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Support for old games on Xbox is over; No new game will be added

Recently, Microsoft added 70 games to its list of backwards compatible games to mark the 20th anniversary of the Xbox. The company has now announced that no new sections will be added to the list.
  • 70 games have been added to the list of old games supported on the Xbox.

Xbox announced this news on its official website. The statement said:

We will do our best to improve the old games. Unfortunately, we have now reached our full potential and can no longer add a new section to this list. The reason for this is technical problems and problems with registering and licensing games.

A Microsoft spokesman said that the issue of not expanding the list of old games supported on the Xbox has already been raised. He blamed the issue on licenses and technical problems. However, it has announced that Microsoft has made every effort to bring a number of popular titles to the next generation of consoles.

BingMag.com Support for old games on Xbox is over; No new game will be added

The old Xbox game support system works best on next-generation consoles.

Last item added to this list It was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox. Very popular titles have also been added to older games supported on the Xbox. For example, the Max Payne series, Skate 2 and all Dead or Alive games were added to this list. A number of older games, such as Fallout, also had graphical and performance improvements such as frame rates.

The old Xbox-supported gaming system is one of the most important services of these consoles. With this feature, you can try most of the old games on your new consoles. Interestingly, this feature even allows you to try out the original Xbox console titles. The popularity of the Backwards Compatibility system prompted Microsoft to make every effort to expand it.

BingMag.com Support for old games on Xbox is over; No new game will be added

After the last update of this list, to which 70 games were added, nothing new will be added.

The problem is that some of these games are so old It is even possible that the studios that made them were destroyed. This will cause problems with the license. Now Microsoft has decided to end the expansion of this system. That way, it can focus more on its current titles and new consoles.

Microsoft is on the right track right now. Forteza Horizon 5 did a great job, and on the other hand, the gameplay subscription also encouraged many gamers to buy Xbox consoles. To know. However, there are many people who are interested in nostalgia and there are a large number of games that will no longer be remastered or remade. So this feature is in Microsoft's interest, but it looks like the company can no longer expand it. However, support for older games on newer consoles has not been lost, but the list will remain the same.

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