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See in-depth personalization of Saints Row; From characters to cars and weapons

BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons

If you're a fan of Saints Row, the personalization section is definitely important to you. Now the company has released more information in this regard.

In the video that has been released, you are faced with the 6 main characters of the game. There is a personalization section for each of these characters. So you can easily change the characters and give them a special effect. The interesting thing is that even though these characters are pre-designed, you have a lot of freedom to change them.

This style is relatively new and does not exist in many titles. For example, you can change the left and right sides of each character individually! So what you saw in the game introduction trailer are just pre-designed characters. You can change them completely. There is no discussion of separation of the left and right sides of the face in any other title and therefore it is very tasty.

BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons

personalization in this game is very extensive and you will have a lot of freedom of action.

The discussion of personalization does not end with the characters alone. You can also change vehicles. Engine sound, color, overall appearance and even horn are interchangeable. There are even car upgrades, such as reclining seats and more. The important thing is that even weapons can be changed.

If you are not happy with the look of the headquarters. You can change it too. So in general, each person's experience in this game will be different From the other person. This will make the game extremely beautiful. These items did not exist at all in previous titles of Synthesis. Previous titles have been in the 7th generation and have not been very successful. Now the manufacturer believes that with this new procedure, it is going to give a new life to this collection. It was in September that we became acquainted with this new title. However, there is no official release date for it.

BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons BingMag.com <b>See</b> <b>in-depth</b> <b>personalization</b> of <b>Saints</b> <b>Row;</b> <b>From</b> <b>characters</b> to <b>cars</b> and weapons

Source: VG247 .com

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