The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

Get ready, Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming! The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

Get ready, Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming!

If we want to mention one thing that most people know about the story of Kingdom Hearts This is Final Fantasy characters talking to Mickey Mouse about the end of the world, and we see a cutscene where a large rock hits Goofy in the head and kills him (not). But what everyone knows about the game is that the story of Kingdom Hearts is a masterpiece. Let me put it better, the story of Kingdom Hearts isn't messy, but it's spread over so many games that spanned so many consoles and generations, so few players can learn everything on their own. For those who want to prepare for Kingdom Hearts 4 or to reminisce about the story of this Disney/Square crossover, this article is for you.>

  • Kingdom Hearts 1
  • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts: 365/2 Days
  • Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Kingdom Hearts: Coded
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep A Fragmentary Passage
  • Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross
  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind DLC
  • Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
  • Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road
  • Kingdom Hearts 1 The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Kingdom Hearts 1 begins on Destiny Island, where we see the game's protagonist, Sora, playing with his friends Rico and Kairi. One night, the island is attacked by dark forces called the Heartless. Heartless are creatures made entirely of the darkness of one's heart. A mysterious key-shaped weapon, the Keyblade, appears in Sora's hands, however, he does not win the battle. With his resolve, Riku steps into the enveloping darkness of the island as Kairi is thrown towards Sora by an explosion and disappears into him. In the end, Sora is pulled towards the giant dark sun in the sky and disappears along with the island.

    In a cutscene we get to know the second half of the Kingdom Hearts world: the Disney worlds. Mickey Mouse's March music plays and we see Goofy and Donald in the corridors of a castle. Through a letter they learn that Mickey has left in a hurry, instructing them to travel to other worlds and find a special "key". Sora wakes up in Traverse Town. Here, he meets a number of Final Fantasy characters who explain to him the meaning of his weapon: a keyblade strike is the only way to destroy the Heartless. Sora also learns that his key can seal the "hearts of worlds" so that the darkness cannot consume them. Goofy and Donald meet Sora in Twilight Town. They realize that his keyblade is the "key" that Mickey ordered them to follow, so the three team up and start exploring.

    Disney Worlds

    The biggest part of any Kingdom Hearts game is occupied by Disney worlds. Here, the player travels to multiple worlds based on Disney movies and helps the protagonists of each story retell some of the most important parts of their story. An old truth about the Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts is that they don't matter to the story. Although this is not always true, it is true in this game. In this episode, we learn that Maleficent wants to find the Seven Princesses of Hearts. This action allows him to open the Kingdom Hearts, the world from which all hearts originate. Riko joins Maleficent with the promise that she will help Riko find Kairi, but when she finds Kairi, she is in a coma and won't wake up. Sora, Goofy, and Donald confront Rico in the Hollow Bastion, a world once ruled by Ansem Dana and now the base of operations for Team Maleficent.

    Hollow Bastion The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Here the group finally runs into Rico, who has used his powers to control Sora's Keyblade. Goofy and Donald, ordered by Mickey to "follow the key", reluctantly switch sides, but Sora doesn't give up and challenges him to a fight even without his Keyblade. As he says: his strength comes from his friends and not from his weapons. Moved by Sora's words, Goofy and Donald return to him, as does Keyblade. Defeated, Rico runs away but is stopped by a man named Ansem. He teaches Riku how to release the darkness inside his heart and become stronger. Continued article: Although Sora confuses the two, Ansem and Ansem Dana are two completely different characters.

