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4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

The Resident Evil series is now in an amazing position. On the one hand, Resident Evil 7: BioHard took a bold step toward first-person perspective, shaking the foundations of this classic horror and survival franchise. On the other hand, the remastered versions of Resident Evil 2 and 3 in recent years have focused on the traditional third-person perspective that the collection is known to use.

Considering all of the above, the latest Resident Evil game Resident Evil Village intends to incorporate the strengths of both sides of these different game styles. Especially since Capcom has spoken of its passion for instilling a sense that the village is the child of Resident Evil 4 and 7.

The end product is an Resident Evil style that is sometimes heterogeneous but generally a great sequel. For this franchise, Capcom comes into play.

Telling a more intimate story

In the village game, the story continues three years after the events of Resident Evil 7. Last game protagonist Ethan Winters has finally started living together with his wife Mia and daughter Rose. However, this peaceful cohabitation does not last long until the discovery of Resident Evil franchise champion Chris Redfield, who kills Mia and kidnaps Ethan and Rose. After waking up in a snowy European village, Ethan must find his daughter and at the same time escape from the clutches of the four dangerous lords who rule the village and the mysterious Miranda's mother, who is Evin's servant.

Ethan may be the character It may not be deep in the village, but the game's decision to focus on her relentless pursuit of finding her daughter fascinates you on her personal journey, especially for a character who deliberately left the players a blank white screen in the previous game. Ethan's prominence in this title also helps to deepen his character. In some places he's somewhat reminiscent of Resident Evil 4.

BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

The more elaborate and intertwined Four Lords, Lady Dimitresk, Internet-favorite vampire, puppet maker Donna Benvinto, the sea monster Salvatore Moreau, and the genius engineer Karl Heisenberg, and the stacking of pieces of Chris' mysterious mission keep the player entertained throughout the game.

A few twists and turns in the final parts of the story may be controversial among old Resident Evil fans, but there is no doubt that they are shocking and surprisingly exciting.

Nothing more than an allegiance h2>

The story of the village game is good and attractive, but the structure of the game is one of its significant aspects. Capcom has made the location of the village a pole through which you can go to completely different places. Those who prefer Resident Evil games to run in only one location may have trouble with the way the game is played.

Of course, this does not mean that the village is devoid of this aspect. The village depicted in the game has an image and feel similar to the original village of Resident Evil 4 and adds more depth, breadth and detail. By getting more items you can return to the village to access other areas of the game. Each of these areas presents its story to the player through the special atmosphere and design of the environment.

BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

Exploring the game is very enjoyable, especially visually. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series run 4K/60fps, and its stunning sound design doubles the gaming experience on these consoles. These terrifying noises constantly make you stare around to find the source of the scary sounds you hear.

Often the source of these sounds are werewolves that keep you awake and alert. The various forms that wolves take on are so terrifying that they quickly turn them into one of the most memorable monsters in the Resident Evil series. Overall, the game has a good variety of enemies, which is more than Resident Evil 7.

BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

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Resident Evil Village is also worth exploring to get new resources and weapons. Such as obtaining a reliable Wolfsbane Magnum weapon. One of the core gameplay of the village is directly inspired by Resident Evil 4: Equipment Management. Like Resident Evil 4, the village provides a box for storing items, which, like Resident Evil 4, you should place your weapons and items in a confined space. You can sell any valuable jewels or items you find to Duke, the mysterious but fun-loving merchant of the game. Get the game to upgrade your weapons or build various items.

BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

In addition You can hunt animals and exchange their meat for various upgrades. But there are only a limited number of these upgrades and it is not necessary to get them along with your growing and efficient arsenal. This brings us to one of the game's weaknesses: Ethan sometimes seems too powerful, even in the standard difficulty of the game. If you do not seek to upgrade weapons, the game regularly provides you with bullets and healing items that make progressing in the game somewhat easy and painless unless you change the difficulty of the game.


The village is a wonderful place in itself, but it also serves as a bridge between the four lords of the game. Prior to the game's release, Tsuoshi Kanda producer described the game as a horror amusement park, and his description seems to be true.

Each of Miranda's subordinates embodies a special and unique aspect of Gothic horror that Equally, exploring and confronting areas under their control is exciting and suspenseful. The first large part of Lady Demitersk Castle is probably the most familiar to you because it is located in the village game advertising center.

BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

Capcom effectively uses this platform to give the player a sense of suffocation and the labyrinth of classic Evil Resident locations. It felt like being at Spencer Castle in the main game and the Raccoon City Police Department at Resident Evil 2, where you had to keep coming back and find different items.

In addition, Lady Dimitresk And his three daughters can show up at any time to follow you like Mr. X in the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake. In this game, we are actually faced with a great combination of old and new Resident Evil that nails everyone to a chair. Although the Dimitresk Castle was designed to remind the resident Evil of old-fashioned games, the design of Donna Benovinto's house has not been seen before in the franchise. That puppet house is deeply disturbing and is mostly rooted in psychological horror. Next we come to the Morio Pond, where you will advance to finally encounter a deformed sea monster that resembles one of the classic Resident Evil 4 monsters.

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BingMag.com 4 reasons why Resident Evil Village is better than Resident Evil 4

The only place in the village that does not have the charm of other parts is the Heisenberg Frankenstein factory. . While it may be said that this turbulent lord has the most comprehensive and engaging story among the villains in the story, his factory is colorless, glazed and repetitive. Not that it's bad, but it certainly is a disappointing game compared to other mesmerizing and carefully designed environments. The village has inherited Resident Evil 4, and although this claim is not far from the truth, it does not well show all the strengths of the game to the consumer. To better explain, the village is influenced by the European context, the management of equipment and items, and some encounters with its enemies from Resident Evil 4, and uses them effectively.

But the village is moving in the right direction. Badie is not afraid either. Especially when it comes to storytelling and structure. The experience of Lady Dimitresk and Donna Benointo's houses is completely different, but it is these subtle differences that make the game memorable. It is not yet clear what Resident Evil will do after this game, but we hope that the upcoming games will be good and exciting for the village. Resident Evil Village is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X and S Series, PCs and Google Stadium.

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