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Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

More than five years later, Frogwares Studios returns with a whole new adventure of the popular Sherlock Holmes character. "Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One" is a prequel to the young detective who explores his youth, but it incorporates many of the basics of previous versions. This game will be released on November 16, 2021 (November 25, 1400) for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC. Eighth generation versions are also available with a delay. Given the imminence of release time, we intend to take a look at this game and take a closer look at its various aspects.

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes have been with us for over 130 years, yet the researcher The legend of 221B Baker Street continues to work in various media and does not intend to retire any time soon. When it comes to video games, Sherlock adaptations have not worked as well as other media. Although certainly economically profitable, they are not at the forefront of the adventure genre. In television and cinema, this character has many fans around the world.


The story of Sherlock Holmes in the gaming industry is rooted in the past. In fact, it was in 1984 that the first game adaptation of this character was released on Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. The title of the game was simply Sherlock, and it was a very ambitious text-based adventure. It was presented as a "Real Time" video game and included events that only happened at certain times, such as a train leaving the station or meeting certain characters, with the possibility of interacting with various non-playable characters and asking specific questions. . Despite its ambitions, the game had many bugs and technical problems, but to some extent it showed how to properly put a set into a video game while maintaining its principles.

It was in 1984 that the first game adaptation of this character was released on Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

Picture of Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Mummy

In 1987, in addition to a new text-based adventure game, Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels was the first real graphic presence of the character in a video game. After a period that was forgotten by many and in which games were made by Electronic Arts for this popular character, the Ukrainian studio Frogwares started and has been making games of this expert detective since 2002 and sometimes makes very bold decisions./p>

Many consider the version of Crimes and Rewards to be the best secret game.

The story of this collaboration, which has eight main games (excluding the first and fourth seasons). Unofficial game (2008-2002), starring Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of the Mummy, begins in 2002. However, the most successful game in this series can be called Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Rewards. The Sherlock Holmes series underwent changes with this version, but the next version did not perform as well as expected. After the 2016 release, the studio took a break from the Sherlock Holmes series by making "The Sinking City" and releasing it in 2019, and tried a new route and implemented new elements.

BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

Back to youth

Sherlock Holmes in this game, from the versions of Crimes and Rewards and the Devil's Daughter No, and instead, the first chapter focuses on the younger, more arrogant Sherlock before he emerged as a great detective. After his mother Violet died unexpectedly, he returned to the city and is trying to solve a new murder mystery, in the meantime he will take any other case under the microscope to gain fame. Holmes is also accompanied by Jonathan, nicknamed John, an old friend who is not strangely John Watson. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. There are several areas to explore and everything from the beautiful sunny streets with a row of green space and beautiful ocean views seems relatively calm. However, along with a clear social hierarchy in different parts of the city, there is a conspiracy under it that takes players to the top places on the island. Why are the locals so hostile to foreigners? How much corruption is going on on the island? These are just a few questions that Holmes needs to find the answers to. Now come to Sherlock Holmes: The First Season. This game is open world and you can easily explore the city after completing the first stage. In terms of content, there are five main files and 30 sub-files to solve, which seems like a good statistic. While the main cases are part of an overall story, side effects can range from exploring Sherlock and John's past to discovering secrets about the islanders. Some side files may even be as long as the original files and make ethical choices.

BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

The game world is divided into five areas.

As in previous games, research is a major part of the gameplay. You can explore different areas and talk to different people, but do not expect everyone to give you information. Pay attention to the rumors, gather evidence and make a list of suspects, and then, based on the clues collected, accuse those who you think may be to blame. Of course, every case has different aspects. So if you think the offender is justifiable, you may want to pardon the offender. This is the main thing you can do in the game. In fact, unlike most games of this genre, the first chapter skips the preset process and allows you to follow the file the way you want and the speed you want.

Interesting You should know that disguises play an important role in the game. If you do not wear the right clothes, some people will not give you the necessary information. Another feature that comes from previous games and without which the game becomes somewhat meaningless, is the existence of different results for each case. Depending on your decision in each of the main and sub-cases, different results can occur. You can also wait for multiple endings to see how your decisions affect the overall outcome. It is still possible to continue the story even after the failure of the case. There will be no guidance on decisions.

Depending on your decision, different results can occur in each of the main and sub-cases.

BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

Multiple selections in the game p>


Disguises are part of Holmes' portfolio that have not been well used so far. Anyway, we will see it in this game. Sherlock can wear different clothes with accessories such as hats and glasses to change his appearance. He can also adjust facial hair, apply wrinkles and bruises and more. Disguises help to access different areas (for example, the uniform of a police officer to access the prison) and, as mentioned, allow mixing with different social groups. Although these clothes may be necessary in some cases, they can be worn only to change Holmes' appearance and make him look more beautiful.

Sherlock is not a fighter and can not suffer much damage. , So creativity in the game will be a key issue.

Progress in battles

The battles this time around have relied on firearms, dodging and exploration to see significant improvements. However, he is not a fighter and can not suffer much damage, so creativity in the game will be a key. Utilizing the environment, such as breaking pots, will be key to distracting nearby enemies, and players can use the "concentration" mode to better locate such objects during battle, as well as slow down the game to better target enemy weaknesses. It is also possible to destroy enemies in a non-lethal way. Also, if focusing on the story and research is more important to you, you can give up the fight altogether. It should be noted that the state of focus outside the struggle and when discovering the facts is also useful. BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

while life is possible Known as a successor to Watson, he is more than just an assistant. Depending on how deadly you are in battle or the choices you make throughout the game, Holmes' relationship with John will change accordingly. It has not been confirmed whether you will be blamed for killing the enemies, but it should be interesting to see John's reactions.

As players explore the island, they can furnish the Holmes mansion with furniture and Decorate other items. Some of them are offered as a reward, but you can visit and buy from nearby sellers. In some of the published images, the mansion needs repairs, so it may be possible to spend some time building it.

How many hours is the gameplay?

While Sherlock Holmes: The first season will not be the longest game, the players will still have a lot to experience. In a Q&A video released earlier this year, the developer confirmed that the original story would take between 12 and 15 hours to complete, possibly referring to the original files. However, if you want to see and experience everything, it will take a total of 40 to 150 hours. This value includes the main and sub-stages along with observing the various consequences.

Completing the main story of the game takes between 12 to 15 hours.

BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth

This value will include the original game. According to reports, the DLC Saints and Sinners expansion pack will be available with the original game at launch, and three packages, Mycrofts Pride, M for Mystery and Beyond A Joke, will be released later. There is not much information about these except that it will include additional missions for players.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox X versions will run at 4k resolution and 60 frames per second.

Play Smoother Than Ever!

Visual effects in Sherlock Holmes: The first season is well done and we see a beautiful city. The city looks alive and well. On the other hand, there are problems in animation and it is not very natural. For example, the Sherlock running animation is very unnatural. While how the game will run on eighth-generation consoles is unclear, ninth-generation versions of the game, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series, will run at 4k resolution and 60 frames per second. This item is in the Microsoft Store, which is probably the same for the PlayStation 5. It is possible to see different modes and experience 120 frames, but the game development studio has not confirmed anything yet.

The sound of the game has worked very well. It is amazing to hear the voices of different characters with different bodies and with beautiful music it will make the game more interesting than ever. However, some conversations with unimportant non-playable characters, especially when they have no information to present to you, can be a bit repetitive, which can be annoying in the long run.

BingMag.com Sherlock Holmes Preview: Chapter One; In search of a fountain of youth Duplication support? It will be interesting. Successfully linking different clues and actions together will create different vibrations, and identifying the right ones will be key. You may also notice that the controller vibrates in a direction that you need to look at at times and pay attention to whether you are hurting or hitting an enemy in battle. Triggers are also sensitive when shooting at enemies.

  • Sherlock Holmes Release Date Season 1

Sherlock Holmes: Season 1, After 5 Years It is supposed to immerse us once again in the story of this expert detective. A detective who has become younger and has found an unknown assistant. The game world has gotten bigger and the players' freedom of action is at its best. These different changes, both in story and gameplay, could be the beginning of a path to a fascinating ninth-generation young Sherlock experience. Although there are minor issues with the technical graphics and sound, the game looks great in areas that need more attention. We hope that the long-term experience of the game development studio will finally evolve and we will see the best game adapted from Sherlock Holmes.

Latin name of the game: Sherlock Holmes Chapter One
Producer: Frogwares
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Computer
Release Date: November 25, 1400

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