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Sonic comes to Monster Hunter Rise with a free update

BingMag.com Sonic comes to Monster Hunter Rise with a free update

The new Monster Hunter Rise add-on pack is a collaboration that has added Sonic themed costumes to the game. This update will be available for free on 5 Azar (November 26) and will feature many items from the Sonic world.

These new items for the main character, along with new covers for Palamute Is. Also, this add-on package includes a new cover for Palico. This cover will enable Palico to launch a Sonic style attack.

BingMag.com Sonic comes to Monster Hunter Rise with a free update

Due to the limited hardware capability of the game, the graphics switch is not very high, but the gameplay is very interesting.

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth major game after the release of Monster Hunter World It has benefited. The game was originally released for the Nintendo Switch console and introduced a number of new mechanics to the game. One of the additions was the ability to have an animal to help named Palamo, which was very interesting. In general, this game had 5 add-on packs, all of which had Capcom items. The last one was with Ghosts n Goblins, which allowed the main character to get Arthur's armor. . In August, Monster Hunter Rise had a collaboration with the Ester Fighter series. The first items added to the game were released this summer. In it, users were allowed to make their own Paliko like the character of Sokino from Monster Hunt Stories 2.

BingMag.com Sonic comes to Monster Hunter Rise with a free update

Monster Hunter Rise was released this spring for the Nintendo Switch console. It has now been announced that it will be released for PC on January 12th. Capcom recently announced that the game has sold more than 7.5 million copies and is set to receive a major expansion pack soon.

We've seen different companies work together during this time. This caused many different characters to enter the games and create a lot of variety in them. Fortnite is an example of a game in which this style of collaboration is extremely common. This will not make the game always live and boring, and we hope that more companies will turn to it.

Below you can see the teaser made for Sonic entering Monster Hunter.

Source: VideoGamesChronicle.com

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