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The Star Wars Jedi sequel will be released next year; Probably just for the new generation

BingMag.com The <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>Jedi</b> <b>sequel</b> will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> <b>year;</b> <b>Probably</b> <b>just</b> for the <b>new</b> generation

According to the latest reports, the highly anticipated Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel will be released in 2023 for new generation platforms.

Jeff Grubb, a well-known video game industry reporter, recently stated:

The new version of Star Wars will only be available on new generation platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and of course PCs. . One of the reasons the developers have made this decision is that the game will not be released until 2023. This is a definite case.

According to Grubb, the decision to focus solely on game development for next-generation systems has advantages because the studio does not have to worry about different problems and costs for porting games on different systems, and On the other hand, in 2023, many are looking to buy new generation consoles and experience different games.

BingMag.com The <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>Jedi</b> <b>sequel</b> will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> <b>year;</b> <b>Probably</b> <b>just</b> for the <b>new</b> generation

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, along with two new Star Wars series projects under development at Rispawn Studios. The sequel was supposed to be released in 2022, but it seems that this will not happen. On the other hand, it is said that the manufacturer will remove the name Fallen Order from this game. Rispaun is also working on a first-person shooter based on Star Wars, directed by former LucasArtz member and co-creator of the Medal of Honor Peter Hirschman.

The series will be a strategy game that will be made in collaboration with the creators of XCOM and Civilization in the newly established studio Bit Reactor. As you know, Lucasfilm's exclusive contract with Electronic Arts expired last year, and now other companies are looking to make various Star Wars games. In addition to Respawn Studios games, Ubisoft is building an open world version of the series, and Quantum Dream has recently introduced Star Wars Eclipse as the maker of games such as Detroit and Heavy Rain.

BingMag.com The <b>Star</b> <b>Wars</b> <b>Jedi</b> <b>sequel</b> will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> <b>year;</b> <b>Probably</b> <b>just</b> for the <b>new</b> generation

Of course, Electronic Arts has previously said that the exclusive contract for the use of the Star Wars IP, signed in 2013, will last for 10 years. And its communications director last year claimed the deal was still in place. This indicates that games being developed at Ubisoft and Quantum Dream will not be released until 2023.

The new version of Star Wars Jedi will not be the only Electronic Arts work for next-generation consoles. The new version of Need for Speed, Dragon Age, and the remake of Dead Space will follow suit.

Source: VGC

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