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Starfield must revolutionize Bethesda's Xbox games

BingMag.com <b>Starfield</b> <b>must</b> <b>revolutionize</b> <b>Bethesda's</b> <b>Xbox</b> games

The expected Starfield game should go far beyond "Skyrim in Space", not because Skyrim is a bad game - because If it were bad, Bethesda would not have been able to market all sorts of versions of it in three generations - but rather to enter a new generation and set completely different standards for ninth-generation consoles. Even in 2011, Skyrim was not a very modern game. A little further on, Bethesda introduced the Fallout 4 to fans in 2014; The game was far behind in terms of role-playing, despite its pure storytelling and amazing breadth. At this point, the audience was asking themselves, "If the depth of role-playing in the game can not compensate for its problems and poor technical performance, then what is Bethesda's goal?" li>

It is worth noting that Bethesda's latest game, Fallout 76, was heavily criticized at the time of its release. The controversy surrounding the game escalated to the point that Todd Howard and the Bethesda team finally formally apologized to the fans during E3. As a result, it can be said that Bethesda has not released any titles since 2015 that - at least at the time of publication - are welcomed by the audience or critics. This feeling of anxiety and tension in Bethesda was so great that they decided to introduce The Elder Scrolls VI in a strange and not so sensible move; A title that, according to Todd Howard, has not even entered the early stages of production. Howard stated that the reason for Bethesda's decision was the numerous requests from the fans and they only wanted to confirm the existence of the game. However, this decision has put a lot of pressure on the team and especially their new franchise, Starfield.

BingMag.com <b>Starfield</b> <b>must</b> <b>revolutionize</b> <b>Bethesda's</b> <b>Xbox</b> games

Starfield's technical performance and impact on fans could directly affect the development of The Elder Scrolls VI. More importantly, anyone who experiences Starfield will surely think about how these new systems and mechanics will be implemented in the next Bethesda game. Despite the huge artistic differences, you can clearly see the DNA sharing and the basis of Fallout 3 and Skyrim. While that is not the case with Fallout 4, Starfield could lay the groundwork for the next installment of Elder Scrolls and then Fallout 5.

Bethesda has so far been cautious about showing and releasing Starfield details. While the same policy for Fallout 76 seemed like a cover-up to cover up the game's shortcomings, Starfield was able to arouse our curiosity. Aside from exploring part of the player ship, a brief glimpse of a weapon, and hints at the game's vast world, we have almost no other information about Starfield. According to Bethesda tradition, players can experience the title first-person or third-person. However, Howard said he feels the Starfield experience will be much better in the first person.

But beyond all this, there is pure excitement among the audience and we all love the Starfield world for ourselves. Discover. A sense of freedom is what draws people to Bethesda games. It is not unlikely that you will start the game experience with your friend and after two hours, sit together and tell your adventures. This is where you realize that each has a completely different experience and adventure and has done unique things. How many people have you ever met Bethesda's games with only the main storyline? The wonder of the games is centered here; Hours when we were exploring the cold and mysterious mountains of Skyrim, or when we found Walt 88 in Fallout 4 and turned it from a dangerous ruin into a beautiful and safe paradise. Bethesda has always been able to give us immersive and amazing experiences.

BingMag.com <b>Starfield</b> <b>must</b> <b>revolutionize</b> <b>Bethesda's</b> <b>Xbox</b> games

About Starfield We have such expectations - but more. For example, what travel between planets and possible galaxies will be like in the game is a big question on our minds. Will the game's planets and space stations be as small and stage-focused as The Outer Worlds, or, like Fallout, can we wait for vast expanses of free exploration? The latter is well implemented in some areas of Fallout 3, but in other areas we were hiking aimlessly, devoid of any engaging gameplay or intriguing stories.

In the short game trailer, with a small station We see that it is located on a rocky and distant planet. As a result, it can be assumed that while the Starfield planets will be large, we are not going to encounter anything like No Mans Sky. And I think that would be good for a game like Starfield. Todd Howard once said that he did not intend to raise people's expectations too high and that Bethesda designed cities like its other titles; How such an issue works on a planet-space scale is probably the audience's biggest question.

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Starfield can be one of the most exciting games of our lives if we want to consider the variety of sub-stages and stories we have seen in the corners of Skyrim and Fallout. Bethesda's past games had many limitations on the sixth, seventh, and eighth generation platforms, and now with the entry into the ninth generation, many limitations have been lifted. Thinking about the possible diversity of the planets in Starfield and all the adventures we will probably have in it will undoubtedly give us a lot of excitement. With the freedom to travel from one planet to another, the only possible limit will be in the minds and work of the game writers. Although we know Bethesda has been very good at this for 25 years and we are comfortable with that.

BingMag.com <b>Starfield</b> <b>must</b> <b>revolutionize</b> <b>Bethesda's</b> <b>Xbox</b> games

I believe Starfield could determine the Bethesda trend over the next 25 years. Both in terms of storytelling and gameplay, Bethesda now intends to present a new image to the audience. Bethesda's buggy games should be a thing of the past, while the studio looks ahead. Starfield will be the first step in this new direction. It is not clear to what extent Bethesda can change the situation and we will have to wait. But because of The Elder Scrolls VI and the hidden shadow of Fallout 5 - which Microsoft is keen to build as soon as possible - Bethesda will have to make major changes to the way it develops its games.

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While the world of Starfield does not have the potential to be endless, the stories that are told in it must be innumerable and full of surprises. It was this sense of discovery that made Obvilion an unforgettable phenomenon. It was this sense of discovery that helped Bethesda launch Skyrim over and over again and continue to be well received by the audience. Players need this feeling, as long as the old formulas, technical problems and visual effects are no longer inappropriate.

Starfield game on November 11, 2022 or 20 November 1401 will be available for Xbox X/S series and PC and will be available in the game after service from the first day. The next show of the game is scheduled for summer 2022, which will most likely be during the E3 event or Gamescom.

Source: Video Games Chronicle

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