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Shakespeare's Love Story with Vampires (Game Museum: VTM Redemption)

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption is hard work. This is because salvation is a very difficult game, but if you immerse yourself in it, it will open up in your heart in such a way that even much better games may not succeed. Now that I've finished the game after so many years, I have no feeling but to Love it, but I still can't hide the fact that the game is broken in some ways.

A Diablo clone, But with a third-person camera and party-oriented gameplay ?!

Let me explain its nature before addressing the drawbacks and strengths of salvation. This game is a clone of Diablo. The game has a linear structure and unlike classic role-playing games, it does not involve exploring the environment and performing side missions. The game stages also have a specific structure. So we have four cities:

  • Prague and Vienna in the Middle Ages
  • London and New York in the modern age

each The city is made up of a handful of places where you do nothing but kill the enemy. These places, like Diablo 1, are divided into class black holes. For example, if we have a place called The Temple of Set in London, it is divided into four floors. It falls into it. Each of these locations is located in one of the four game cities and opens in sequence and you do not have the freedom to explore them.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

You will only see the color of the day in the first part of the game. When Christopher becomes a vampire, the game plunges into darkness. Sell the treasures you have collected there and buy new weapons and magic items. If you happen to be in the middle of a black hole in your backpack, and you need to get back to the city quickly and sell your items without going all the way back, Diablo Draw will give you the option in the form of the Walk the Abyss scroll, which allows you to Open inside the city, and when you're done, return to where you were when you entered, and continue on to the black hole with an empty backpack. Diablo is not pure. The biggest difference that catches the eye from the beginning is that the angle of the game camera is not isometric, but a third one that can be rotated around the main character by moving the mouse.

  • Showcase: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

This is the first weakness of the game and one of the most questionable decisions made by the game's creators. The reason is that the game is still like Diablo pointing and clicking and does not have a third-person combat system. The combination of Diablo's point-and-click combat and the limiting third-person camera, while not unbearable and can get used to after a while, seems very "wrong" and sometimes makes the mistake of clicking on something I do not want. For example, when I was walking in the city, I mistakenly clicked on citizens, and the main character and my teammates mistakenly attacked that citizen, and I was forced to follow the game from the previous save, because the attack on the innocent human beings of Humanity (Christoph) Christof) and this was not what I wanted.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

Anzka, a shy nun, but with a Story that Christopher falls in Love with, not one hundred hearts.

Another big difference with Diablo is that in this game, instead of a character, he controls a group. You can tell that the number varies from two to four. The problem is that the AI of the game is really awful, and given that you can only control one character at a time, there were many times in my experience of the game that my teammates made the worst possible decision; In this way, they either killed themselves by drowning, or in a simple fight with a weak enemy who was killed by two blows, they activated their capabilities and thus wasted their valuable resources in vain. This is sometimes crucial, as there is no Mana in the game that fills up over time. In the game, since the playable characters are vampires, there is a bar called Blood that you need to perform all the capabilities of the game, and if the blood runs out, your character will go crazy and may eat the blood of his teammates or lose control. . You can fill your blood with items such as mice, blood flasks, blood stones, and more. But sometimes you do not have enough money to buy these items, nor do you have enough space in your backpack to keep them. So if in such a situation, your teammates activate their abilities in a situation where they are not needed (and unfortunately most of the time they are not needed), they will actually make it harder for you instead of helping.

Of course in the game It is possible to keep your teammates together and only hit the enemy yourself (and I did this several times when I did not have the resources and money), but this method does not always work, because sometimes you really need the help of your teammates. you have. Here is another weakness of the game's third-person camera, because if the game camera was isometric or covered more space, it could be like a strategy game, giving the necessary instructions to the characters by dragging the mouse or at least having more control over the group members to prevent This made them make the wrong decision.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

The stages of the game generally have a dark and depressing atmosphere and can sometimes be repetitive, although the whole effect is exciting to the imagination. The game's camera also restricts your vision, and in some places this can be nerve-wracking. The struggles of the game are not balanced, that is, they either end in a disgraceful defeat or in a victory with the least cost. The difference between the two becomes apparent when you simply load the pre-fight save and see how different the result of the new attempt will be from the previous attempt. For example, your teammates may attack the enemy for the first time, the enemy may restrain them with abilities such as hypnosis, or even worse, by making a frenzy in them to attack their teammates. In this case, you will see their death in a few seconds. But the next time you load the save, they may be tricked before the enemy executes their spells, and thus the fight that last time resulted in the death of three of your teammates, this time without a single scratch falling on anyone. End the victory.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

as required Your group Story has between 2 and 4 members. Do not despair of your teammates; It may happen that they are left out of the group forever.

