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The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

There are few things in life that scare people in a way that a video game can scare. Yes, movies are scary, but holding the controller creates a layer of instantaneous presence that makes you more sensitive to what is happening. As the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise begins, now is the best time to think about the scariest moments of video games. There is a risk of games being contaminated in this article.

8. Dead Space 2 - Eye Sequence

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

If you've played Dead Space, you probably know What scene am I referring to here? Yes, the same scene that has just been imagined by you. As the story draws to a close, the unlucky Isaac Clark confronts the game's most formidable enemy. Failure to complete this mission will result in the following video:

And subconscious muscle contraction forces you to feel the onset of corpse stiffness in your body as much as you can, whether you succeed in the mission or not.

None of these events will prepare you for this sequence, from the jumper skiers of aliens to its most formidable enemies. Dead space grabbed our expectations from the throat and threw it into the endless darkness of space, while at the same time increasing our fear of injection. The result is unfortunately unforgettable.

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If the idea of being left alone in space was not enough, the creator of Visual Games seems to have said to himself, "Hey, what other fears can we add to the game?" Needle? Opening the eyes? "Certainly not." Thank you so much Visal Games! The Dead Space franchise is known for its violence, fear, and shattering of players' expectations, and this sequence, in particular, masterfully incorporated all of the above. Now, ten years after the experience of the game, thinking about that strange moment still makes a hookah in the body.

7. Resident Evil 7: BioHard - Cole-Eidmann Jack Baker Moment

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

This Unforgettable Moment from Resident Evil 7 is one of the best programmed jumpers in the history of horror games. Capcom has designed the first part of the game to be extremely suffocating. The player is faced with a number of rotten and dirty rooms that do not have much space to explore. Attached to this section is a narrow, stinking corridor with limited mobility. Worst of all, Jack Baker, the patriarch of this troubled family, is holding you hostage and wandering around where you are.

This is the part Capcom forces the player to focus on. The goal is to leave the area, but to do so you must be aware of Jack's presence at all times. Therefore, the player spends all his energy and concentration away from his sight and trains his ears to listen carefully to the sound of his feet and to measure their distance and to guess his position to some extent. Over time, you get used to these little things and come to believe that Jack shows unique behaviors, moves in a certain way, and he behaves normally, even if he is crazy.

Now let me tell you. Let me draw a picture: As you walk down the aisle towards your place of escape, the crazy jack smashes a wall and appears in your path. With his self-made weapon and his dreaded physical strength, he moves through wood and cement like a piece of paper. This sudden sound of the wall crashing, Ethan's breathlessness, and the realization that Jack knows what your plan is and is now in front of you is not only an extraordinary skier jump, but the whole sequence is tense and cinematic.

6. Anguilla: The Descent of Darkness - Blue Monster

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

When the idea of reacting to different moments in video games in YouTube had become a trend, one of the most popular of which was the game of oblivion: the descent of darkness. A game in which the mental health of the character you play is tested to the highest possible level.

The closer you get to the moment your character breaks, the more bizarre the world around you becomes. This game forces you to stay in the light because horrible things are lurking in the dark.

One of the scariest and most memorable moments is forgetting to walk in a long, narrow, winding corridor that seems to have no end. Not enough light. Destroyed appliances can be seen all the way in the water that rises to the knees. Like a labyrinth with no escape and accompanied by tense music with a deaf-like singing, something seems to be approaching you and so it is.

As soon as you step into the water, the sound of a giant creature coming towards you It comes to be heard. But monitoring the environment shows nothing. Only when you look at the water do you notice the position of this creature when the water splashes, and the moment your foot reaches the water, the creature attacks you.

To escape, you have to jump between objects in the environment that load At first it seems like a mission impossible. The constant presence of tension and fear created in this sequence drew many to the closest distance from their screen to force themselves to move forward with their muscles tied in fear, and for those who watched the video of this part on YouTube, a heartfelt sense of vicious joy. They got to watch the defeat and struggle of others.

5. . T - Lisa and the baby in the sink

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

Do not doubt the fruit of the short-term cooperation between Hideo Kojima and Guirmo Del Toro will definitely be on this list, but the important question remains: which part of the foundation? Is T the scariest part of it?

