Sega Genesis Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Batman is the name of a video game that was released in 1990 for the Sega Genesis and was inspired by the 1989 film Batman directed by Tim Burton. Of course, this game was not the only work based on the mentioned movie, and a number of games named Batman: The Video Game were released for Nintendo consoles. However, Batman Sega Genesis is more faithful to the story of the movie than the NES version, and has stages where the player can control Batman's vehicles. Gotham City, Axis Chemical Plant, Museum, Gotham Cathedral and more. Batman can defeat his enemies by punching, kicking and throwing his Batrang. Meanwhile, the NES version of the game includes three unique weapons. It is also possible to use his grappling hook to move alongside the Batmobile and Batwing. Of course, the game, despite being faithful to the source of the adaptation, deviates from the story of the film at some moments. It is interesting to know that the game also uses cutscenes and after defeating each boss, you enter a new area.

9. Batman Returns

Producer: Konami/Manufacturer: Konami
Year of release: 1993
Platform: SNES Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Batman Returns is a beat'em up work based on the movie of the same name. Sega console versions were released by Sega in 1992, and Nintendo console versions by Konami became available to fans a year later. The SNES version is a side scroller with gameplay and graphics very similar to Final Fight games. The game takes the player through seven stages inspired by different parts of the mentioned movie. Each section has a boss that Batman must defeat to advance to the next stage.

The stages are 2D and platformer, and Batman has a number of weapons along with tools such as bat paint. It is interesting to know that at some stage you will also ride the Batmobile. Of course, the Sega version of the game was also attractive. This version has a unique branch leveling system. In one of the Sega versions of the game, players had to somehow use a rope to move in large areas and platformer stages of the game.

8. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Producer: Warner Bros/Manufacturer: Armature Games
Year of release: 2013
Platform: PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Many may not remember this spin-off game. It brought the Dark Knight and his enemies to the small screen. The game is a 2.5D side scroller that starts exactly 6 months after the events of Arkham Origins. Batman encounters an explosion at Blackgate Prison, leading to the Joker, Penguin, and Black Mask. While the story of the game seems convoluted and ultimately pointless, it still has some ambitious ideas and tries to bring as much of the console gaming experience as possible to portable devices with stealth gameplay, grappling elements, and more. bring. On the other hand, the creative use of the camera should also be admired.

The combats of the game seem a bit dry and the design of the stages is not done very well. The drop in graphics is very noticeable, and with low-quality environmental textures, getting lost in the path happens a lot. This game is actually an attempt to make a Metroidvinian work of Batman, which was very short. Also, considering that its entire story revolves around one of the less interesting stories in the Arkham series, it didn't do very well in this regard. The game was eventually released on consoles and PC, and while it looked much better than the handheld version, it still had its core issues.

7. Batman: Arkham Origins

Producer: Warner Bros/Manufacturer: WB Games Montreal Release Year: 2013 Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Batman: Arkham Origins was developed by a different developer, WB Montreal. The development team took a bold step by creating a kind of prequel and told the story of the game five years before the events of Arkham Asylum. The story is shorter and somehow more compact than other games in the Arkham series and does nothing more than pay attention to Batman's relationship with the Joker. Unfortunately, apart from some smart and funny characters who are well paid, the rest of the story is full of various holes and bugs that devalue its most interesting twists by forgetting them.

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The huge open world of the game is beautiful, but it seems empty, and on the other hand, the detective mode (Detective Mode) becomes boring over time. Also, despite the great bosses, the game is filled with overpowered gadgets that turn combat into a monotonous punch line. This game often throws an army of enemies on Batman for no reason and does not have a specific strategy for designing his battles. The multiplayer mode is also not appealing. If you are interested in the story of the Arkham series, it is definitely worth trying, but if you are looking for creativity, this game has nothing new to offer.

6. Batman Arkham VR

Producer: Warner Bros/Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Year of release: 2016
Platform: PC, PS4 Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Arkham VR is a virtual reality game that was released in 2016 and is considered to be the last work under the title of Arkham. Among VR minigames, this is quite successful in everything it sets out to do, and if it weren't for the other releases in the Arkham series, it would undoubtedly rank higher. The game narrates a fascinating story in which you will deal with criminals and even experience hallucinations with the presence of the Joker. Very exciting game and if you are a fan of this series, you should not miss Arkham VR. There are many villains in the game to fight and a series of difficult challenges that give the game high replay value to be entertained. It may be overlooked by many due to its limited freedom of action compared to the character's console games, however this game puts you in the role of Batman better than ever.

5. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Producer: Warner Bros/Manufacturer: Traveler's Tales
Year of release: 2012
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Top 10 Batman games in video game history

This game is a sequel to Lego Batman: The Videogame and the second part of the Lego Batman series. The main story line of the game follows the characters of Batman, Robin and then Superman as they try to thwart the plans of Joker and Lex Luthor as Luthor wants to become the President of the United States and thus make his sinister plans a reality. On the other hand, the mentioned characters join other members of the Justice League along the way. For this reason, the list of characters in this game is bigger than its previous version and even includes characters outside the world of Batman. The game is followed from a third-person perspective and the missions of the game emphasize exploration.

