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Restaura, the largest video game forum, sold for $ 4.5 million

BingMag.com Restaura, the largest video game forum, sold for $ 4.5 million

MOBA Network, a company that specializes in esports and its associations, has one of the most famous video game associations, Resetera, for 4 Has acquired $ 5.5 million.

$ 3.55 million has already been paid for the deal and another $ 1 million is due by the end of the year. Although Resetera has a great reputation and audience, it came as a bit of a surprise to us that such an association would be worth $ 4.5 million. It has about 60 million page views per month. Approximately 55,000 users have registered in this forum and 45 million posts have been posted in it. The site's revenue in the twelve months to August 31 was $ 700,000, according to the statement.

BingMag.com Restaura, the largest video game forum, sold for $ 4.5 million

Despite such a major shift in ownership of the association, the team leading the Restaura Association will continue to operate as before, and only this under new ownership will do so. MOBA Network has stated that it wants to explore ways to increase advertising revenue by increasing its share of direct sales, implementing new advertising forms, as well as strategies for long-term product development.

There are currently several popular sites in the field of e-sports or eSports dedicated to its fan communities. These sites include Dotafire.com, Smitefire.com and Leaguespy.net.

Regarding the acquisition of Resetera, the CEO of MOBA Network said: - We have added one of the largest game associations and social brands in the world to our list of reputable and expanding brands. Resetera.com has great growth potential and we see important opportunities for us to develop Resetera.com, increase traffic flow, improve sales and, of course, further increase it in the MOBA Group.

"Resetera.com is another step in our strategy to grow by buying and creating engaging and growing communities associated with target groups," he said. "This is a path that many companies want to expose themselves to."

Source: GameIndustry.biz

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