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The release of the Final Fantasy 14 expansion pack was delayed, but not for long

Square Inx has delayed the Final Fantasy 14 expansion pack called Endwalker until December 7th. This package was scheduled to be released on 2 Azar (November 23). Quick access will start from 12 Azar. In addition, the next two updates will be released on December 21 and the following on January 4.

The game's director Naoki Yoshida said in a statement:

The main reason for the game's delay My selfishness as an ozone director is game. I have been looking for progress since I became responsible for it. However, my position as a producer also distracted me from directing it. However, I did my best to present this game in the best possible way. Now my behavior has not changed and I will work on End Walker in the same way.

As I said in previous interviews, the EndWalker package will be the biggest add-on package in Final Fantasy. This project has put a lot of pressure on the staff, but everyone is still working hard to build it. This pack was also scheduled to be released on time.

I played this add-on pack in its entirety. However, I could not stop myself from making it better. Especially since this package is the biggest add-on content for Final Fantasy 14. So the delay in this game is mostly because there was a lot of room for improvement.

BingMag.com The release of the Final Fantasy 14 expansion pack was delayed, but not for long

You see a picture of this game

What is the new content in this add-on pack?

As mentioned, this add-on pack contains many things. From the new city to the many new characters. In general, it can be said that this add-on pack has revived Final Fantasy 14. Some of the items added to the game are:

  • A new city: Old Sharlayan
  • New areas like Radz at han, Garlmeid, Thavnair and more
  • A new scenario
  • A number of new maps
  • New black holes
  • >
  • New Era
  • There are new treasures in the dungeons. li>
  • There have also been changes in hand-to-hand combat. A number of new rules have emerged with new concepts.
  • There have been many advances in the construction debate.
  • The fishing section has also been added to the game.
  • Many changes have been made in the game optimization discussion.

You can see the full details of this update here.

Final Fantasy 14 It is a great MMO RPG game. This game is available for 8th generation and PC consoles and you can buy it. The game has received rave reviews since its release, and the developer has supported it well.

It seems that this support has continued and Square Inx has not disappointed.>

Source: Gematsu.com

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