Besides the main stages, players can do various side missions in the city of Gotham to unlock different characters and after completing Missions use them. Of course, the players also travel to Metropolis in the form of a mission. This game is the first version of the LEGO series by Traveller's Tales studio, which has voiced dialogues and an open world. In general, it can be said that not only this version, but also Lego Batman 1 and 3 are among the best games made in the Lego collection.

4. Batman: The Telltale Series

Producer: Telltale Games/Manufacturer: Telltale Games
Year of release: 2016
Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One Top 10 Batman games in video game history

The Telltales Games studio has many successful games, but with the creation of the second season of its take on the character of Batman and a revolutionary look at the fascinating relationship between the Dark Knight and the Joker , showed that it is still at the top. While the first season of Batman was not very interesting, it still had enough surprising twists and fun fight sequences to hold your attention. This episodic series is one of the most unique Joker stories and the voice actors have done a great job in their roles. Telling the details of the story will spoil its charm, but the story eventually becomes a sad magic and puts you in a difficult situation to make a decision. The game forces you to choose between Batman's moral code, his secret identity, and the comfort of those around him do. This game is an absolute must for Batman fans, especially if you're looking for a different take on the Joker portrayed in the Arkham series. Can you stop the Joker from becoming the Joker? If this question excites you, you should experience Batman: The Telltale Series.

3. Batman: Arkham Knight

Producer: Warner Bros/Developer: Rocksteady
Year of release: 2015
Platform: PS4, PC, Xbox One Top 10 Batman games in video game history

The fourth and final game in the Arkham series was released in 2015 and brought back glory to the series after the Origins version and its problems. A work that was like 9th gen games at the time and it was fun just looking at the cool visuals. However, as many players pointed out at the time of release, the Batmobile did not work very well as a new element in the game. On the other hand, the game introduced gadgets such as the Voice Synthesizer and allowed players to have more freedom when experiencing the game as Nightwing or Catwoman during the story.

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The story of Arkham Knight is fantastic and brings back the best villains of the Arkham series. The Joker and the Scarecrow make a reappearance in this version, as well as some other exciting foes like Man-Bat and Deathstroke. On the other hand, Arkham Knight is also a main character and creates excitement and mystery in the narrative of the game. Of course, if you are familiar with the Batman comics, his identity is easy to recognize, but it still creates a lot of tension. While the story puzzles are fun and make you feel like a super detective, the Riddler-related challenges in the game are not as interesting and become boring compared to Arkham Asylum. Arkham Knight is a necessary conclusion to the Arkham saga.

2. Batman: Arkham City

Producer: Warner Bros/Developer: Rocksteady
Year of release: 2011
Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Top 10 Batman games in video game history

Making a sequel to a game like Arkham Asylum, which revolutionized the superhero genre, was no easy task in itself, but Arkham City was able to build on an amazing foundation. Take that game and take it a step beyond expectations by improving them. Arkham City allowed players to explore an open world full of content as the Dark Knight. The combats were well designed and each one was a kind of puzzle where the player had to decide when and how to use their tools to solve them and overcome the AI of the enemies.

From On the other hand, many side missions and various Easter Eggs made the story of the game with a wide range of different villains of the Batman world more interesting than before. Characters like Clayface and Ra's Al Ghul were paid a lot, and on the other hand, the Joker returns in this version and Mark Hamill shows a great performance in his role. Even the game's expansion packs were fun. However, the Riddler's challenges are a bit boring and the boss battles could have been done better. Overall, Arkham City was an improved version of its previous game and was able to keep its name in the superhero genre forever, but it was not as revolutionary as that game.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Producer: Warner Bros/Manufacturer: Rocksteady
Year of release: 2009
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC Top 10 Batman games in video game history

13 years ago in August 2009, Rocksteady released their best work at that time, Batman: Arkham Asylum. An incredibly ambitious work from a relatively new studio that has never attempted anything like this before. What Rocksteady delivered to the gaming industry is still regarded as one of the best games ever made. This game brought together the best elements of the superhero genre and by recreating them along with new systems, created a revolution in this genre that became the source of inspiration for many games after it.

With the game focusing on Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady created an atmosphere where you could go crazy. Instead of allowing Batman to easily climb skyscrapers and take down a bunch of enemies, this game brings the fear of closed spaces or claustrophobia to the worst enemies Batman has ever faced in Arkham Asylum. exhibited The game also encouraged players to explore, while Riddler's challenges informed them of other villains' backstories.

However, you don't need to be a fan of the comics to enjoy Arkham Asylum. . This game contains one of the best stories ever told in a game and with its action and stealth sequences, it is unlikely that it will not entertain you. Mark Hamill's Joker is quickly establishing himself as one of the best versions of this character in various mediums, and on the other hand, the scarecrow sequences in which Breaking the fourth wall is one of the most inspiring moments in modern video game history. The game was a different work at the time of release, and still after years, no work in the superhero genre could be so revolutionary. Finally, it should be said that Arkham Asylum not only revolutionized the superhero genre, but its influence can be seen on most action and third-person games after that. Top 10 Batman games in video game history

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