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Sackboy: A Big Adventure will probably come to PC

BingMag.com Sackboy: A Big Adventure will probably come to PC

A new list released by Steam indicates that Sekboy is likely to be released. SteamDB unveiled a new product now called Steel PC. Currently available information refers to a Marmalade content. The name is used for Sumo Digital platformer games.

Recently, a large number of unannounced games were leaked to Nvidia's Geforce Now. These referred to the Marmalade project. The same list confirms that this project is the same scent.

BingMag.com Sackboy: A Big Adventure will probably come to PC

Picture of the gameplay of this game

This game, which attracted the attention of critics, has been a PlayStation exclusive until now. Sekboy was a PlayStation 5 release game and a regular PlayStation 4 game.

Nvidia partially confirmed the leak. That is, some of them are true. In the same confirmation post, one of the creators of an Ighor July name showed how to access Nvidia's database.

What's in this list?

There were other games. These include the remake of Final Fantasy 4, the remake of Bioshock with RTX, the remake of Resident Evil 4, Hilo 5, Crysis 4, the remaster of Half Life 2 and Injustice 4.

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Some items on this list have been officially announced. For example, some time ago, the GTA trilogy on PC and remaster were officially introduced.

BingMag.com Sackboy: A Big Adventure will probably come to PC

Picture of God of War on PC

Do not exist. This means that this list is made for internal testing.

According to recent events, we have seen many PlayStation games enter the PC world. A number of these monopolies, which were the main reason for buying a PlayStation console, are now on PC. It is true that many of these titles entered the PC after a long time, but they still exist. The line between consoles and PCs is narrowing day by day. Purchasing PCs seems to be the best option despite the high price.

Source: Videogameschronicle.com

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