In both cases, for example, defeat or victory, the result was determined based on the weakness of artificial intelligence, once by teammates and one Times from the enemies. There is no specific tactical depth. This has caused many of the game's fights to become cheap, which is left behind by abusing save and permanent loading (so-called Save Scumming), rather than gaining skills on the game's combat system.

Lots of unused features; A few overly powerful features

Another issue that has upset the balance of the game is that many of the game's features, despite being cool, are useless, or rather, you have no reason to use them. , Because you seem to be wrapping the bite around your head. For example, there is a feature called Form of Mist in the game that by activating it, you become a fog for a few seconds and no one can harm you. This capability would be much more effective if the salvation of the system had a deeper struggle. For example, you could use yourself as bait, and when you attract the attention of enemies, suddenly activate this feature to make yourself invulnerable, and in a short time when the enemy is confused by his inability to attack you, your teammates arrange. Give. But neither your enemies nor your teammates are smart enough to have such a strategy defined for them. If you activate the fog shape, you only deprive yourself of damage to the enemy for a few seconds and give your teammates a chance to make more mistakes.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

Image of the game features and disciplines page. The game does not explain enough about the use of many of them, and to understand the contents of this page, you should refer to the game manual.

On the other hand, there are some game features that are disgustingly powerful. , So that using them is like entering a cheat code. For example, whenever I got stuck in a fight, I activated two features (which I had upgraded to the end). One of them was the Feral Claws claw, which replaced my character's handgun with deadly wolf claws, and the second was the Celerity feature, which dramatically speeds up my character's movement and attack.

with Active Combining these two capabilities together will turn your character into an atomic bomb. He moves on the map with speed like lightning and wind, and kills the enemies with each attack. Due to your high speed, the enemy is destroyed before he has a chance to react. Of course, I admit that using this feature is extremely enjoyable, and I do not want to consider the cowardly power spike it provides as a weakness, but I think the ideal situation in role-playing games is to have a build. They are different from each other, but each of them should be equally efficient and the player should choose the build he wants according to his taste. Extremely unbalanced games such as Redemption have a host of inefficient skills, in addition to a series of extremely effective skills that you can use to finish the game without much challenge. This formula does not create deep role-playing gameplay.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

In addition to the combination of Celerity and Feral Claws I mentioned above, there are two other skills in the game that remain the same as the cheat code. One of them is stealing blood (Theft of Vitae) with which you can steal the blood of enemies from a distance and add it to your blood. Given the vital importance of blood, considering that when you empty the enemy of blood he can no longer use his abilities, and also considering that this ability hurts some enemies, using it is practically like playing a game on a hard level. It's incredibly easy. The only enemy that can not be used against him is the giant of the game, because when you empty his blood, he constantly attacks and his physical attacks are more deadly than his vampire abilities.

Another feature that using It can play tough enemies without the hassle of cultivating Prison of Ice, with which you can freeze enemies for a few seconds. Unlike the previous feature, this feature responds to the end game giant (and all other stubborn enemies that can not be faced), so that he can be kept frozen in most fights.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

Pink, the punk vampire, and the sharp tongue you see in London introduce Christophe to the modern world. His dialogues are great. Here Christoph mistakenly thinks New York is in Ireland, but Pink jokingly tells him that after the Irish famine (1845-1852), it is Ireland that is in New York.

Salvation has a unique role-playing system. . This is because it is heavily dependent on the source of its adaptation, Vampire The Masquerade. Masquerade vampire is a board game like Dungeons & Dragons, the creators of which have created a novel and extraordinarily vast world-centered drawing system centered on Vampires (and, of course, wolves and mummies, etc.). If you are a fan of Vampires and you have always wanted to play their role, vampire masquerade will be a divine blessing for you, because I personally do not know of any other collection whose worldview and role-making system make Vampires so cool and deep.