Turning into the hallway and seeing Lisa for the first time? The baby in the sink? Or new information that came out years after the game was released: Apparently Lisa was scheduled to follow you throughout the game and you knew nothing about it? Although all of this in itself is scary, it was a terrifying encounter with Lisa that won the title of the scariest moment ever. Another heartbreaking event awaits: Lisa, who stares at you insidiously from the balcony and then disappears into the darkness. A sequence that can be called a punch of scare. It is unfortunate that the joint project of these two artists was never completed.

4. Outlist: Disclosure add-on - Eddie Glaskin Workshop

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

A wide range of disturbed characters; From monster-like figures to shattered minds, you encounter them on a heartbreaking journey to Mount Massive Hospital. But the most memorable of them all is Eddie Glaskin from the revealing add-on pack.

Eddie is a clean man with a simple dream. He just wants to have a family, and the fact that he is in a sanatorium full of serial killers will not stop him. Other patients call her "groom" and what Eddie does with his "brides" is too scary. What scares Eddie is the way he shows himself to others: charming and charming. But make no mistake, she is the real embodiment of harassment and gender discrimination and is not afraid of anything. His immense arrogance leads to one of the most annoying scenes ever set in a game.

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When you think you have a closet hidden in a safe space, Eddie locks it in and takes you to his workshop. Finally, it is your turn to find yourself naked and handcuffed to a table with a circular saw right in front of your genitals. This is the time when you as a player have to decide whether you want to continue or stop the game. Unlike a skier jump, horror is present and tangible and you can not even turn it away.

3. Silent Hill 3 - Mirror Room

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

You know for sure that one of the scariest situations in horror movies is your test Return is the place where the character stares at the mirror of the medicine cabinet, then opens and closes the door to face what is standing behind him. Well, Silent Hill 3 picks up this trivial fear and instead turns you into a focal point of horror. You will find. But it is better not to stay there too long and overthrow yourself in the future because the situation may become a little scary. If you look in the mirror, the reflection of the header fades with the blood that fills the room until it disappears completely while you are standing alone in the room. But if you stay longer in the room, the header will succumb to the nightmare forces that have invaded the room. It therefore has a much greater impact. This can make you feel scared and hesitant when you try to look at yourself alone in the mirror.

Eternal Darkness: The Lament of Wisdom - Saved Fake File

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

All gamers with a sense of saving Games are more accustomed than anything else, opening the menu, selecting options and reaching the save file, rewriting the file and then returning to the game. Many of us can do this with our eyes closed. Eternal Darkness picks up this age-old tradition of games and turns it into one of the scariest moments you can experience in a horror game.

When you save the game again, ask "Are you sure you want to? "Delete all saved files?" You are facing. Your answer will not make a difference in the result, even if you select "Continue without saving". The game brutally executes the command to delete all your saved files. It then forces you to endure torturous moments and grapple with the pain of whether you really chose the wrong option, whether it was a bug, or whether it's playing on your head.

Eternal darkness is a game. Its whole purpose is to play with your sanity in the true sense of the word. Not only is the game scary in itself, but it also saves the player a moment by attacking your innermost paranoia and gaming fears, such as turning off the TV, changing the video input when you least expect it, or suddenly turning down the game volume.

Although often These effects fade by today's video game standards unless you are still playing video games on an old TV. But among the ways in which eternal darkness befalls you is the loss of backup files, one of which can still affect players today. This decision was so cruel that even Shigeru Miyamoto was worried that it would lead to the destruction of game cubes by angry and upset players.

1. Spindle spindle literary club!

BingMag.com The scariest scenes of horror games; 8 events that lifted us up

Well, we came to the last point in the article and the last reason to put that danger Spotting the story of Doki Doki Literary Club follows, which is ostensibly a heartwarming visual novel about meeting the girls of your club. The game, however, changes direction and is hidden behind friendly conversations about quite sinister force poems. During the game, the girls of the club members lose their mental health and lose their lives in tragic ways.

One of the most prominent of these events is Natsuki, who begins the story with ordinary conversations about writing. But after showing you a dumb poem, he quickly loses his mental health until he breaks his neck in an incredible sequence and runs towards you. Breaking the fourth wall at this moment is very shocking and can easily take you by surprise. We are leaving. Doki Doki Literary Club! Available for free on Steam.

Source: GameSpot

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