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Spider-Man 2 will be a darker sequel than the first part

BingMag.com Spider-Man 2 will be a darker sequel than the first part

A few weeks ago, during the PlayStation event, Spider-Man 2 was officially introduced. In an interesting claim, Bill Roseman now calls Spider-Man 2 a darker sequel than the previous game.

During the latest episode of the "This Week In Marvel" podcast, Bill Roseman , Deputy Comic Creativity Division, briefly discussed Insmaniac Studio's current projects. He is set to contribute to the development of the game and help Insomniac Studios. "If we assume that Spider-Man's first game is the first major Star Wars trilogy, Spider-Man 2 will strike back like its sequel, Empire," he said. The storyline will be a little darker and darker. They have to stand up to Venom and defeat him. The game is set to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console in 2023.

However, in addition to the previous two Spider-Man games, other recent works by Insomniac Games, including Recht & Clank and Sunset Overdrive, both have a sense of humor and atmosphere. They are happier and have not taken themselves too seriously in this regard, we should not forget that this studio is the creator of the trio of Resistance for the PlayStation 3 console. People who have experienced this first-person shooter remember that it had a darker storyline.

BingMag.com Spider-Man 2 will be a darker sequel than the first part

This practice is set to continue in Marvel's Wolverine. As expected, Wolverine's works are not works that can greatly reduce the level of violence, and they have this potential inherently because of Wolverine's character. Insomniac Games also stated after the introduction of the game that Wolverine's game will be a work with a very serious and dark atmosphere.

" Watch the trailers because they have a lot of details and hidden items in them.

If you watch the trailer again, you will see the phrase "Register Mode 19.74" Wolverine seems to be referring to the date of Wolverine's first notable appearance in comics, dating back to the incredible 181 Hulk comic. More interestingly, there is another sign that says "HLK 181". Has our day given any clues about the Hulk's presence in Wolverine?

Source: Eurogamer

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