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Sony acquires Valkyrie Entertainment

BingMag.com <b>Sony</b> <b>acquires</b> <b>Valkyrie</b> Entertainment

Following previous acquisitions by Sony Interactive Entertainment to expand the company's in-house studios, they recently acquired Valkyrie Entertainment. In Seattle, Herman Hallst, director of PlayStation Studios, initially announced on his official Twitter account that Sony had acquired the studio and that the studio was to provide valuable assistance to Key Play franchises for PlayStation Studios.

Hallst said in a press release: "Valkyrie Entertainment is a highly compatible and respected studio that produces high quality work on a wide range of platforms from consoles to PCs. has done. They have also worked on developing games in a variety of genres from action to service-oriented games. "Valkyrie Studios' diverse capabilities are welcomed by all teams at PlayStation Studios as we continue to focus on delivering great gameplay." Valkyrie Entertainment Studio, founded in 2002, has created games despite But it operates mainly as a support studio and is therefore well known. In the past, they have worked with Sony on games such as Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, God of War 2018 and even God of War Regnarok and helped Sony Studios build these games.

BingMag.com <b>Sony</b> <b>acquires</b> <b>Valkyrie</b> Entertainment

Some of the games that this studio has been involved in developing

In addition to the aforementioned collaborations with Sony, they have in the past collaborated with other major publishers on the development of important first-class games. They have worked on the development of the first five Forteza Motorsport games and the Hilo Infinite game with Microsoft, and for Batman Arkham Origin, Injustice 2, and Middle-earth: Shadows of War with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In addition, they have influenced the development of League of Legends and Valorant games. Overall, as a backup studio, they've worked on about 100 small and large games. Released in 2015 for PlayStation 4. This shows that they are no strangers to creating games as the main developer, and may in the future, in addition to helping other Sony studios, release their games for PlayStation platforms.

Valkyrie Entertainment Studio can develop games Other major Sony studios play a significant role. In addition to the familiarity they have had in the past through their partnerships with Sony, the ability to work together to develop games of various genres is one of the most important factors that have made them a viable option for Sony.

Sony has shown a lot of interest in backup studios over the past year. Even before they acquired Valkyrie Studios, they had one of the best back-up studios in the industry, and even more so with the purchase of Nix Studios earlier this year. However, the acquisition of Valkyrie Studios shows that Sony is still expanding its support studios and wants to provide the best conditions for its studios to create games. The fact is that the development of video games is a very long and arduous activity these days, and therefore such professional and experienced support studios can have a significant impact on the development of games.

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