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A streamer with a banana defeats the giant Alden Ring!

BingMag.com A <b>streamer</b> with a <b>banana</b> <b>defeats</b> the <b>giant</b> <b>Alden</b> Ring!

In general, a lot of news has been published about the Elden Ring game during this period. In the meantime, some of them are very strange. Some time ago, someone was able to defeat one of the Alden Ring basses with a Ring Fit ring. Now it's the turn of the banana controller!

This streamer has done the same thing in the past. Now he can defeat Godrick The Grafted using the banana controller. This bass is one of the hardest in the game and that's why it's so admirable.

The banana controller consists of 11 bananas. Each of them is connected to a system and acts as a button. The settings are made so that this banana controller works like a Dualshock 4. This streamer has made its own banana controller and fully optimized it. By pressing each banana, an action is performed in the game.

BingMag.com A <b>streamer</b> with a <b>banana</b> <b>defeats</b> the <b>giant</b> <b>Alden</b> Ring!

Godrick is one of the toughest players in the game and it is very difficult to fight.

Alden Ring is a difficult game in itself. Now if you use these controllers, the challenges will definitely be multiplied. Streamers, however, make money from watching their video multiple times. That's why they do such strange things. Of course, using bananas for the controller seems pointless, but it received a lot of feedback.

The name of this streamer is SuperLouis64. He is known for doing such things. The interesting thing is that he made these controllers himself and that is very admirable. He uses different kits and tools to turn different items into console controllers. The only challenge with using bananas is that after a while the bananas are crushed and produce an unpleasant odor!

Source: Destructoid.com

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