    In a battle, Sora and his friends defeat Maleficent and face Riku again. which is now occupied by Ansem. He reveals that Kairi is the last princess of the power needed to open the Kingdom of Hearts and that she is unable to regain consciousness because her heart is still trapped inside Sora. With Riku defeated, Sora destroys his body and his heart frees Kairi. Kairi returns to life, but Sora, who has lost his body, becomes a Heartless. In the end, after escaping from Ansem-Riko, Kairi returns Sora's body to him. End of the World) recedes, a world shaped by the permanent destruction of the universe. Ansem opened hearts in the kingdom expecting it to be filled with darkness, but faced a sea of light in which he disappeared. Behind the door to the Kingdom of Hearts we see Riku and Mickey helping Sora close the door. The World of Hearts is locked once again, but our heroes are scattered: Kairi and Sora are thrown in opposite directions as the end of the world fades away, leaving Riku and Mickey behind the entrance to the Kingdom of Hearts.

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Even though it is a short game, it is a remarkable work. It's based on the story of Kingdom Hearts, especially since this is where the replica concept is first seen.

    Some time after the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, Sora finds himself in Castle Oblivion. This castle was once the Land of Departure, but now it is the main center of Organization XIII. Organization 13 is a group of nobodies covered in dark cloaks. Sora, Goofy, and Donald make their way through the castle and find worlds built from their past adventures. They also encounter members of Formation 13, defeating each of them through the new floors of the castle until they are so high that they begin to lose their memories. A girl named Namina enters Sora's memories and takes Kairi's place. When Sora reaches the end of the castle, he frees Namina. He instead offers to restore their memory. They fall asleep deep in the castle while he finishes his work. Here we come to the events of Kingdom Hearts 2.

    Riko's story

    Riko also finds himself in this castle. With the help of Mickey Mouse, he makes his way through the castle and fights members of Organization 13 as well as his own dark clone, Replica Rico. He manages to leave the castle even though he is disturbed by Ansem's presence in his heart. Here he meets Diez, who gives him a card to summon Ansem into his heart. Shortly after, the two fight each other and Ansem is defeated and Rico leaves the castle forever.

    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Like a chain of memories, the story of this Nintendo DS title is surprisingly important as it sets the stage for the events of Kingdom Hearts 2. Its effect on the overall story of Kingdom Hearts does not end with Kingdom Hearts 2 and even affects Kingdom Hearts 3. The first few hours of Kingdom Hearts 2 introduces a character named Roxas to the player. A boy who looks a lot like Sora. To better understand the identity of Roxas and the reason for his presence in the game, we have to start from the game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

    When someone dies, he falls from being someone and a heartless and nobody is created instead. be. Heartless are hearts without bodies and no one is a body separated from the heart. When Sora became a Heartless in Kingdom Hearts he also created a Nobody named Roxas. This means that Sora in the chain of memories is basically a Heartless who only looks like the real Sora. On the day of her creation, Zenmas finds Roxas in Twilight City with no memory of her previous life, like no one else. He joins Organization 13 as their 13th member and participates in their investigation of Disney Worlds. This part of the game takes place at the same time as a chain of events from memories. The goal of the organization is to destroy the heartless as much as possible and then summon the kingdom of hearts. believing that this act would allow them to transform from nobody to complete beings.

    After Chain of Memories

    Over time, Roxas befriends Axel, his master, and Xian, a girl with an unknown history. But when Sora falls asleep to get his memories in a chain of Roxas memories, he also falls asleep. When he wakes up, he finds that most of the members of Formation 13 have been defeated by Sora in Oblivion Castle and disappeared. Xian then learns his true identity: he is a clone of Roxas created by Zenmas, using memories stolen from Sora in a chain of memories. has done He left the establishment and Roxas followed him. Xian is then reprogrammed by Zenmas and attacks Roxas.

    Xian, himself made from Sora's memories, returns these memories to Roxas and then disappears, not only physically but into the memories of all the people he met. they knew No one remembers him anymore: he broke a chain of memories. Roxas meets up with Rico, who was ordered by Diez to capture him and bring him back to Sora. During the battle, Riku is forced to use the darkness inside his heart to defeat Roxas, and in the process, takes on the appearance of Ansem. Diz then transports Roxas to a digital version of Twilight City to stay there until Sora can be reunited with him.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Kingdom Hearts 2 follows Roxas after he loses his memories and is imprisoned in a Twilight City simulator. Here he spends his days with his school friends and enjoys the last days of summer. In seven days, Roxas goes from being unaware of the strange happenings in the city to witnessing and then investigating supernatural events involving the Nobodies and the Heartless, and finally dreaming of Sora and his past adventures.

