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Solve the "Rush" riddle in Final 7 fantasy remix

BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

Although I am very insistent on not polluting the contents of a game before it is released, one thing you should know about me is that I am a fan. I am two Final fantasy 7 fires. In fact, I am so interested in this game that I have to admit to you dear readers that I betrayed my beliefs and watched the trailers of Final fantasy 7 remix.

Yes, I know there is no greater sin than violating moral beliefs. Not yourself, but try to put yourself in my shoes: The game looks very tempting.

And I look forward to experiencing the complete version of Midgar with them. Of course, I only hoped cautiously (look at the status of the Final fantasy franchise since 2009), but from these trailers I felt that the creators really cared about the game's story: it seemed like the game was going to honor not only the original game but all the stories. Be narrated after that. I thought Final fantasy 7 remix could be the Final word of the franchise and put everything together well and be the ultimate protector of the game heritage for the future.

So I, like many of you, was ready for something like a remake The game has been released so that newer generations of players who have not played the original game or for whatever reason are not attractive enough to buy and experience it. Now they can walk the streets of Midgar's wide and dirty metropolis, be entertained by the elegant but sophisticated system of metrics, and meet all the characters who have become symbols of gaming history: Cloud, Red Thirteen, Brett, Tifa, Eryth, and /. p>

Wait, who is this?

BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

No I really thought to myself Who exactly is this character? Everything in the trailers seemed to suggest that the remake would follow a pattern similar to the original game, and we would meet the same characters, but what about this character? While searching for him, I went through the faces of all the characters in Final fantasy 7, but I did not reach a conclusion, so my whole focus was on who this person was and what exactly might have influenced the story.

So that's how my fan adventure about this character began. Could he be a member of the secret organization Shinra Deep Grand that we learned about in Dirge of Cerberus? Well, maybe, but given the logo on his belt and the standard sword that belongs to the lower ranks of the soldier (Solger), he seems to be another member of the Shinra Special Forces. My mind responded to this possibility with the speed of light, to all the consequences that the more prominent presence of the Sulger agents in the remix could have.

  • Will they notice Cloud's appearance?
  • Will they? Will they learn more about Hojo's experiments?
  • Will there be any reference to the events of Crysis and will we see the long-term consequences of that game on the protagonists of the story?

All My knowledge of pre-remake games, along with the speculation fever that had engulfed me, was gradually bringing this character to the anchor position of the entire franchise, and it will probably be the connective tissue that connects all these separate stories. And as a result, the remake to the full version of Final fantasy 7.

But after all this talk, I finished the game and this character was present for a total of thirty minutes in one season of the game

BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

We find out that this character added to the franchise is called Roche. He is a rebellious three-level solver and carries the title of "speed devil" because he has a special interest in motorcycling. We fight him twice, once on a motorcycle and once with a sword. After these two encounters, Rouh disappears and he is not heard from again during the game.

Honestly, Rouh really stunned me. I was caught in the trap of speculating that trailers often spread to viewers, and I found that I wasted my time hypothesizing about this character. So much so that when he found his head in the game and disappeared just as quickly, I felt like I had a big hat on. I thought the trailer hit me with one hand and the trailer promised something that I did not get in the Final product. I have to say that I was really disappointed, but I still could not stop thinking about this character and why he was added to the game. As I thought more about his method and meaning in relation to the remake, I came to the conclusion that the only promise that had been exchanged between me and my obsessive mind was: I had convinced myself all the things about the other games in this I know the series will work in the remake and I did not even fail to imagine how they would work.

Nobody told me about the method He did not lie: I only wrote my own fictional story about who he is and what he means to the game.

After this conclusion, I decided to give up all my knowledge of the previous games, thinking To avoid what will happen as a reference in a franchise, and to think of him as an entity in Final fantasy 7 remake in itself.

Why does he behave in this way? he does? What does he have to say when his head is found? In a game that seems to use a lot of delicacy and precision in the narrative decisions department, why is this character introduced to us as we see it in the game? Well, dear reader, after some reflection and reflection on the time of his appearance and his actions after his appearance, I must admit that the method has more to say than it seems, and perhaps these words are related to the bigger issues of Final fantasy 7 remix and role. Let us be in the story.

BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

The rapid emergence of the "speed devil" Previously, about the Final fantasy 7 remake, I talked about the importance of examining specific scenes in games more closely and extracting maximum meaning and information from them. We can often learn a lot about the overall narrative of a story if we take a brief look at a few minutes of the story. In this regard, there is no better opportunity than examining the sequences of the method, especially since their number is also small.

The character of the method is introduced to us in the fourth chapter of Final fantasy 7 remix. The season begins with Jesse, Wage, and Biggs satisfying Cloud, who comes to the top of District 7 to steal items from one of Shinra's warehouses; Materials that can be used to build a bomb for the next reactor bombing mission. The trains are not active at midnight, so the group prepares their engines and heads through the tunnel that reaches the top of the screen.

When the group enters the tunnel leading to the top screen, they pass a checkpoint where forces Sheinra informs them of their situation and chases follow. Finally, after Cloud and his companions drive out a number of chasing forces, the camera focuses on the other side of the tunnel, and we see a lone man leaning against a wall. When we pass in front of him, he kisses us and the camera focuses again on the current chase.

BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

This is our first look at the method. In addition, we hear dialogues by Shinra forces that give us more information about the identity of this person. Read the following dialogues:

"Sulger is on his way. The center says he will be back in a few minutes. "
" I noticed. Do you think "he is"?
"Probably. So it is better to collect the issue sooner. There is no need for this kind of trouble. "

From this conversation, we come to two important points:

  • The method is really a solver. .
  • We suspect from hearing this dialogue that the officers prefer to Solve the problem themselves because this person seems to be known for trouble in conflict situations. So, from this rude conversation and visual introduction we have with him, we can imagine that the method will be at least a strange character. It is verified to break itself before its head is found. We then see why they wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. The method of riding a motorcycle hits one of the officers' motorcycles directly and causes it to explode and the forces mounted on the motorcycle. After the smoke has dissipated, Jesse asks Cloud who this madman is, to which he responds briefly and usefully, "A salesman."

    BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

    Then we see one of the bass battle scenes on the game motorcycle where you have to dodge the attacks of the method while he constantly makes fun of you and says how excited he is that he is fighting with you and he is looking forward to it. See how far it can take this controversy beyond the "red line". He is clearly addicted to speed and breaking his boundaries, and through his dialogues we learn that he may sometimes obey Shinra's commands, but what he really wants is a challenging battle with someone who can follow in his footsteps. Finally, we defeat the method, and Cloud jumps on his motorcycle at the end to strike the motorcycle with a sword and stop it so that he and the members of his family can distance themselves from him. Claude, who had so far responded to the taunts of the method, asked him if the battle was enough for him, and the method of victory left it to him, and he said, "How is it that next time there will be only two of us?" Which clearly promises to meet him again in the rest of the story. As the engine slows down and disappears in the foreground, he shouts, "See you again, my friend!" And disappears on the horizon.

    The motorcycle sequence ends and the cloud and group go to the top page until Go visit Jesse's parents. While the group is chatting with Jesse's mother, they say that Cloud enters through the back door and goes to the room where Jesse's father is in a coma. He suffers from this condition due to overexposure to Mako's energy. Cloud steals Shinra's ID card and the group goes to Shinra's warehouse to steal Jesse the materials needed to make the bomb.

    , Wedge and Biggs is there so that with this transformation, Jesse can easily find the materials he needs. The fight lasts several rounds, and Cloud pushes back Shinra's officers, dogs, and cars. In the end, when it seems that the group's siege is dangerously tight and they may lose their lives, he finds his way again and the pilots enter the battlefield on their motorcycles.

    BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

    he shouts "it looks good we're having a good time making trouble" and starts spinning around with his motorbike and They put aside their own machines and forces. He gets off his motorcycle and prepares his sword: the one-on-one fight he eagerly longed for a few minutes ago is about to begin. To start a just battle. With a few blows in his way, he pauses for a moment and admires his sword. He then looks at Cloud and excitedly announces, "I told you we're going to cross the red line!" Cloud asks him if he is satisfied that he laughs in response, saying that such a runaway pleasure is hardly satisfying for him, and that "there are higher altitudes that you and I can climb." Cloud looks at him confused. Then Rosh bids him farewell with a mad laugh and leaves, promising that they will meet again. After his disappearance, the group survives the death of the Avalanche agents who clashed with Shinra's forces, and they have a chance to escape.

    This is the last time we see the method in the whole game.

    Although he can Simply seeing the method as a respectable competitor, there are signs that he probably does not have common sense. The player is told several times over the next few seasons that the Soldier agents are often physically transformed and lose their minds due to exposure to high-intensity Mako energy that gives them superhuman abilities. Our interaction with the method undoubtedly seems to indicate that not all members of the Sulger are mentally sound. This can turn the method into a cloud confrontation beyond mere competition and more into something like a possible future omen for the cloud. After all, if both the method and the cloud are exposed to Mako's energy and the method seems to have lost its sense, is it not possible that a similar mental decline will occur for the cloud? What if it happened?

    With a simple gesture, the presence of method in the story, Cloud's credibility as a narrator is questioned, because if a solger can go crazy, why does it happen to Cloud? Does not occur?

    BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

    I would end his character here, but nothing is always so simple, and Chapter Four does not end with just leaving the method. A very important thing happens in this little episode with the method that made me think more deeply about his character and his purpose in the story. All of these thoughts have a possible connection It ends with whispers.

    The planet's cries can be heard: Soldiers, whispers and impregnation with Mako

    Cloud and his companions with the tools and materials that Jesse stole from Shinra's barn to the slums Area 7 returns and is ready to complete the mission the next morning. After Claude says goodbye to Biggs, Wage and Jesse, he returns to his apartment and tries to get some sleep in the morning before the mission begins. But he is awakened by a ghost, which we later discover is a whisper hanging over his bed. He is frightened to see the whisper and leaves his apartment to see that whispers like locusts and locusts have invaded all over District 7, and it seems that Bert and the rest of his family have gathered at Tifa's bar. You make your way through them and then the game quickly begins the next reactor bombing mission.

    Now here you may be wondering why I'm talking about whispers in an article that tries to identify the method and I will talk to understand the reason for his presence in the game. Well, let me invite you to think with me about something. Why did the whispers appear at the end of this chapter?

    To answer this question, let's first think about the nature of the whispers and what they mean in the story. Whispers are described as "rulers or judges of destiny", which simply means that there are times in the game when the story has deviated or changed from the main game story. They gather in private locations at specific times to make sure everything happens here as it did in Final fantasy 7. When something changes, they do whatever they can to correct it.

    Given Chapter 4, think about Chapter 4 in general and why the whispers appeared at the end. To make sure everything goes as "scheduled" and the reactor's second mission is completed. The first reactor mission takes place, Erith meets, returns to the slums, and prepares for the next mission. There are added parts to the story (for example, Cloud's predictive confrontation with Safiroth before boarding the train, the moment Erith struggles with whispers before Cloud meets him, and of course all the side missions and missions that follow You get to section 7) but when you think about what happens in those moments, you see that you are following the set path of the main story.

    • Yes, Cloud is facing Safiroth He gets up, but he gets on the train again to return to the slums.
    • Yes, Erith is fighting the whispers, but he meets Cloud for the first time. He takes Cloud on a slum tour, but he meets with Tifa again and talks to Brett about his next mission.

    Everything still happens as "fate" has decided. p>

    But then Chapter Four takes place, and Jesse finds his head and asks Cloud to accompany him on a mission to the top page to gather supplies for his new bomb. Those readers who are familiar with the story of the original game know that this is not something that happens here. It could be argued that in Final 7 fantasy 7 Jesse, Bigger, and Wage went to the top of the page to find these items themselves, but Cloud certainly does not accompany them. So this is the moment when the changes started to happen, and probably the moment the whispers noticed.

