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Resident Evil 4 is still the best part of the series after 15 years

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

For the past decade and a half, we have not seen anything better than the opening scene of "Resident Evil 4". Of course, we know that "Evil" is true, but "Evil" is a misnomer that has fallen on deaf ears. The first part of this game is so good that we can use it as a benchmark and evaluate other games based on it.

Undoubtedly, there are many good games. For example, many players may defend the scene of the opening of the first part of the Last Ace game. Although the start of this game is amazing, after several rounds of experience, we realize that Nate Dogg has locked the players in its closed path and does not offer any freedom in this part of the game. In the Spanish village of Resident Evil 4, we specify everything. You can lock doors, jump out of windows, run, spin, shoot and kick. Combine all of these to understand what experiences we are talking about.

Three, four, or five more times we will encounter the insane combination of predetermined moments and freedom of action in Resident Evil 4, this Our experience makes us happy. A few steps further, we see the body of the same policeman who had taken us to the initial village, burning. Then, with the arrival of the famous Dr. Salvador and hearing the sound of his chainsaw, we leave Venus as usual. Finally, we see the villagers leaving the battlefield when they hear the bell ring. All the exciting adventure we have described is the first five minutes of this game. It's like we're on the side of a great moment in the history of video games, and it really is! So why, after all the technological advances that have taken place since the advent of Resident Evil 4, has nothing like this been made yet?

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

Many imitations fail to replicate that greatness

The legacy of Shinji Mikami Bichun and why is an influential masterpiece in the history of video games. The greatness of the effects of this game and its currents is obvious to everyone. Let's start with the first thing we see at first glance; Resident Evil 4 camera angle. In this game, instead of the third person camera placing the game character in the center of the image, they are placed on his shoulder and many games are inspired by it. Today, the camera angle of almost all third-person shooters is the same as Resident Evil 4. At the same time, Resident Evil 4 imitated many games from the camera angle. Like Dead Space, created by Electronic Arts (EA), which was created with the help of many elements from Resident Evil 4. Of course, the most important work inspired by this angle of the camera is Gears of War from Epic Games, which created a third-person style of play centered on rocking, and owes part of its success to Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 are clearly fundamentally different. In Resident Evil 4, there are no specific trenches that we can hide behind. We have to shoot or look for a safe place to recover for a few seconds. The only way to attack the enemies is to stand on our own two feet and shoot. There is no news of the trenches behind which we hide, and from time to time we crawl behind them again during the halfway point by firing a few bullets. In Resident Evil 4, we rarely feel safe, and even when we put an RPG weapon on Lyon's shoulder, we feel threatened.
  • Resident Evil over time; From Camera Evolution to Fighting

If we go to Resident Evil 4 after a long time, it will take a while to get used to it again. These days we are used to shooting with a gun while moving. How to control Resident Evil 4 is a big step in this game, but in fact this game is no different from previous episodes of Resident Evil. If we classify the camera of Resident Evil 4 game by hacking the game like Resident Evil games, we will see this very well. Lyon still move like a tank; A mode of movement in which, like a tank, we cannot move left or right, we rotate at a fixed point, and we move only by moving forward or backward. When we raise our guns to shoot, it is in our best interest to find a good place and keep a good distance from the enemies, which is quite stressful to watch changing ammunition in the most defenseless mode possible.

Although it seems like a game. Resident Evil 4 has left out many of the features of its predecessors, and the game's struggles still create the same suffocating feel of previous games. We may find ourselves in more open environments, but the field of view of the game, and consequently the angle covered by the shots, is more limited. This form of campaign design may really annoy today's players who are more accustomed to more freedom. Shingji Mikami's very limited sidebar and field of view were designed for the same purpose, but after much protest, the players became selective capabilities.

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

Everything is summed up in style

The story of Resident Evil 4 is not just about changing taste and creating emerging features. We are talking about the difference of opinion between the classic games of this series and Resident Evil 4. The majority of audiences prefer realism; Even about fictional stories! Look at the success of Game of Thrones series. The storyline of this series is imaginary and supernatural, but because it reflects the problems of our real world, it has gained a lot of fans.

Strange games like Resident Evil 4 are no longer to the liking of today's players. The horror genre has changed a lot, and we are not going to go back to the previous days of horror style with the advent of found-footage and Slesher horror films. In such a situation, no producer is going to be willing to invest in a work full of ridicule and insanity of Resident Evil 4.