    He In his dream, he meets Namina, who explains to him that he is a nobody. As the situation in the city gets weirder, Roxas wants to go to Namina again, but instead finds Sora in a sleeping compartment. Diz (Ansem Dana) finds her and tells her of her destiny and union with her heartless side, the sleeping Sora, to form their someone, the perfect person. He also announces that summer vacation is over. Roxas accepts his place within Sora.

    Yen Seid and the Disney Worlds

    Following the instructions of Mickey Mouse, Sora visits the great wizard Yen Seid, who tells them He tells about Organization 13 and sends the group to find Rico. Arriving at the Hollow Bastion, they are informed by Mickey that Ansem (the main villain of Kingdom Hearts 1) is actually the Heartless Zehanort, a former student of Ansem the Wise. They also understand that Zenmas, nobody Zahanort, is the leader of the 13 organization. The main goal of the 13th organization will be determined after that. They provoke Sora and send the Heartless to him so that these freed hearts form the Kingdom of Hearts. Instead, he gives them a heart and makes them whole again.

    The Final Showdown

    The World That Never Was, the main center of the organization. , will find. When they get there, they find Excel. Axel is Roxas's friend from the game 2/365 Days. He fights alongside the group and eventually sacrifices himself to open the true path to Xehanort, where Kairi is being held hostage. Sora finds Kairi and Riku inside the formation's castle, and Mickey finds Ansem. He is using a machine to destroy some of the growing energy in the Kingdom of Hearts, but due to a miscalculation, the machine explodes and Ansem disappears in an explosion of light.

    Sura and Riku Zenmas, the last remaining member of the organization. They destroy 13 but find themselves on the other side in darkness. Soon, however, they notice a bottle floating in the water with a message from Kairi. Opening the bottle opens a door to Destiny Island. While everyone is celebrating their reunion, Mickey leaves without saying anything, and Kairi finds a letter from him in a bottle. The contents of the letter are revealed in the game Kingdom Hearts Coded, which again separates Sora from his friends. It doesn't, but since this article is a comprehensive guide we decided to include it.

    Jiminy Cricket discovers that the journal in which she recorded the events of Kingdom Hearts 1 and a chain of memories have lost all but two of their entries. A letter he has never seen before. He decides to investigate further and creates a digital copy of the journal, which is destroyed by bugs. A digital copy of Sora is then sent to fight these bugs. With the journal bug fixed, Data Sora finds Data Name in the virtual simulator of Castle Oblivion. Here, it is revealed that the real Namina wrote the letters inside the journal to refer to the three new characters whose memories were stuck in Sora's heart. These people are Aqua, Terra and Ventus from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Data Namina believes that only Sora can save them from their current situation.

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    I mentioned in the opening section of this article that it starts from the beginning with Kingdom Hearts 1. This is somewhat incorrect. Birth by Sleep is practically the starting point of the story of Kingdom Hearts, which takes place ten years before the events of the first game, and is the introduction to the entire story. They have three carriers, Keyblade, Aqua, Terra and Ventus They train with Master Erakus in the Land of Separation. Terra and Aqua, who are older than Ventus, are supposed to take the Mark of Mastery exam to become Keyblade Masters, and Ventus, who looks like Sora, has to wait until he's older. The test is done in front of Zahanort, whose evil has not yet been revealed to anyone, and Erakus. Zahanort uses his powers to momentarily awaken the darkness within Terra and cause her to fail the exam. Aqua passes the exam and earns the title of Keyblade Master.