    What is interesting about this is his dialogue. He certainly knows more than he shows. The first presence of the method almost breaks the fourth wall and he is talking to the camera, not the cloud. He talks about the limitations, from breaking them down and reaching newer heights with the cloud as they continue their journey together. Perhaps the most obvious moment is when he is found for the second time in his season and says out loud, "Well, we seem to be having a good time with the hassle of making it." Well, aren't we having a wonderful time kicking the hornet's nest? Do they gather around angry bees?

    BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

    Now if you are like me from Thinking that the method is a transcendental rebellious agent that comes along and about how exciting it is that you are changing the course of events that were "destined" in Final fantasy 7 will not fit in your skin, but before Instead of hitting the dirt road too much, let's pay attention to the content provided by the remake. If we do not play this idea considering our circumstances and do not use the information it provides It's no different than speculating about the same short five-second trailer.

    Now that we think about the method as a character who knows more than he looks, let's examine the reasons why this hypothesis may be true.

    Once again, we go to the whispers and focus on how the game explains them to the player. For the first time, a detailed explanation of their nature is made after Eryth's contact with Reject Thirteen and the transfer of his knowledge to him. Red explains that whispers are the "rulers" of destiny, an appendage of the live stream and, consequently, the planet, and when things seem to be about to change, they interfere with the progress of the world's destiny. From this explanation we learn not only the nature of whispers and their work, but also that Eryth is able to pass on knowledge about them to others. Why does he have the ability to do so?

    Well, we know that Erythraea is ancient and therefore has a deeper connection to the planet than most people. This connection takes place through a live stream that is socially described from all energies and memories, and we see that this explanation is true. At some point in the game, Eritrea seems to be talking to the planet, just by touching the ground or listening carefully. This connection may explain how Erith knows about whispers and how they work, but he is not the only one who has access to this information.

    Safiroth also understands whispers and some kind of connection to them. What is the common factor between Erith and Safiroth that we find out through the story of the game? We know that Hojo is interested in studying Eryth because of his race, and he is also in charge of the Sulger project. We are told that the Sulger project was developed through Hugo's research on Eryth, his mother Ifelna, and Genoa (who he believes is an archaeologist). Soldiers are created by selecting capable people and bathing them in significant amounts of Mako energy until they become war machines such as the Cloud and Safiroth. We are told that Mako energy is a distilled life stream to an energy source, and that we can say that solver agents are created from centralized live stream exposure. Therefore, we have good reason to conclude that Ambassador He has whispers because, like Erith, he is connected to Lifestream following exposure to Mako's energy as a solver.

    BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

    This also explains why Cloud sees dreams not only of the past but also of possible future events, and why he sees Safiroth when others are incapable. In addition, it is quite clear that when the cloud enters these predictive situations, the screen is stained green as if it had sunk into Mako. Stream has similar knowledge to Erith. We can now conclude that Rosh is probably talking Ramsey because he, like other Solger agents, is aware of the whispers, knowing what they are blocking, and perhaps even knowing A version of events that happened before and that has a history deviates from that version of events.

    This is especially exciting for me because it has the potential to give Sulger in Final fantasy 7 remix gives much more depth and meaning than Final fantasy 7. In Final fantasy 7, they were the only soldiers with French ability. Now, between Sefiroth, Method, and Cloud, it seems that solvers are being used in storytelling to mark or highlight times when things are different from the past, or when destiny has the potential to change.

    BingMag.com <b>Solve</b> the 'Rush' <b>riddle</b> in <b>Final</b> 7 <b>fantasy</b> remix

    The method may be more like a player than we imagined: aware that he is trapped in a particular narrative and blindly sees a hope of escaping fate by fighting the cloud. Someone who has the potential to go beyond these limits. The game ends with the defeat of the whispers and going to the undiscovered waters, and I look forward to seeing how far we can cross the red line.

    Source: With A Terrible Fate

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