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The Tom Reader series turned 25 years old

25 years ago on this date (October 25) in 1996, Lara Croft first entered the world of video games. On that date, the first version of Tom Reader was released on the Sega Saturn in Europe; That is, a month before it became available in different formats and regions.

In the first version of this action-adventure series, Lara Croft had to find an ancient object called "Sion" in Peru. Travel to Greece, Egypt and Atlantis. The reactions to this game were very positive at that time, and one of the important reasons for that is the gameplay of the game, which was a kind of definition of a new genre, and its graphics, which seemed impressive by presenting polygonal images at that time. However, the real star of the game was Lara, who was a symbol and a perfect hero when the games did not have many female heroes. With the success of his game, he became a popular figure, appearing not only in the video game industry, but also on the covers of magazines unrelated to the field and in promoting an energy drink.

BingMag.com The Tom Reader series turned 25 years old

Tom Reader's success ended in inevitable sequels, including the second, third and" The Last Revelation ". These versions, which had advanced a lot with the advancement of technology in terms of visuals and other things, were able to achieve success and were welcomed by the players. However, when it came to progressing in the new generation, Lara Croft did not have the conditions to find her place. Tom Reader: The Angel of Darkness on PlayStation 2 was criticized for its troubled controls and annoying stealth sections, and the series was eventually dropped for a few years.

  • What What happened: Tomb Raider

In 2006, Crystal Dynamics took over the development of the series, and three games, Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Averser, and Tomb Raider Underworld, were all made with They had a more positive reaction than Lara's previous game. However, the series was dropped again and after 5 years in 2013, a new version of this series was released with the original name of Tom Reader. This version was a kind of reboot of this series, and then sequels called "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" were released. The new trilogy was successful and had fewer problems than previous versions.

Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that it has many plans for the 25-year-old Tom Reader. The company has announced that a new version of Tom Reader is under construction that will link the timelines of classic Tom Reader games with the new Tom Reader trilogy. It is also said that this game is in the early stages of development and will not be released soon.

BingMag.com The Tom Reader series turned 25 years old

Lara Croft's story will not continue with video games alone as the series expands in various forms. An anime from Tom Reader, voiced by Hayley Atoll, is being produced by Legendary for Netflix and is scheduled for 2023. On the other hand, the second version of the rebooted movie Tom Reader was also under development, which was stopped due to the Corona pandemic, so that its production may not be done. Tom Reader may be 25, but Lara's adventures will continue in various forms, and fans will not miss this fascinating character.

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