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Steam banned the release of any blockchain or NFT-related games

BingMag.com Steam banned the release of any blockchain or NFT-related games

Recently, Steam has blocked all games that use cryptocurrencies (NFT) in its digital store and allowed Does not allow them to be present.

According to a new rule that has been added to its list of rules for works that should not be published on Steam, games that use blockchain technology or allow players to Has blocked cryptocurrencies to use for in-app exchanges and payments.

via a new statement from SpacePirate Games Studio; The creators of Age of Rust game found out about this rule. Those working on a charity-themed work said in a Twitter post that even though it had added such a law, it would no longer allow it. "We decided to take the lead in blockchain-based games and irreplaceable passwords," they wrote on Twitter. However, we ultimately lost the battle with Steam. While we are disappointed with the removal of Age of Rust, the more important point is that blockchain-based games will be removed altogether. This is a failure for everyone. "

The creator of Age of Rust went on to explain why the decision was made:" Our point is that items have value and they do not allow items that have value. Are real to be present on his platform. While I respect their choices, I basically believe that fun-based games and blockchain games shape the future. That's why I started this adventure with you. "

BingMag.com Steam banned the release of any blockchain or NFT-related games

Age of Rust

Of course, Steam did not react exactly and it is not clear what was the real reason for their decision. However, even concerns about in-game items that have real value may be due in part to Washington gambling laws, which consider such effects to be a gamble.

It should also be noted that games based on substitutions do not have a very good reputation among players. Recently, there was a book called Evolved Apes, the creators of which promised to make a massive fighting game by selling extras, but what is clear from the current evidence is that they fled after receiving the money and were not heard from again. Of course, there are game designs that use a contrast, but we can not say how many of them will be suitable for Steam, even if Steam would allow them to operate.

The creators of Age of Rust Studio continue their statement "In this situation, instead of going to war with Steam alone, we would rather go back to game development and create more innovations and empower our fan community," he wrote.

However, Interestingly, Epic Games reacted to this decision. Epic has been competing with Steam for some time and has come up with various solutions. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has stated in the past that Epic is not interested in switching to non-exchangeable or unpaid passwords. However, the company's lack of interest in promotions does not seem to have anything to do with the presence of games on the Epic Games Store. They will not create, provided they comply with the relevant laws, disclose their circumstances and be classified by an appropriate age group. Of course, he made it clear that Epic Games is still not interested in using this technology or cryptocurrencies in its games, but welcomes innovation in technology and finance in this area.

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