    Right after the exam, mysterious beings similar to the Heartless appear in different worlds, which leads to the beginning of the adventure of the three apprentices. Terra is sent to find Xehanort, and Ventus, persuaded by the words of the mysterious Vanitas, follows her. Aqua becomes responsible for protecting Terra from the darkness within her, as well as bringing Ventus back to the Land of Parting.


    During their adventures, Aqua and Ventus meet young Kairi and Rico. They tell the two that they will be keyblade bearers one day and then continue on their way. Finally, Terra finds Zahanort. His plan is to create the -blade (pronounced keyblade) by fusing the hearts of Ventus and Vanitas during battle. Terra also learns that Ventus was Zehanort's apprentice before he lost his memories. Ventus returns to Erakus, his current master, and asks him if what Xhanort said is true. Erakus confirms what he says, concluding that killing Ventus is the only way to stop Xehanort. Terra suddenly arrives to defend Ventus: he teleports away as Terra defeats their master. Xehanort then kills the weakened Erakus, plunging the Land of Parting into darkness.

    The Final Showdown

    Aqua, Terra, and Ventus confront Xehanort and Vanitas in the Land of Parting. Xehanort uses the darkness within Terra to steal her body while Ventus and Aqua are pushed to the brink of defeat by Vanitas. Terra retrieves Zahanort's discarded armor and manages to defeat him. On the other hand, Vanitas and Ventus joined together during their battle to create Keyblade. Aqua destroys Keyblade and Ventus defeats Vanitas. The Keyblade's destruction causes an explosion that engulfs everyone, but Ventus and Aqua are saved by Mickey. Ventus Valley does not regain consciousness because his heart was lost during the battle and entered Sora's body, so Aqua hides him in Oblivion Castle. Aqua then dives into the darkness to save Terra-Zehanort but gets lost in the dark realm. Terra Xehanort (still carrying the hearts of Terra, Xehanort and Erakus) is found by Ansem Dana, who takes her as his apprentice.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    At the end of Kingdom Hearts Coded, an extra scene is shown where the Heartless and Nobodies have returned to life after killing his Master Xhanort. To prepare for his return, Sora and Riku must pass the Master's Badge Exam and become Keyblade Masters. Meanwhile, the human beings (full body) of the 5 members of Organization 13 (including Leia, someone from Excel) come to life in the Radiant Garden, the home world of Ansem Dana and his students. It is here that we find out that these were former members of Ansem's apprentice organization.

    As part of the exam, Riku and Sora are sent back in time to the Land of Destiny and forced into a sleep that allows them to enter the Dream World. Access with the mission of awakening themselves. Sora and Riku split up after a short time, but both see the same three members of Formation 13: Ansem, Zenmas, and the young time-traveled Zahanort.

    After the dream and dream worlds

    When Sora leaves the dream worlds he meets them again and learns of the organization's new purpose. 13 members of the organization are going to become clone carriers of master Zahanort and he wants Sora to join them. Zahanort then plans to copy the 13 pieces of darkness and 7 pieces of light that Keyblade disintegrated into, and to achieve this goal, the 13 formations must kill the seven princesses of the heart. According to him, this action summons the kingdom of hearts. The young Xenovert then plunges Sora into darkness, which he only manages to resist due to the presence of Ventus in his heart. He is then rescued by Mickey, Riku and Leia and taken to safety. Riku enters his heart to wake him up and realizes that Ventus, Roxas and Ansem Dana are all present in his friend's heart. After they both wake up in Yen Sid Tower, Riku becomes a Keyblade Master and Sora must retake the exam. Meanwhile, Leia and Kairi are both revealed to be Keyblade wielders.

    Secret Ending

    In the game's secret ending, we are shown how Mickey and Yen Sid plan to foil Zahanort's plans. have. The two decide to find 7 Keyblade Masters who will take on the name of Guardians of Light and fight in place of the Princess of Light. I should mention that so far there are only 6 keyblade wielders still in the story: Sora, Riku, Mickey, Leia, Kairi and Aqua. Another missing protector is Ventus. He must wake up before the battle against Master Xehanort so that the Guardians have a chance to win.

    Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep A Fragmentary Passage

    Although this game is a game Not Complete A Fragmentary Passage connects Birth by Sleep to the overall story of Kingdom Hearts. A large part of Birth by Sleep A Fragmentary Passage consists of flashbacks to what Mickey did during Kingdom Hearts 1. At Yen Sid Tower, as requested by him, Mickey tells Riku and Kairi about how he met Aqua in the Dark Realm.

    After the events of Birth by Sleep, Aqua is still wandering in the Dark Realm. After many adventures he seems defeated and sinks into the darkness until Mickey takes him by the hand and brings him to the shore. As they enter the Kingdom of Hearts, they find Sora and Riku on the other side of the door trying to block the entrance. This coincides with the events of Kingdom Hearts 1 and explains why Mickey was behind that door. Mickey closes the door, but Aqua is taken into the darkness by the Heartless. He joins Ansem Dana in Dark Margin and waits. The flashback ends and we return to the present. Yen Seid asks Mickey and Riku to rescue Aqua, and Kairi and Leia will stay with Yen Seid and continue training until they reach the rank of Keyblade Master.

    Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross

    Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross

    h2> The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    If Birth by Sleep is considered the prelude to Kingdom Hearts 1, then Union Cross is the foundational secret of the entire universe. However, this story is more related to Kingdom Hearts 3, its expansion pack and the continuation of the Kingdom Hearts story. For this reason, Union Cross has a more coherent story than other games in the series, to the point where it is almost impossible to fully summarize its story. Below is the bare minimum you need to know about the Union Cross.

    The World

    In ancient times, the Kingdom of Hearts was a world divided between Darkness, Light, and the Middle Realm. Each of these worlds was separate from the other and it was impossible to travel between them. Eventually a war, the Keyblade War, broke out between light and dark. In order to end this war, Master Master assigned 5 of his 6 apprentices to Foretellers and put each one at the head of a guild. The Master's sixth apprentice, Luxo, had a secret mission. He had to remain hidden from view but he could see the events that would happen in the future. He carries with him a keyblade that allows his master to observe the world around him and a large box that must never be opened.

    With the master disappearing without a trace as his students had promised, many residents Daybrick City unleashed their powers as Keyblade wielders. Each of them joined a union under the supervision of seers and traveled to nearby worlds to protect the people there and take back the light from the forces of darkness.

    Master of Masters and Seers The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    These are the prophets you will read below:

    • Ira, the leader of the Unicorn League he will become the leader of the Prophets
    • Isad, the leader of the Bear League is destined to become Ira's right-hand man
    • strong>
    • Gola, the leader of the Leopard League he must find the traitor hiding among the prophets
    • Eva, the leader of the Fox League he Tasked with finding the best Keyblade wielders in all the guilds
    • Enui, the leader of the Lizard Guild - he oversees the other seers

    In addition to receiving unique roles and objectives, each seer also received a copy of the Book of Prophecy. With this book, they realize that the world is destined to fall into darkness and that there is a traitor in their midst. The book's guide to identifying a traitor states: "He carries the symbol of Tekru." Most of the seers had secret roles to perform: the most important being that Eva should stay away from the upcoming battles and gather the talented Keyblade wielders into a separate sect, the Dandelions.

    Before the new Keyblade War.

    The player takes control of one of the keyblade bearers and chooses an alliance. He travels the world with this union to fight the Heartless and collect their lights. Finally, the protagonist of the game meets the other Keyblade bearers named Ephmer and Skold. As Eva completes her role of gathering the Dandelions, choosing the future leaders of the guilds, and providing them with the rulebook when they arrive in a new world, mistrust and suspicion among the fortune tellers will rise.