If the strange features of Resident Evil 4 were still economically viable, the situation might have changed. Ultimately, this is why Resident Evil 4 has an unattainable position in the world of video games. Economically, no one dares to go on to create a twenty-hour work full of such unique elements. By the time of the sixth generation of consoles, Capcom had reached a financial point where not only could it fulfill all of Mikami's aspirations for any resource needed to make this unique work, but it completely abandoned two years of developing another work that made it Today we know it as Resident Evil 4 to be done faster. Today, the video game industry is not a place for such games at all.

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

It is about changing players 'views on "valuable content" and game developers' views on "high returns". Open world games have become the flagship of copying and pasting, allowing developers to fill in the corners of their games with duplicate content, with minor tweaks. If the main gameplay mechanic of a game is fascinating, most players are willing to deal with it endlessly and beyond by repeating it.

While such works allow us to relax from the comfort of familiar things and Enjoy duplication, Resident Evil 4 game does not allow such a thing even for a second. The game jumps from a passionate moment to a puzzle to breathe, and after a few quiet moments, it again surrounds us among the enemies or delivers a final giant. Not all of these are made to the same quality, but they are all unique. In the early hours of the game, we hang from a giant fish with a rope, dodge the attacks of a giant monster, and finally encounter an ugly creature that hangs from the roof of a stable and moves quickly. You probably know what an adventurous journey we are talking about.

We can hardly find a work that changes its rhythm so much after Resident Evil 4. This game surprises the player with something new at every moment; Now it's the horrible monster breaths that can only be defeated by using a thermal camera, or the shock of an enemy that is on fire and coming towards the player quickly. The best part of the story is that all the ups and downs of this game are well designed and Resident Evil 4 is right in front of the crushing nerves, thanks to the right speed in each part.

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

Stranger than it looks, more than destroyed

Resident Evil 4 even in parts where They are not praised by the players and they are not calm. For example, when we shoot the villagers in the head, instead of stopping them, the parasite that is in them comes out of their necks and makes our job harder. This simple incident upsets our view of shooting. In shooting games, shooting at enemies is always the best way to save bullets, but although we have more bullets in Resident Evil 4 than in other games, we must use our ammunition more intelligently, otherwise the situation will deteriorate quickly.

In Resident Evil 4, we can disable the enemies by shooting them in the legs, and even if we are fast, we can finish them with a single kick in the moments after the shooting. Of course, the same strategy does not work for many enemies in the game who have shields, and we must think of a new solution. The game offers players a wide range of weapons, and even if we want to cling to one or two of them, the situation will change so much that we will have to use new tactics.

Even Capcom To repeat the magic of Resident Evil 4. Ashley, the president's daughter, is not stupid enough to be slandered, and when she can't help it, she stands in a trash can so as not to be in front of the player's hands and feet. On the other hand, we have Shiva from Resident Evil 5, who always puts himself in front of the player, disturbs or even jumps in the middle of the enemies and easily surrenders to them. Resident Evil's game brought Lyon back, but his limited presence in the game shows that Capcom executives no longer care much about Lyon. Later, we had the Umbrella Corps sub-game, which used the village of Resident Evil 4 simply as a map of an online shooting game. Of course, the last two episodes of Resident Evil, although not as revolutionary as Resident Evil 4, produce a similar feel in many parts.

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

Of course, our expectations may be unrealistic. The more time passes, the more Resident Evil 4 becomes a special effect, which is the result of putting unique talents together at the right time. Perhaps such a thing will never happen again. We have a director who is at the peak of his artistic creativity and is accompanied by an expert team that all have excellent experience in making the game. There was a developer behind the game who was in a position to risk and incur huge costs for pilot projects and make changes to the answer formulas. Players at the time could accept a linear effect that gave them enough freedom. What we are saying may not be the full potential of video games, but it is what video games were but will not be. Few at the time could have predicted that with the end of the PlayStation 2 console era, Japan's domination of the video game industry would end and Westerners would take over.

All of this may be true, but none as recent. The blossoms of that time were not magnificent. A work that screamed its beauty. A work created by people whose knowledge and resources are not found in the hands of anyone else. The fact that Resident Evil 4 is still exciting comes from the fact that nothing else has succeeded in following in the footsteps of this work. We can see some of its playfulness, complexity, and the role of the hunter and hunter in the works of FromSoftware, but Dark Souls and Bloodborne are ultimately very different from Resident Evil 4. But there is no problem. We still have Resident Evil 4.

This post is based on text from the GamesRadar + website.

BingMag.com <b>Resident</b> <b>Evil</b> 4 is <b>still</b> the <b>best</b> <b>part</b> of the <b>series</b> <b>after</b> 15 years

Source: The Verge

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