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Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

What has been seen a lot lately is the release of half-finished and incomplete games. Which is why the gaming community is so pessimistic about big companies like Activision and Electronic Arts and doesn't expect much from them. In this article, we are going to look at the reasons and factors that made gaming companies have this disappointing performance.

The reason I decided to write this article is the poor performance of games such as Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 Was. The fans were very eager for these two games and what they received was not at all close to what they expected. Battlefield 2042, for example, does not initially have in-game voice calling; This means that if you enter the game without your friends, you have to guide your teammates by using gestures and auxiliary conversations in the game. The factor that turns the gaming experience into a torture.

  • Battlefield 2042 will not chat when Weiss is released

There are strange and small bugs and flaws at the same time. All of this has led to a sharp decline in the game industry during this period and the limited number of games that provide a pleasurable experience to the user. For example, despite the bad cases, in the meantime, one or two correct games and treatments can be found. Games like Forteza Horizon 5 performed so well, which is exactly the opposite of this article.

One of the main drawbacks, however, is that companies' main focus is on building rather than building a Good game and provide a beautiful experience, more revenue and profit. What makes game design more of a lucrative industry than a work of art? Join us now for the things that have caused the game industry to decline.

Excessive hype, the killer of a game

It also increases. This is very common in the world of technology. For example, the expectations from Intel's 10th generation processors were very high, but due to the repetitive architecture it used, it did not necessarily make any significant changes to its system. The same is true of games and companies. When a company over-advertises a product or makes a move that it can't do, it officially discredits its game. A good example of this is Cyberpunk 2077. This game had a lot of problems at the time of its release and no one denies this. However, at the time of its introduction, Sidi Project Red made promises that it could not keep. For example, in one of the game trailers, it was shown that there is the ability to park and run on the wall. Not only did it not exist in the original game but was not added in subsequent updates.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

One of the bugs in Cyberpunk at the beginning of the release was the move by the characters

Another example was the Battlefield 2042 game itself. Expectations from the 128-person section of the game were extremely high, but the congestion of the server along with the excessive size of the map caused many people to criticize the game. Note that a player, while loving the new experience, is interested in being able to experience the game. When you put 128 people on a map, many novices can't even play for 10 minutes and are constantly killed. Again, the situation is more reasonable in the case of 64 people.

It is true that all of Dice's efforts were to give the person a sense of real war, but in real war, a car does not climb the wall! So if we are going to see weird things in the game, at least design them so that we can experience them. The problem is that Dice had experience with making Battlefield 4 games in this field and in this style, and simply decided not to look back. With just a little patterning, it could deliver a complete game to users. On the other hand, the release of an incomplete game is also very annoying. Recently, what we see a lot is the release of semi-finished games that have many drawbacks. Even many of these cases have repeated the same mistakes despite having a beta version. Examples of half-finished games include Cyberpunk and Battlefield, both of which had a lot of problems at the time of release.

The reasons for the early release of a game are different. Cyberpunk, for example, was forced to launch in 2020 due to pressure from investors and fans, when in fact the game should have been released in 2022. There are many examples of this and the main reason for this early release is the hype. When you advertise a game for about 8 years, naturally many people are waiting for it and not only hope that it will be released as soon as possible, but also expect it to be released in the most complete way possible.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

One of the bugs in Remaster Jet that caused a lot of protests

A few games released during this period were as if there was no bug check system in the manufacturer. For example, Dice, which has been building the Battlefield suite for about 20 years, can't handle a number of issues such as connecting to servers? Interestingly, there was also a server bug in the beta version, meaning the company did not pay any attention to the beta system at all.