    Eva searches for He finds his master, Luxo, who tells him of his secret mission. He also breaks his oath of secrecy and reveals that the master planned to divide the soothsayers. Eva does not believe his story and attacks him. This is the initiatory act New Keyblade War. After fighting all the union leaders (except their own) the protagonist is rescued by Ephmer and Skold and joins the Dandelions in the Data Universe. The world of light is divided into many smaller worlds surrounded by darkness, which forms the system of existence of all subsequent Kingdom Hearts games. This world rebuilds itself over time in complete isolation. What should be noted here is that there are two candidates for the role of the traitor. Eva, who acted contrary to the orders given to her several times. The other is Luxo, who didn't keep his master's secret and started the war by telling his secrets to Eva. He also carries the symbol, which in Kingdom Hearts stands for the Tekru or symbol: he has this symbol on his clothing, his keyblade, and his name, Luu.

    In Data's universe The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Five new union leaders meet at Keyblade Graveyard. These people are Efmer, Skold, Brien, Lauriam and Ventus (yes, Ventus). They travel to the world of Data, a digital copy of the (now destroyed) real version. Additionally, all Dandelions lose their memories after their Keyblade powers are awakened. Even though everything is the same as before, there is no war. However, when disturbances begin to appear in the data world, Bryn opens the book of prophecies for help and realizes that the book was not intended for him. Here he realizes that one of the leaders of the Union is a fake.

    In the end, the leaders realize that it was the Darkness itself, the physical embodiment of this force, to kill Strelitzia (the appointed leader) and replace her with Ventus. bring. Just like the previous leaders, this fake person was unaware of his role.

    The End

    We finally learn about the Master of Masters' true plan. As he tells Luxo, the Master of Masters intends to use himself and his six apprentices as carriers to capture seven of the Thirteen Pieces of Darkness. Of the other six pieces, five of them will be assigned to the new leaders of the Union, and one will remain imprisoned in that old world. Before parting with Luxo, the Master tells him that this sacrifice is not permanent and that he intends to save everyone in the end. In a flashback, Master of Masters explains that he wants to create a place where there is neither darkness nor light, and he calls this place an "imaginary place".

    This plan fails because all the leaders from the world Data are dying. Each of them escapes to a different time and place: Ephmer builds Scala on Kilom, Ventus incarnates before the events of Birth by Sleep, and more. At the end, we see the dandelions become dream eaters. Creatures that are present in Dream Drop Distance. The protagonist decides to surrender and make a new heart. In the final sequence, it is strongly hinted that this new heart will become Zahanort.

    Kingdom Heart 3 The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    At the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3, the master of the masters tells the young Zahanort about his plan and almost succeeds in convincing him to do what he wants. In another scene we see Aqua failing to protect the wise Ensem from the evil Ensem. He is defeated and falls into an abyss so deep that even Mickey and Riku fail to save him. Riku and Miki decide to follow Aqua's path and try to find someone who knows her well enough to save her while Sora does the same for Roxas.

    Sora's Story

    Sora begins her quest in Twilight City where Roxas awakens at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2. They find the machines Ansem used to create a digital version of Twilight City and extract Roxas' information from it. For Ventus they instead use a replica, like Rico's replica in Chain of Memories, to give his heart a physical form. Fortunately, we see that Vexen, the member of organization 13 responsible for replica technology, is one of Soura's allies and only joined the organization to save Ansem Dana. Finally, Ansem's research shows that there are three foreign hearts inside Sora: Ventus and Roxas and an unknown heart.

    Riko and Mickey's story

    Riko and Mickey arrive somewhere in search of Aqua. that he dived into the darkness to save you. After diving into the darkness, they lose contact with Sora. He lets his heart guide him and opens a portal to Destiny Island, his world. Here he finds a mysterious keyblade that opens a door to a dark realm. Here he finds Riku and Mickey fighting a version of Aqua that has been corrupted by the Darkness. When the fight is over, Aqua comes to her senses and arrives at Destiny Island. He returns to Ablivion Castle in the Land of Separation. In this place they find Ventus and Vanitas fights them. Sora manages to open his heart and wake up Ventus.

