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Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

BingMag.com Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

Since the introduction of STALKER 2, this game looks like an atmospheric and ambitious sequel in an apocalyptic world that fans of this series have been waiting for a long time. It has been. However, the new work of "GSO Game World" studio looks promising considering the released trailers and details. The game, as a sequel to the popular series Known for providing quality elements of fear and survival, has shown that it can once again capture the feeling of fear and isolation in the midst of a shattered landscape. Given that a considerable amount of time has passed since the introduction of the game, we want to take a look at it and see how successful it will be on becoming a respectable sequel.

The Stacker series is always for PC platform players A person looking for a quality and scary non-linear shooting game has been a popular choice. However, not everyone knows that Stucker, regardless of its name in the world of video games, its story begins in the 1970s. As one of Russia's best-selling science fiction novels, Stacker has received a variety of adaptations from film and television to video and board games.

It may be interesting to note that Roadside Picnic is a book. The work of Boris and Arkady Strogatsky and the film Stalker by the famous Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky were released before the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, but this nuclear catastrophe since then has affected various adaptations of the series. Like many of Stalker's stories, it is illegal to enter the Chernobyl Restricted Area without a special permit, but a group calling themselves Stalkers enters to find Soviet artifacts in abandoned cities and destroyed areas. To view. These horrific real-world similarities show how progressive the Strogatsky brothers were when writing a roadside picnic.

Stalker The story begins in the 1970s.

BingMag.com Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

Picture of Andrei Tarkovsky's 1979 film Stacker

Entering the Gaming World

Their goal was to combine the themes of the roadside picnic book and the Stacker movie with post-apocalyptic images of real-world nuclear disasters. The studio's first adaptation eventually led to a first-person shooter set in the Chernobyl Protected Area in the style of the Fallout series. Eventually, the area was also plagued by physical disruptions and mutant creatures due to another unexpected event. They were released not so long ago and even a mobile game was released at some point. The story of Stacker Two, however, was not easily the original version and has gone through many ups and downs. This game was first introduced in 2010. The game developer worked on the project for a short time. In 2011 the manufacturer was dissolved. Stalker 2 was officially canceled shortly after 2012 due to problems between investors, employees and the original owners of the series.

After that, the game development studio was divided into several studios to develop several projects. And a lot happened. However, the studio was revived in 2014 and fans' hopes for the game increased. Stalker 2 was first introduced on the Studio's Twitter account in 2018. The first trailer of the game was released at the Xbox X event in July 2020, and finally at E3 2021, fans were finally able to see more details of the game in the trailer released, including its final title, Hearts of Chernobyl.

  • Watch the trailer for the unveiling of Stacker 2 here
  • Watch the gameplay trailer for E3 2021 here
BingMag.com Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

Image of the gameplay of the first game of the Stacker series called" Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl "

Each story-driven work in the Stalker series has different presuppositions and characters, but there are always two elements in common: a mysterious area and the Stackers to explore. This region is always opposed to human habitation and is full of strange dangers such as radiation, mutant monsters, sludges, areas with gravitational disturbances, and so on. The plant mysteriously exploded again in 2006, causing extraordinary and supernatural events that defy all scientific arguments and lead to horrific mutant animals that have begun roaming the area. According to the trailer, the main character of the game is called "Skiff". It is not clear what his goal is, but he seems to be in a hurry to reach the very dangerous center of the region. The first trailer also mentions experiments on mutants that are not clearly related to Skiff's purpose. They have to explore.

Because of the second explosion, special objects called artifacts have been created that give the people who carry them special powers, such as radiation protection and health recovery. Given the value of these artifacts, groups have secretly entered the area to transport them to the outside world. Some have also formed gangs in the area. One of these factions is known as the Duty, a group of former Ukrainian military soldiers who intend to protect the world from the dangers of the region.