It was a trilogy. If you are aware, about 3 months ago, Rockstar announced that it will be rebuilding 3 sets of GTIs. The three were San Andres, Weiss City and GT3. The game was introduced at a time when fans were deeply saddened by Rockstar. While everyone was waiting for No. 6 of this popular series, Rockstar decided to continue supporting the GT 5 and even introduced the multiplayer part for 9th generation consoles. Now, just when everyone was angry with Rockstar, he introduced this triple remaster.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

There are bugs in all games, but it is very important how many. Too much bug means carelessness of the manufacturer

The interesting part of the story is that after the release of this remaster, it is clearly nothing but a sudden decision by the manufacturer. Its special animation style was very interesting at first, but after its release, it became clear that Rockstar had decided to spend less time on it. This caused the game to have a lot of problems and was not welcomed at all by GT fans.

Update, update and update!

True, updates greatly enhance the game experience. They improve. Interestingly, before the 8th generation, the issue of updating a game after its release did not make much sense. In a way, what you bought did not change. The good thing about the update is that a game can change a lot in general and attract users. A game like No Man's Sky, which was a disaster at the time of its release, has now made great progress due to the changes it has made and has become a good game.

Another benefit of keeping alive Having a game is especially for online and multiplayer games. Fortnite, Overwatch, and Warzon, for example, have all been able to keep themselves alive and up to date with updates. Delivers an incomplete game at the time of release. Most of the time we saw this a week after the release of a heavy update for the game, which is really disappointing. For someone like us who live in Iran, downloading a 40 GB file is really a big challenge.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

Image of the upgrade menu in PlayStation 5

Not necessarily a big volume discussion for us Many other countries also suffer from this. My point is not that updates should not be released for games. Technology is moving in a direction that requires constant updating, but it is sad that the manufacturer is taking advantage of this. This has reduced the quality control to a minimum, and when the game is flawed, the answer is always: "Well, it will be solved in the next update."

The result of this is Cyberpunk, which after 20 The update is still not running on eighth generation consoles. Another approach to this is Battlefield 2042, which does not have voice calls in the game and will be added in the next update. So why didn't it exist in the game from the beginning?

There is no need to release a set of games every year!

One of the most annoying things is the annual release of games. This means that a company like Electronic Arts, with the annual release of FIFA or Activision, with the annual release of Call of Duty, has minimized creativity in these games. For example, new FIFA changes can be brought to the previous game with an update and there is no need to build a new game with a high price.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

Here you will see a list in which different FIFAs are categorized. Note that this list was not created by us and some media outlets published it

The same is true of Call of Duty. The last game released from this series is called Vanguard and it is during the Second World War. Now let's take a look at the history of this collection. The first call of duty was during this period. The second call of duty was the same, even the third case was in the same period of time! Interestingly, World at War and Call of Duty World War II were in the same period. It is true that this war is one of the most catastrophic events in human history, but several things are about to be made about it!

This story also applies to Battlefield. When Battlefield 2042 is something very similar to Battlefield 4, and despite various opinions, most people believe that the new Battlefield game is the same number 4 with a more modern style and context. Again, Battlefield is not released every year.

One of the best examples is Overwatch support. This game was released in 2016 and is now fully supported for free. The interesting thing is that when Overwatch 2 was introduced, it was met with very negative reactions and even the game developers objected to it. Origin 2 was originally imposed by Activision if there is no logic behind it. Activision sales policy is to create a new issue of a collection.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games
  • Why is Ubisoft not making a good game anymore?

Another example of this The Assassin's Creed collection. Assassin's Creed has been far from original for several years, and the game does not have a specific core. The main reason is probably that it was made by several Ubisoft studios, which caused the game to have no coherence. In general, the Assassin's Creed suite has become a map with a large number of missions. For example, one of the main drawbacks of Odyssey was that side missions became mandatory after a while so that you could upgrade the main character. Now think of the fact that the side missions were so repetitive and boring that the user gave up on continuing the main story!

When art gives way to money

The game world is essentially a It is an industry. It is the financial debate that has driven progress, and money is the driving force behind everything. However, the situation is different when the companies' priority is to supply and play as soon as possible. The fact that many companies do not pay attention to the quality of their products at all and only pay attention to their sales leads to the development of games such as Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty.

