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The story section of Hilo Infinity can be experienced by several people soon

BingMag.com The <b>story</b> <b>section</b> of <b>Hilo</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>can</b> be <b>experienced</b> by <b>several</b> <b>people</b> soon

343 announced that it will release a Co-Op mode for the Halo Infinite story section around August . Of course, it should be noted that this only includes online coop mode. This means that you can not experience the story section using a TV (Split Screen).

Also, in early September, players can experience each stage of the story section separately. Also, a trial version of Forge mode is scheduled to be released in early October. All this information is contained in the strategic plan published by 343.

BingMag.com The <b>story</b> <b>section</b> of <b>Hilo</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>can</b> be <b>experienced</b> by <b>several</b> <b>people</b> soon

The general plan in the past was that The story coop mode was to be released along with season 2 of this game. This app seems to be delayed. Also, season 1 of this game was longer than the set amount. According to recently published information, the company's priority is the health of its 343 employees. That's why it does not put too much pressure on them. On the other hand, the progress of this game is slower than expected. In a recent statement, 343 wrote:

We are aware that we need to speed up content production. However, our priority is the health of the construction team. For this reason, sometimes you have to slow down so that others are not harmed. However, we are trying to speed up the process.

Our goal is to get the forged mode to users as soon as possible. For this reason, at the end of season 2 of this game, we will release a trial and beta version. This mode is currently in the limited test phase and has worked very well. That's why we decided to expand the experiment.

With this process, the forging mode will reach the users much sooner. The point is, if it goes into beta, it will be incomplete. However, you can look at the half-full glass. Because this mode will be completed by users and players and will become its best version in less than a year.

Season 2 of Hilo Infinite game with a lot of content on 13 May Will be released.

Source: VideoGamesChronicle.com

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