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Take a look at the history of Dune games; Short but effective

BingMag.com Take a look at the history of Dune games; Short but effective

Desert worms, strategy and a world of war and controversy! Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" was recently released, based on the Don book series. Interestingly, the world of cinema is not the first media to host the Don series. Don's games also have a long history in video games. Some of these are very good and acclaimed games.

Don's history is mostly due to a company called Westwood. That's why it has an interesting story in the world of video games. Now let's start the list from the beginning.

Back to Don

There are generally 5 official games in the Don series. In addition, they have created a number of role-playing games and even MUD (Multiplayer Prison). The first game made by Don was officially released in 1992. The first game of the second series

The first game of the second series was released in 1992 for the MS-DOS system. Then in 1993 it was released for Sega CDs. This game was one of the first to change from a floppy disk to a CD. This version included voice acting and 3D scenes. According to the novel, Paul Atreides and his family own a desert on the planet Arrakis. This desert was given to them by the emperor. You are responsible for managing the communication between Fremen and your competitor, Harkonnen.

BingMag.com Take a look at the history of Dune games; Short but effective

Picture of the first game made from Don's novel

This game is a combination of point-and-click adventure and strategy. Both depend on the success of Atreides. Don's first game was much more advanced than when it was released. In that policy, there was good dialogue, sightseeing and, of course, strategy. Almost something like Divinity: Dragon Commander.

In the same year, due to the problems it encountered, the game had to compete with something like itself. Because Dune 1992 was not the only Dune game in 1992. Meanwhile, another company was building a Don-style game. This, too, took the style of strategy.

Strive for Progress!

In December 1992, Westwood Studios released Don Game. This game is known by different names. These include Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty, Don 2: The Battle of Arakis, or Don 2. Of course, this new game was modeled on the movie Don.

In the Westwood version, the players controlled three families. These three families are Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. The Ardes family had just been added to the Don series. The goal is for you to take control of Arakis from other families. You will do this by gaining food and economic progress and eventually attacking the enemy.

If this sounds familiar to you, it's because Don 2 frames many strategy games. Founded. For example, Command and Conquer, made by Westwood, had the same style.

BingMag.com Take a look at the history of Dune games; Short but effective

The image of Don 2, which is the framework of many strategy games. And Eye of the Beholder is modeled. He also discussed the way to make this game with the head of the strategy department. He said strategy games were very bad at the time. Because there was no special creativity in them. He said one of his colleagues told him that the style was disappearing. "Because users are moving to more exciting games," he said in an interview. "I felt that this genre still had a lot of potential." However, companies have not paid much attention to it. So I challenged myself. In doing so, I learned how to turn real dynamics into a game and make Don the best.

The result was that Don was one of the best strategy games in history and the founder of a certain style. The game was rebuilt in 2000, and the genre was revived in Emperor: Battle for Dune in 2001.

As we said, this was one of the factors in making Command and Conquer. This series of games was so successful that they were able to be a turning point for the strategy style.

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It was generally closed. When the company was destroyed along with all the agents under its control, it destroyed another game of Don. It was called Dune Generations.

Image From the last game made from Don's story

However, Don's game series survived with the help of fans. For example, in many games we see Madonna. So it is possible that in the future we will see a new game of Don. With these descriptions, a new game of Don will be on the way. It's unclear what it looks like.

Although many people do not remember the Don game series at all at the moment, it has had a profound effect on the video game industry. Ever since Don became a strategy game framework, you can see the effect on everything in this genre. We hope to see Don's game world soon.

Source: Destructoid.com


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