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Take a look at The Matrix Awakens demo; Vision of the future of games

BingMag.com <b>Take</b> a <b>look</b> at The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Awakens</b> <b>demo;</b> <b>Vision</b> of the <b>future</b> of games

The new technical demo of Unreal Engine 5, after the image that was recently leaked, finally at The games Matches 2021 called The Matrix Awakens Was introduced. Available for free on the PlayStation 5, Xbox X and S series consoles, this demo is the most ambitious demo we've ever seen of the Unreal Engine 5 game engine and shows the future of the video game industry.

Part One; Character Showcase

Matrix demo is divided into 3 separate sections. The first part is a kind of showcase of characters. Epic has successfully created digital models Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie Ann Moss (Trinity) with their current look and feel in the Matrix triangle. What we see in these early scenes is an amazing combination of the engine's library files and real-time rendered characters. Trying to distinguish between the two has its own charms. Another notable technology used here is MetaHuman. Reeves and Moss are digitally scanned and custom-made, but added to host systems that manage their motion and animation sections.

BingMag.com <b>Take</b> a <b>look</b> at The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Awakens</b> <b>demo;</b> <b>Vision</b> of the <b>future</b> of games

Part Two; Highway Chase

Character Showcase gives way to a fully playable, albeit somewhat linear, action sequence that introduces a controllable character named IO built with the MetaHuman system. In this section, it is interesting to see how a fully artificial character in the MetaHuman system is closely related to custom scanned symbolic characters in detail. With Neo flying and leaving Trinity behind the wheel, what happens next are basically chase and shooting scenes that are rendered with high quality rendered images. The shooting sequences on the highway are also reminiscent of The Matrix Reloaded. The streets and the city, which are rendered and displayed on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series, are at a level of sharpness and detail we have never seen before and are close to crystal clear quality.

What is important at this stage It is that while what you see is a set of linear sequences, it happens in an open world. On the other hand, while the explosions of different cars may seem the same or fake to you, but all of them are produced in real time using the physics system of epic games called Chaos, and even if you have almost the same movements, these explosions and will not be the same. At this point, the only thing that can be said is that if you have compatible hardware, you should definitely try it.

BingMag.com <b>Take</b> a <b>look</b> at The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Awakens</b> <b>demo;</b> <b>Vision</b> of the <b>future</b> of games

Part Three; The World of Details

The third part puts the IO character in an open world, allowing players to roam the city as they please and even try out vehicles. It is also possible to change the game camera to better see the whole world provided by the Epic games team. The city is powered by Nanite, a state-of-the-art system developed for Unreal Engine, which basically promises infinite levels of detail without any problems such as late loading of tissues. Beyond that, for the designers of Epic Games, this demo seeks to prove several points. Previous demos, like Lumen, looked spectacular, but were built on fixed worlds. The Matrix Awakens is a dense cityscape full of traffic and pedestrians, and the amount of traffic is staggering in terms of cars and unplayable characters. It is worth mentioning that the position of the sun in the sky can also be changed to observe the lighting changes. In lighting and with the help of retrying technology of new generation consoles, it raises the lumen to a new level. Because these systems are incredibly cumbersome to run, Epic games relies heavily on its Temporal Super Resolution, or TSR, solution, which transfers data from previous images to those currently being rendered to improve quality. . After the action sequences, these systems can be seen well.

BingMag.com <b>Take</b> a <b>look</b> at The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Awakens</b> <b>demo;</b> <b>Vision</b> of the <b>future</b> of games

One of the points that the development The creators of the Unreal Engine 5 gaming engine wanted to emphasize it with this demo, the fact that even small, independent gaming teams can use the engine systems to create large and realistic worlds. The city itself is based on real-world locations and is designed and set up to avoid copyright concerns. In fact, the city inside the demo is a combination of New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Epic games has released some interesting statistics from this demo on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series, which are interesting in their own way. Here are the most interesting ones.

  • The width of the city inside the demo is 138.4 km and its length is 968.4 km, which is slightly larger than the size of downtown Los Angeles.
  • There are 260 km of roads and 512 km of sidewalks.
  • There are 45073 parked cars in the city, of which 38146 cars can be driven and destroyed.
  • The number of buildings in the city reaches 7,000.
  • 35,000 pedestrians have been simulated by the MetaHuman system.

It is important to emphasize that The Matrix Awakens is not a game and will never become a game; At least as far as we know. This is a show to show how close the advanced Unreal Engine 5 systems are to the show, and prove once and for all that these systems can run up to 30 frames in the new wave of Sony and Microsoft games. If the technical performance of the demo seems a bit poor, it's because the whole rendering of the characters at the beginning and the catharsis with shooting and chase scenes are all presented at 24 frames per second, and sometimes you may see 20 frames. At this point it should be noted that the Matrix Awakens demo is not a completely optimal game and is, in fact, made by a relatively small team. The same team that has been responsible for previous Unreal Engine demos. Matrix Awakens is a must-have experience. Because it dispels the notion that the current generation of games can not have a graphical leap from their predecessors. This is a Vision for the future of the game and it is amazing to see it. The fact that the Nanite system runs well on consoles and can be combined with retrying features is striking. Since the city and indeed the main character of the demo, IO, do not belong to Warner Bros., their files will be available with the full release of Unreal Engine 5 next spring. There will also be training for developers on how to build open worlds. "I'm really excited to see what the gaming community is going to do with Unreal Engine 5," says Jeff Farris, technical director of Epic Games. I mean, one of the big goals of the engine itself is to help builders. If you look at technologies like Lumen and Nanite, you will see that they are intended to help. It's amazing to have an engine and to see what people are going to do with it.

BingMag.com <b>Take</b> a <b>look</b> at The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Awakens</b> <b>demo;</b> <b>Vision</b> of the <b>future</b> of games

Advanced AI

Epic games is also proud of its massive AI system. In the demo, there is a section immediately after the chase sequences that showcases a wide range of technologies, and in one of those sections you can highlight intelligent factors such as pedestrians and cars. Jeff Farris added: "We have designed a new type of scalable artificial intelligence system with high performance here." It means a completely stable population in the world in which each creature can be traced individually. Typically, in a traditional open world game, pedestrians and traffic will be completely different if you move away from the area and then back. This is not the case here, and Epic Games' massive AI system works differently. On the other hand, the update rate of each factor will be different according to its distance from the player.

BingMag.com <b>Take</b> a <b>look</b> at The <b>Matrix</b> <b>Awakens</b> <b>demo;</b> <b>Vision</b> of the <b>future</b> of games

Matrix Awakens is practically three different demos in one demo. In this demo, we see an incredible character rendering showcase, a steppe with high excitement and an ambitious achievement in simulating an open world. However, perhaps the biggest surprise is that all of these systems exist in one engine and are inherently interconnected.

The Matrix Awakens is a remarkable representation of the future of games. While we've seen a lot of games testing the new capabilities of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series hardware, most of them have been mid-generation games. We will definitely see higher resolutions, richer detail, better frame rates and very short load times in the future. This demo is now available for free on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Source: Eurogamer

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