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The release date of the free Roller Champions game has been announced; Watch the trailer

BingMag.com The <b>release</b> <b>date</b> of the <b>free</b> <b>Roller</b> <b>Champions</b> <b>game</b> has been <b>announced;</b> <b>Watch</b> the trailer

Roller Champions is a free and sports title. Players in this game use skates to move. In the past, the Roller Champions title was only available for 9th generation consoles. It has been announced that it will be released for 8th generation consoles with PC on June 25 (May 25).

This game is supposed to support cross-play system. This means that players on different devices can experience the game together. Also, in this game, there is a Cross Progression system. This means that you will never lose your progress with just one account on multiple devices. So you can try this game on your console and then continue the game from the same level on your computer.

BingMag.com The <b>release</b> <b>date</b> of the <b>free</b> <b>Roller</b> <b>Champions</b> <b>game</b> has been <b>announced;</b> <b>Watch</b> the trailer

Rolling Champions is a sports title. You compete in three-man teams and the rules are relatively easy. You have to hold the ball and make a full circle. To win, you must collect more points than the rival team. After each game you get a number of fans. There is also the ability to customize your character.

You can experience the life of a professional athlete in Roller Champions. In the story section of this game, your character has to start from scratch and become a hero. On the other hand, due to the extensive characterization of the character, it can be very similar to you, which in turn is interesting.

Support for 8th generation consoles continues. So it looks like these devices are still alive. Due to the lack of semiconductor materials, there are definitely many problems in the production of new generation consoles, especially PlayStation 5. Now, those who do not want to go to the Xbox should continue with their eighth generation console. There are currently few titles that are available exclusively for the 9th generation. So if your eighth generation console still works, you do not need to replace it.

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