BingMag.com Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

An image of the game character identifying gravitational anomalies

A darker world than ever

Stacker 2 is an important part of the player experience. From storytelling to the feeling of being trapped in deserted areas, everyone will be affected by this world. Zakhar Bocharov, the game's studio's public relations manager, said the game's almost new story can only be told in an open world. In fact, this is the only way that the player can better understand the results of their decisions. They will end. Player choices will have an impact in the short and long term. This is good news for fans of the series, as the previous three versions of the series told all the stories that were heavily influenced by the players' choices. Since the story of this version is almost new, the experience of previous games does not seem to be necessary.

The player's choices in the short and long term have their effects on They will tell a story.

The game world, according to what we have seen so far, includes dilapidated ruins, dark forests, Soviet-era factories, and so on. There are areas of past games such as the Pripyat version of the carousel and the old farm of the first version that are supposed to be used as a camp as in the past. Landscapes change quickly and there will be inevitable danger everywhere.

BingMag.com Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

An image of an abandoned carousel in Stalker 2, which was also present in the Perpiat version.

Stress at its highest

They are known for their scary gameplay and shooting. In the past games of the series, the clashes in the fights were designed to feel intense and uncontrollable stress. Whether fighting frightening and supernatural mutants or fighting a group of heavily armed forces, you always felt that you could die at any moment because of the danger in the area. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of their weapons and armor was very important for success in the games. There were also some light survival elements such as hunger and radiation levels that you had to control with food and medicine. In terms of structure, the games were non-linear, and the world consisted of smaller maps that were interconnected to form a larger, open world, but did not make the game a real open world.

It follows the path of its ancestors and will offer a similar experience. One of the studio's claims is that the game is set to be one of the largest open worlds to date, offering a heavy horror and atmosphere. As in the past, the first person view is intended for the game, and thanks to the freedom of the game world, exploring Stalker 2 will be better than ever. Fighting mutants, bandits and other enemies, managing vital resources and interacting with non-playable characters to perform side missions are the main elements of the gameplay.

Thanks to the freedom of the world The game will be better than ever to explore Stacker 2.

The further we go in the dangerous area of the game, the better the danger and the equipment we receive from the characters or find them in the game world. Your radiation level, hunger and endurance is something you should always pay attention to. In addition, finding artifacts is likely to play an important role in the game again. As mentioned, they are the most important item in the game that should always be considered. The game also includes various endings and various storylines, all of which lead to longer gameplay. A gameplay that may keep you entertained for hundreds of hours and will be worth a try again.

BingMag.com Stacker 2 game preview; Symphony of Fear and Isolation

As before, the first-person viewing angle is set for Stalker 2.

Improved AI

Many simulations occur in Stacker games . Members of various in-game factions like you are wandering in the area, and a variety of mutants and creatures will roam the large game environment. These different creatures interact with each other, even if you do not see it. In previous games, a system called "A-Life" had simulated the world and its inhabitants and was in control of them. Now an improved version of it called "A-Life 2.0" does this in Stalker 2. Because non-playable characters are supposed to follow their daily routine independently of our actions, they will make the world more believable and alive. So it is quite possible that clashes between factions or mutants will take over the camp, without us even realizing it. The new faction is available for players to interact with and use. These weapons and equipment will also have high quality and visual details. An interesting feature in this section is that players can quickly equip weapon equipment such as suffocators and on their weapon and there is no need to enter the inventory page. This makes weapons more effective during combat. Stacker 2 is also to be optimized for PC makers as much as possible, which will make players happy on the platform.


About Multiplayer The game development studio has not announced anything yet, but Stalker 2 seems to have a multiplayer section. The developer offers weapons and clothing shells as a pre-order reward for special editions such as deluxe. Given this, we are likely to see some sort of multiplayer versus player mode (PVP). The co-op section is also likely to be developed, but the Stalker series is known for instilling a sense of fear and deep isolation, and the existence of such a system would certainly deal a serious blow to these important elements.

Breaking the add-on pack?

None of Stacker's previous games received an add-on pack or any additional content. However, this practice is set to change in Stalker 2. The game is set to receive two story expanders that will continue and expand the main story of the game. In addition to these two, an add-on package may be released for the game. The Ultimate version of the game is also set to be released with Seasonups, the two expanders mentioned, and sub-missions.

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