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The release of Saints Row was delayed until next summer

BingMag.com The release of Saints Row was delayed until next summer

According to the latest news, the Saints Row series reboot from Deep Silver Volition has been delayed. Instead of February 25, 2022, the game is now scheduled to be released on August 23 next year (September 1, 1401) for eighth and ninth generation Xbox consoles, PlayStation and PC. Game director Jim Boone has stated that the main reason for the delay is to try to make the best game in the series.

His full statement reads:

The original will not be released and will be released worldwide on August 23, 2022. Our priority is to make the best Saints Row game, and if we publish it on the original date, it will not meet the standards we have set and you expect and deserve. The team just needs more time to implement our vision in the game. We are in the final stages and there will be little change in the game beyond the overall quality.

BingMag.com The release of Saints Row was delayed until next summer

Rest assured that no changes will be made to the story, characters, or anything we have romantically imagined or shared with you over the past few years. Over the past two years, all aspects of the entertainment industry have been affected in some way by Quaid. As a player ourselves, we know how it feels to be late for what you have been looking forward to. This is disappointing and you will feel frustrated, but we also know that when we finally put Saints Row in your hands, it will be worth the wait. It's our absolute priority to do it right.

BingMag.com The release of Saints Row was delayed until next summer

Saints Row game with a The new reboot is far removed from the previous titles in the series. The story takes place in Santo Elso, an imaginary city in the southwestern United States, and the player controls The Boss, who is the leader of a new gang. They must compete with Los Panteros, The Idols and Marshal Defense Industries while consolidating their position. While character customization promises a wide range of options, the action-packed parts of the series are still strong. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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