Take a look at FIFA 21 developments and changes

Recently, the details of the gameplay of "FIFA 21" and its changes compared to FIFA 20 were published on the official website of Electronic Arts, and we decided to take a brief look. Let's have them.

BingMag.com Take a look at FIFA 21 developments and changes

Recently, the details of the gameplay of "FIFA 21" and its changes compared to FIFA 20 were published on the official website of Electronic Arts, and we decided to take a brief look. Let's have them.

As usual, we are approaching the release of a new issue of FIFA and Pro games. Of course, there will be no news of the new Peruvian issue this year, and FIFA 21 will compete unrivaled. It is logical that with every new change, some people are happy and some people are sad. For example, one of the most important changes to the previous version of FIFA was the strengthening of the teams' defenses. With this change, the possibility of scoring a goal was reduced. Some approved the change because it made the game more realistic, and some rejected it because it diminished the excitement.

One of the most important changes and developments in FIFA 21 that Electronic Arts has maneuvered over is improving the players' personalities. According to Electronic Arts, they have introduced new traits for players, such as vision and self-mastery, that make players look as much like their real-world counterparts as possible. The makers of FIFA 21 have announced that the changes have been made in response to feedback from FIFA 20 players on the new FIFA issue.

FIFA 21 is set to be released for next-generation consoles in addition to the current generation. The hardware capabilities of next-generation consoles could lead to new features in the ninth-generation version of FIFA 21. The following list describes the changes and features that are present in both the eighth and ninth generation versions of the game. In the future, the list of features of the ninth generation version of the game will be published.

Agile dribble

Agile dribble is FIFA 21's new method for close ball control. Like real dribblers, with agile dribbles you can move the ball quickly from side to side and relieve the dribbler from the defender. In this method, the defender can be tricked and tackled with the help of fast foot movements, which creates more space for the attacker.

The goal of agile dribbling is to create balance for dribbling. The design of this mechanic is such that it makes the dribbles more explosive, faster and softer.

To do this move, by holding the R1 or RB button and moving the left analog of the handle, the ball can be moved. Move with precise touches. The speed and accuracy of this mechanic is related to the player's personal abilities, and more professional players can better control the ball under their feet.

If two players face each other, agile dribbling is done automatically in certain situations. . Automatic mode can be disabled in game settings.

Creative Running

In FIFA 21, computer-controlled attacking players can be guided. With this new feature, players controlled by artificial intelligence can be commanded in different ways and make more effective attacks. There are different types of mechanics.

  • After hitting the L1 or LB button and moving the analog to the right, the team that is controlled by artificial intelligence moves.

  • You can control the movement of the player who passed by moving the analog to the right immediately after the pass.
  • By pressing the button of both analogs, the control over the current player is locked . After passing to another player, you can control it by moving the analog to the right.

To prevent other techniques from colliding with this control, start time Movement is limited by holding the analogy to the right.

Player personality and placement

In FIFA 21 AI, placement of players in both attack and deeper defense Has been. Players place themselves in the real world like their peers. More professional players, with better placement, have a greater impact on the game and react better to the situation at the right time.

The quality of these placements in attack with the "placement" feature and in defense with the adjective "vigilance" "Defensive" is determined. Specifically, this placement system is designed for players controlled by artificial intelligence.

For example, some of the important effects of player placement ability are as follows.

  • The positioning feature is effective on whether or not a player stays offside and controls their speed.
  • Better positioned players have a better timing to guess the pass and start moving before the pass.
  • Players' decisions about when and where to move during the game are determined by this feature.
  • Better positioned players can create a better space when attacking and make it easier to pass.

Among the effects of players 'defensive alertness are the following characteristics:

  • More alert players can better guess the offensive line players' running and block their way
  • Two players with high defensive alertness can control the game in unison and increase the counterattack chance.
  • Players with higher defensive alertness can position themselves so that it is possible to interrupt There was an opponent pass for them It is the aphid.
  • Defensive vigilance allows team members to cooperate better in retreat. At the same time as they retreat, they put pressure on the attacking players and may even get the ball into the defenders.

Smoother collisions

FIFA 21 has designed a new animation system for player encounters that helps the game flow more smoothly. This new system allows us to experience less chaotic collisions.

The new collision system in FIFA 21 allows players to find a better way to run and avoid collisions with other players. Players make better jumps when they reach players who have fallen to the ground to avoid collisions. Players try to control their collisions to minimize the impact of the collision.

This system allows us to be more realistic during in-game encounters and avoid the chaotic collisions that occur in versions Previously FIFA was prevented.

AI enhanced and competitive

FIFA 21 can be played at two levels of difficulty when playing against computer AI The game has activated competitive mode. This puts new challenges in front of you. Competitive mode tries to create an experience similar to playing against real players by imitating FIFA professional players.

Basic gameplay changes

Electronic Arts has received numerous reviews from FIFA 20 players about the basic features of the game and is now trying to improve the game according to them.

  • Sarzani

In FIFA 20, it is less possible to score a goal with a header than in previous versions of FIFA. According to the game's creators, in previous issues, it was very easy to score a goal with a header, and as a result, they made it harder. Many players were unhappy with the change. Now in FIFA, 21 headers have become more reliable.

Of course, in order not to be a hassle-free goal, a "manual cutting" system has been added to the game, which makes it possible to score. Scoring a goal requires the player's direct action. Hand-wringing can be disabled in some modes of play.

  • Defend and block

Defenders' ability to Successful tackles are high. In FIFA 21, thanks to the ability of the players' personality, tackling is now related to the player, and players play better tackles according to their skills. Close encounters between defenders and attackers have also been redesigned to be more realistic.

FIFA 21 has a new blocking system. This system makes blocking shots and passes more reliable and realistic. In this system, the players' personality is also involved, and the player's traits determine the starting speed and the distance from which the ball can be blocked.

  • Passing

This year, FIFA has improved the passing system so that the passes are smarter. Players will have a better understanding of the open space and space of the opposing players. This makes it more sensible to select the target player for the passes.

The FIFA 21 deep pass system has been completely rebuilt and now takes into account the amount of free space and scoring chances to select the receiving player./p>

The crosses have also been revised and now the players are trying to find a better path when crossing so that the ball does not collide with other players while passing. New types of crosses have been added to the game, which makes it easier for the player to choose the type of cross.

  • Animations

FIFA 21 will be the first version of FIFA on the ninth generation consoles. We have to wait and see how FIFA 21 will use the power and capabilities of the ninth generation consoles.

FIFA 21 October 9 (October 18) on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series versions will be released later. Upgrading to the ninth generation version will be free for game owners on eighth generation consoles.

BingMag.com Take a look at FIFA 21 developments and changes

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