All the features and capabilities you see in the game have the same name and the same application in the desktop role-playing game. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the game is out of balance. Because the feature that works in a desktop role-playing game may not necessarily work in an all-action role-playing game. Many of these abilities are based on deceiving and deceiving the enemy, but in an action game like salvation, the feature that is most useful is the ability to increase your damage and disrupt the enemies so that they can not damage you./p> BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

Habitat Dev/Null, vampire hacker . He is by far the strangest and craziest character in the story. But no other can be expected from a Maliki. Melchizedeks are descendants of Vampires who suffer from insanity. Many disciplines are derived from the well-known folklore of vampires. For example, Vampires are said to have a high ability to absorb, deceive, and read the minds of others. This folklore is implemented in the form of Presence discipline in the game, in which there are abilities that you can use to hypnotize or scare the enemy. At higher levels, the number of people you can impress increases (for example, all the enemies in a room).

Another myth that is defined about Vampires is their ability to become invisible or deformed. The discipline of obfuscate has emerged, a discipline that allows you to make yourself and your group invisible or to make yourself an enemy. The discipline of ambiguity is a clear example of a discipline that can be very useful in a full-fledged role-playing game in which you have several ways to advance and stealth is one of them, but in a role-playing action game where the goal is to clean up the environment and artificial intelligence. The enemies are not strong enough to surprise them with the right position in the environment, it really does not help.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

The game also has a map, but unfortunately this map is useful on the wall. Fortunately, because the game is linear, you do not need much of a map. This multiplayer section, called the Storyteller, allows a player to define a narrative line for a group of other players, as in Dungeonmaster in D&D games, and to change the course of the game in response to the players' actions. I did not succeed in the multiplayer part of the game myself, but it is likely that many of these disciplines will be more useful in the multiplayer part of the game.

The game is enjoyable and if you try to avoid using cowardly tricks, it will always provide you with the right level of challenge. Just keep in mind that this game was made when the instructions (Manual) were very important and the presumption of the game creators was that the player reads the instructions before starting the game. For this reason, many important points about the function of some things in the game itself are not explained; For example, what exactly are the role of Strength, Dexterity and Charisma in the game, because their use is slightly different from other role-playing games. So before you start the game, read the instructions (or spin on the game wiki) so that you do not spend your valuable experience upgrading features that do not benefit you at the moment (or even in the whole game).

When the source Adaptation is so powerful that it saves the game alone. In fact, even now it can not be said that its flaws have been forgiven and the game is largely anonymous. But what makes the game so popular but concerned is the three factors above: the story, the atmosphere, and the great characterization. of Darkness), has one of the most fascinating worldviews among recent fantasy worlds. White Wolf, the publisher of this desktop role-playing game, has practically rewritten the history of humanity in spite of the Vampires in several books he has published. What makes this worldliness so strong is that White Wolf takes Vampires very seriously and defines for them a rich history and complex and dynamic political relations that are ideal for a role-playing game. Masquerade vampires, like other vast and shared worlds such as Star Wars, Warhammer 40,000, and the universe, are a great platform for telling different stories that, although they are in the same world, may be very different.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

(Anezka) . . (Ahzra the Unliving) . (Tzimisce) . . (Ecaterina) (Bruja) . . .

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

(The Masquerade) . .

. : . . (Ardan) . :

And she was quite beautiful Didst thou know? Couldst thou see that behind her wimple, that her hair was long and auburn? Couldst thou see that beneath the shapeless folds of her robe that she possessed a body as achingly beautiful as any odalisque? Truly she chose the wrong profession to make the best use of the gifts God had bestowed upon her. In defiance of Heaven, she had buried her talents in the field of the Holy Orders. Her beauty transfixed me, just as her courage thrilled me. I never met a woman like her, and I shall never again.

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

. .

(Nicholas Guest) . . :

What manner of beast is this central computer, that it can besiege fortresses?

(Lily) : .

. . .

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

. .

(Vukodlak) (Torpor) ( ). (Antediluvian) . . .

BingMag.com <b>Shakespeare's</b> <b>Love</b> <b>Story</b> with <b>Vampires</b> <b>(Game</b> <b>Museum:</b> <b>VTM</b> Redemption)

. .

. / (Dev/Null) (Malkavian) . .

Source: Polygon

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