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Sales of the Xbox Series in Japan exceeded total sales of the Xbox One

BingMag.com Sales of the Xbox Series in Japan exceeded total sales of the Xbox One

The total sales of two ninth-generation Microsoft consoles, the Xbox X Series and S Series in Japan, have exceeded 100,000 units. Microsoft's ninth-generation consoles have reached a record in one year, compared to the eighth-generation Xbox One console in its lifetime.

As of October 10, 2,920 X-Box S Series consoles and 527 X-Series X-Series consoles have been sold in Japan. Sales of these two consoles in Japan have now reached 102,591 units. To put it bluntly, the collection has sold 64,284 X-Series consoles and 38,307 S-Series consoles so far.

According to statistics compiled by the Game Data Library, the next generation console Previously, after 220 weeks (ie 4 and a half years) in November 2018, Microsoft had sold over 100,000 devices. In total, 115,000 units have been sold in Japan. This means that according to these statistics, the ninth generation Xbox S/X consoles will soon surpass the overall sales of the Xbox One in Japan.

BingMag.com Sales of the Xbox Series in Japan exceeded total sales of the Xbox One

In general, sales of the Xbox X/S series in Japan have not been high at all, and the PlayStation 5 has sold more than 1.2 million copies in the same period. However, Xbox consoles do not have a large market in Japan and will usually experience lower sales than other competitors. Therefore, as soon as Microsoft was able to achieve such a sale compared to its previous generation console, it has recorded a positive and good performance, and this shows their progress.

Microsoft since the release of the console Jadid has tried to make more efforts in Japan. For example, two X-Series and X-Series Xbox consoles were launched in Japan at the same time as the rest of the world. This was not the case with previous generation Microsoft consoles. Phil Spencer has said he wants to better care for Japanese fans in this generation. , We have seen more activity from Japanese players than at any other time in the history of the Xbox. Spencer has repeatedly expressed interest in buying Asian studios, especially Japanese studios. In a report last year, Bloomberg claimed that the Xbox was still in talks with Japanese game developers and was still looking to buy a studio in the country.

Source: VGC

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