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A remake of the Last Ace may be available in the second half of 2022

BingMag.com A <b>remake</b> of the <b>Last</b> <b>Ace</b> <b>may</b> be <b>available</b> in the <b>second</b> <b>half</b> of 2022

Last year we first became aware of the possible reconstruction of the Last one. New reports now indicate that development work is nearing completion and may be released in the second half of 2022.

This claim is based on information recently provided by Tom Henderson, an informed source. The industry has announced and also agrees with the information that has reached the VGC site. Henderson tweeted: "I've heard from several people now that the development of The Last of Us is almost complete and could be released in the second half of 2022."

Officially not announced by Sony, Bloomberg reported Last April that a remake of the game, which was released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, is in development for PlayStation 5. According to Bloomberg, the game was initially run by PlayStation Visual Arts Service Group Studios, but after a while the project was led by Nate Dogg, and the Visual Arts Services Group, as always, played the role of supporting studio in developing the game.

BingMag.com A <b>remake</b> of the <b>Last</b> <b>Ace</b> <b>may</b> be <b>available</b> in the <b>second</b> <b>half</b> of 2022

According to reports, the remake is now being developed by the game's creator, Nate Dogg He is said to have taken charge of the project after completing the development of The Last of Us Part 2, which was released in June 2020. In fact, Bloomberg noted in its initial report that after the release of Our Last: Part 2, some members of the studio did not have a project under development and therefore began developing the work.

Recently Neil Drakeman During the CES 2022 conference, Sony announced that Nate Dogg was developing several different games and that he would love to share details with them soon. In addition to remaking our latest game, we know that Nate Dogg is developing its first standalone multiplayer game, which is likely to be an enlarged and expanded version of what was supposed to be our latest online part: Part Two. Tom Henderson also claims that the studio will also see Last of Us Part 2 Directors Cut. The series is being filmed in collaboration with HBO, Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions. In this series, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will play the role of Joel and Ellie, respectively.

Source: VGC

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