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6 things we like to see in Persona 6

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6

In early 2021, Atlus stated that their goal was for Person 6 to go beyond Person 5 and that they could develop a better effect. . I can only speak for myself, but it 's really hard to get to the top of a work like Persona 5.

Persona 5 (and its add-on pack) is easily one of my favorite games in history. The fact that there are no specific details about the narrative, struggles and music of the next game, has forced fans of a tablet like me to make a wish list for the next game. So, here to six - that's right, six! - The feature I want to see in Persona 6, I will pay:

1. Adult Characters

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6see

I love the world of proven and real narrative characters - A group of expelled teenagers invite their inner conscience to defend the world against evil forces, and at the same time do their daily entertainment, romantic relationships, and school classes. Nevertheless, I'm ready to bring the adult themes of the game to the adult world.

I present two solid designs to the game writers' room: The first is to preserve the traditional school background. But instead do it on a campus and the number of characters in the game is 20 or something like that. The second plan is to take a more unconventional path and lead players into a different world of employees. Nothing beats a "supernatural evil conspiracy" more than a breathtaking office job, with soulless rooms and managers who are always watching you. Leave a group of young professionals to the players, introduce them to a bunch of scary characters, and let the players in Japan, distorted and over-organized, move freely and follow their twisted story here.

2. Forced female main character

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6

It's been over a decade, we have not had any selectable female protagonists in the Persona series. Remember the first teaser trailer for Persona 5 Royale and how fans came up with the hypothesis that Kasumi Yoshizawa's character was to be a playable counterpart to the main character? Of course, Kasumi probably has one of the best character traits among the characters in the whole series, which is one of the reasons for his popularity, but it was a bit unpleasant to realize that he is just a non-playable character (NPC). I make a controversial request here: When it comes to Persona 6, I do not want a choice. Just give me a compelling hero, or at least implement the next offer in Persona 6.

3. Ability to create characters

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6

There is a clear difference between playable characters and playable avatars has it. The first shows that we are going to take control of people who have pre-made stories, different ideals and relationships. While the second case can not work effectively without complete planning and customization of the hero by the player. The main characters of the Persona series often pass this threshold, however, a deep character creation section can help a lot to overcome this gap. Now, we can choose a name for our silent hero in persona. So why not choose a story background (like biowire games) and define important physical features?

4. Persona Equipment

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6

If we can not personalize our protagonist, at least we should be able to Paint and glaze the appearance of your favorite mythical creatures. In addition, the characters reflect our innermost aspect of us, so why do they not aesthetically reflect that spiritual similarity? As it stands now, the character set relies on freeing, sacrificing, or combining your favorite friends and comrades-in-arms to get new and stronger people. If Atlos designs a personalization system and peripherals similar to the ones you buy for your team members for the characters, players will be less inclined to let go of their favorite but weaker characters. This can be an interesting idea. I wish the game development team would allow us to buy weapons for our favorite characters! Who really does not want to equip Satan with a mythical week?

5. Released for Nintendo Switch and PC

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6

It's bad enough that Persona 5 is not available on platforms other than PlayStation platforms, especially since the Joker character is one of the superheroes of the Brothers Ultimate game, and a sub-version of Persona 5 Strikers has also been released for the Nintendo Switch. In addition, Persona 4 Golden is a testament to the fact that Atlus can develop great ports for PC and even get great feedback. Persona 6 has the opportunity to host fans of both platforms in addition to the PlayStation platforms, which have become a safe place for fans of the series. Switch gamers and PCs are still waiting for Persona 5 and Persona Royale, it's cruel to ignore them again.

6. Historical Story

BingMag.com 6 <b>things</b> we <b>like</b> to <b>see</b> in <b>Persona</b> 6

From Inaba village in Persona 4 to lively Tokyo in Persona 5, it is difficult not to love the modern Japanese environment and surfing its crowded streets in Persona games. However, if Athlos decides to go back in time for the next game, it could surprise many fans.

  • Top 10 Games That Take Place in Feudal Japan

We have seen several images of feudal Japan in recent years, some of which have been very successful. If I say that I am not interested in experiencing a Persona game during the Edo period, I am definitely lying. What if we explore Japan after the events of the war? How will past social norms and technologies affect various game mechanics, including the mechanics that make it like a life simulator? If Person 6 can learn something about the historical story of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, we might be able to answer the previous questions. Although the environment in Japan today is great, such an idea can be great in its own right and add a lot of variety to the game series.

Source: Game Informer - Author: Jason Guisao

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