    The Final Showdown The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    In Yen Said Castle, The seven guardians of light have united. These protectors are: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Aqua and Ventus. They gather at Keyblade Graveyard and confront Formation 13. The first to attack is Terra-Zehanort, and although his attacks are not lethal, the Guardians are drowned in a sea of Heartless. We are now reminded of the prophecy that the darkness will prevail and the light will disappear.

    Sura finds herself in the final world. A creature called Kritibe explains to him how to come back to life. By doing this, he manages to go back a few minutes to the time when he and his friends fell into darkness. Full of hope, he manages to enter the darkness and follow the heartless, stealing the hearts of the guardians of light. He then retrieves all their hearts and brings the Guardians back to life. Terra Xehanort prepares to attack again, but is stopped by the armor that Terra's soul possessed in Birth by Sleep. With Terra Sora defeated, it is only necessary to destroy the sea of Heartless that surrounds them. This time he succeeds in destroying them with the help of Efmer, the second generation commander in Union Cross. He summons Keyblades from the Keyblade Graveyard to aid in the fight, bringing the battle to the "Light of the Past". This is the first of two ways that Union Cross connects itself to the story of Kingdom Hearts.

    The True Final Showdown

    The 13 Dark Pieces of the 13th Order finally meet the 7 Light Guardians. This is exactly the situation Zahanort needs to create the Keyblade. Most of the members of the organization perish with the promise of returning to their true bodies, except Xian of 2/358 Days, who suddenly remembers everything. He avoids the attack, but when he is on the verge of death, Roxas jumps out of Sora's heart and saves him.

    Zenmas steals Kairi and the original Terra is recombined. In what is the final showdown of this battle, Sora joins Riku and Mickey in their battle against Ansem, Zenmas, and young Xenovert. When the rest of the formation is defeated Xehanort uses Kairi as a trap for Sora to attack him. With this attack, he will get the 13th key to make the Keyblade, and by using it, he will plunge the Kingdom of Hearts into darkness. Sora battles Zahanort in his heart until he is defeated. Now that he has lost the battle Xehanort is certain that the world will descend into darkness as his plan was to avoid this natural fall by using the light of the Kingdom of Hearts to reset the entire world. Erakus' heart is removed from Terra and he speaks directly to Xehanort, demanding that he surrender the Keyblade. In a flashback we see the two in their younger days, and after giving Sora the Keyblade, Xhanort's and Erakus' hearts disappear together.

    Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind DLC The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Sora goes in search of Kairi using the power of Awakening. Sora goes back to the beginning of the battle and passes through the hearts of the other guardians of light until he reaches his own. Although he doesn't find Kairi his heart, he finds parts of her and manages to bring Kairi back to life. In a montage, we see that the nobodies of the 13th organization have become their own people, and Namena has acquired the physical name of a replica. Everyone gathers on Destiny Island, but Sora has a confession to make. He tells Kairi that he paid a high price to bring her back to life and disappears to finish his confession.

    The End

    Luxo (now in Shigbar's body) stands behind a large iron box and He takes over the keyblade of Zahanort. This keyblade originally belonged to Master Masters. Four of the five seers appear around him: Ira, Envi, Ised, and Gula. Only Eva is not among them, but we know through Luxo that she has accomplished her mission. This once again ties the game Union Cross to the story of Kingdom Hearts in the future. Elsewhere, Sora wakes up in an empty universe. He finds only one person here: Yuzura, a fictional video game character from the Toy Story universe. Suddenly, the two find themselves on top of a skyscraper in the middle of a futuristic city. In the real world, we are told that there are two clues to searching for Sora. The first clue is Kairi's memories being investigated by Ansem and his team, and the second is the strange dreams Rico is having.

    Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

    Most of Melody of Memory takes place in Kairi's memories and she is asleep in Ansem Dana's lab. During the game he relives many key moments of the Kingdom Hearts story. Ansem uses an escape pod similar to the one used in the Union Cross to launch Kairi, hoping that her powers as the Princess of Hearts will send her to the world of Keyblade wielders. Ansem did this because he believed his world would be destroyed unless more Keyblade bearers were found.

    During the game, Kyrie finds the seven pieces of his heart that were severed in Kingdom Hearts 3. With Finding the sixth fragment, he sees a memory of Zahanort, who explains to him that he forgot the memory he needs to find Sora. After being defeated, Xehanort offers a mysterious guiding memory that is engraved in Kairi's heart: neither light nor dark, but somewhere beyond. This is the sentence that Ansem uttered before sending Kairi to the island of fate, but it is also what the master of masters is looking for: a world without light and darkness, unimaginable and unreal.

    Outside of Kairi's dreams


    After much thought, the group comes to the conclusion that Sora is most likely trapped in a fantasy world that is unfortunately inaccessible to them. Fortunately, Cinderella's saving angel has a plan. With Kairi's memories and Riku's dreams both pointing to the fictional world of Vroom Rex, the group has two of the three keys needed to find Sora. The third key is spiritual especially in the final world. Unlike others, this spirit comes from the opposite world, and for this reason, you can use him to travel to another reality. The group learns from this spirit that the city of dreams is called Rico Quadratum, and they decide to go there. The star becomes a portal to another world. Rico enters but Kairi stays behind to train with Aqua.

    When Kairi tells Yen Seid about this, he remembers stories about ancient Keyblade masters traveling to other realities. These stories may be what Zahanort learned about the opposite world and may explain why the seers disappeared before the events of Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road The story of Kingdom Hearts; Everything we need to know before Kingdom Hearts 4

    Dark Road is the second mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts series and the only story in the entire series that does not end (until August 2022). The good news is that you don't need to play the game to know how it ends because each chapter can be watched in short videos on YouTube.

    Read the synopsis below:

    Xehanort, Erakus and Dark Road

    In Dark Road we find that Xehanort, once living on the island of destiny, has managed to escape his boring everyday life thanks to Ansem, his heartless form from the future. . He opens a portal for the young Zehanort that leads to Ed Killum's Scala, a world where future Keyblade masters are trained. Zahanurt is raised alongside the children of this world. One of these students and his best friend at school is Erakus from Birth by Sleep. Time passes and the students of Zahanort's class have become powerful warriors, their older classmates have suddenly disappeared. Zahanort and his friends are sent by their teacher to look for older students in Disney worlds. They find nothing but more questions as to what the nature of the darkness is and whether it can consume people.

    Four years pass and we see Zahanurt laying flowers on four unmarked graves. Erakus enters the frame a little late, and according to their conversation, we understand that they are going to take the master's badge exam soon. Zahanort still has his doubts about all these events and decides to investigate the surrounding worlds more closely.

    What should he expect from the future? It was mentioned that there are some hidden details such as "who do these four graves belong to" and "what does Zehanort learn in his travels" that should be kept in mind until the release of the next chapter.

    First, in Zahanort's Class We can clearly see Gazing Eye, Luxo's keyblade hanging on the wall. This means that he and the Master of Masters were aware of, and possibly even involved in, the events of the Dark Road. Second, in the Union Cross flashback, Brig claims that "darkness can hide everywhere, even within a person." Moments later both Zahanort and Erakus repeat the sentence, word for word at the same time. This suggests that both of them have some unknown connection with Brig or Dandelions.

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    The answers to these questions may shed light on the deeper secrets of the Kingdom Hearts story, especially the ones we didn't get a chance to cover. Who is Subject X? Where are the rest of the leaders of the Dandelion Union and where is Master Eva? We have many questions about the story of Kingdom Hearts, but we can reach conclusions: as announced, Kingdom Hearts 4 is not the last game in the series. We can also speculate that the Missing Link mobile game will be as important as the main titles in the series.

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