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River City Girls 2 will be released next summer

BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer Wayforward has announced that River City Girls 2 will be available for eighth and ninth generation Xbox consoles, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Will be available in the summer of 2022.
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River City Girls 2 From the end of the previous game, Misako, Kyoko, Konio and Ricky, along with new characters Marian and Pervey, enter the game of death And lives. This happens because an old enemy has returned for sabotage, but the Girls and boys of the story do not give up easily. They will fight with weapons, new equipment and various abilities. On the other hand, new and mercenary enemies have returned to help the war.

BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer

River City with night cycle and The day, the more detailed areas, the more shops, the new dangers, the hidden areas and the piles of perishable objects, seem more alive than ever. This battle takes players to new and improved areas of the city, including downtown slums, a tech company, and an enchanted forest, exposing them to a host of new enemies and bosses, such as Dragon Twins, Ryuji and Ryouchi. Gives. Heroes can even visit hideouts where they can store extra equipment, swap hired men, or just relax by listening to music.

Other additions to the game River City Girls 2 includes improved stages, three difficulty modes, and a dynamic dialogue system with dialogue that changes depending on the characters controlled by the player. The game also includes new animations with comic book-style catharsis. It's worth mentioning that the music of the game has once again been entrusted to Megan McDuffie, the main composer of the series.

BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer

The game has six playable characters, each with their own fighting styles and can be upgraded. The fighting part of the game has been greatly improved and will be more attractive with River City, which looks bigger than ever. You can play the game as a single player or multiplayer with your friends locally or online. It is worth mentioning that the online co-op section supports up to 2 people. The developers have also mentioned that there are a lot of non-playable characters on the map that you can interact with.

As mentioned, the game will be available on consoles and PCs next summer. You can see the published images and trailer of it below.

BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer BingMag.com <b>River</b> <b>City</b> <b>Girls</b> 2 will be <b>released</b> <b>next</b> summer

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