  • Commercial projects against works of art; The biggest threat to the video game industry

In fact, our argument is that as time goes on, the artistic and quality perspective of games becomes weaker, and on the other hand, the main goal is only to make more money from games. In-app payments and the presence of a lottery box are some of the things that confirm exactly what I said. Even the emergence of the Season Pass section or the creation of premium versions of a game show that companies are more interested in revenue than the user experience. Exactly these things prevent many games from reaching the player completely.

Old Rear games can be re-experienced with the ability to run old games on the Xbox.

What a company decides with the company below Holding hands is very important. Sony, for example, provides good support to companies it oversees, such as Nate Dogg, which leads them to make unique games.

In a way, buying a small company by a large company is a double-edged sword. Either that would be great, or it might destroy the small business altogether. However, it is possible that a large company will force game developers to release their work sooner. The factor that will destroy a game, as mentioned above.

Excessive use of a game

This is a bit difficult to explain on its own. In general, overuse of a game is what they did with Skyrim and GT 5. That the publisher and developer use all the elements in the game and support it for a long time (too long). Note that these two games were masterpieces in their time and there is no doubt about this, but Skyrim was released in 2011. At the time, the Xbox 360 had 512MB and the PlayStation 3 had 1GB. Is a game made for hardware 10 years ago optimal for new hardware with 16 GB of RAM? Definitely not. This amount of RAM was just one example of the game not being optimal.

  • The price of the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim was announced; Upgrades are not free

Bethesda has tried hard to make the game run smoothly, but it still gives the user a sense of old-fashionedness. Skyrim could have released Alder Scrolls 6 earlier, but decided to support more Skyrim. This has caused people to change their view of this game from retro style to a new game and have different expectations from it. As a result, many may not enjoy it and its old mechanisms may greatly disappoint them. Interestingly, however, Bethesda offers Skyrim on almost all available platforms, and despite strong protests, it still sells very well.

The same story applies to Jets. Especially when gamers are eagerly waiting for number 6, extending number 5 or releasing a trilogy remake was a big mistake for Rockstar. The company, one of the most reputable companies in the video game industry, tarnished its reputation. However, fans still welcome Gita 5 and do not give up. In fact, much of the problem we have described here depends on the next case, the gamers!

The gamer community!

You may be upset when I address the reason for the regression of the gaming world to gamers, but first listen to the talk. The gaming community may be at the root of all these problems. For example, the user rating of a game on the Metacritic site is 0.9, however it is still the most popular game on Steam. So if many people are unhappy with it, why sell it? Because of the financial perspective of companies, it has allowed gamers to take advantage of this behavior and continue to do so.

Another example is FIFA. FIFA faces many protests every year as to why it has not changed much from the previous year. However, from the time of release for up to a week, it does not fall below the list of 10 best-selling games. Basically, the developer looks at their game approach and makes a decision about it. When Electronic Arts sees that it will continue to sell when it delivers any games, it will definitely not give up. The same is true of Call of Duty. In fact, the gamer community has gone to the task. A situation that has caused them to complain about a game but also buy it.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games

a Another example of gamers' indecision is about creativity. When a game has several duplicates, everyone objects to it. The interesting part of the story is that if the same game has different and new parts, they will object to the same. The fact that the gaming community in general does not know what it wants is the main problem of the gaming world. Lack of unity, as well as a basic understanding of the design and art of a game, makes them not at all aware of what they want from a game.

Another problem is being a fan boy. When you are too interested in a company or a manufacturer, your attitude towards it is always positive. If this is completely wrong. Every company or individual can make a mistake and allow themselves to take advantage of you when you ignore it. This issue will and will severely damage the gaming world.

BingMag.com Selling a promise or selling a game; The problem of supplying half-finished and unfinished games


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  • Its Not the Game youre selling, Its the Hype youre Selling .
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