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Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

The acclaimed control game of Sam Lake, despite relying on its elaborate architecture and unique environmental design, can once again draw attention to this postmodern style. Slowly But what real-world brutalist buildings inspired Remedy Entertainment's latest project?

In recent years, many game developers have designed their worlds environment inspired by this style of architecture. For example, independent games like NaissanceE come to the market from time to time and show us the beauty of tangled and protruding concretes. But in terms of demonstrating the true potential of this type of building architecture, so far there has been no trace of the "control" ambition.

At the same time, it should be noted that brutalism is not the only style in this game. Inspired by it, he designed the environment of the "Oldest House", but it can be boldly said that it forms its foundation. Perhaps the only similarity between all these designs is the use of concrete, which represents power and authority and serves to create a narrative atmosphere in the form of a notorious organization such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBC).

In this article Take a look at some of these environments and look at the buildings that inspired them in the real world.

Federal Office Building

A view starts from the bottom of the main building of the game and shows us the outside of this huge structure. The camera follows one of the streets of New York. It is raining and it seems to be wet everywhere, so moving towards the Federal Office building is like taking refuge from the rain, but we can't really find a building on the whole street that is more scary.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

Fortunately, the creator of "Control" Ramdi has spoken clearly about the buildings and designs that inspired them. Game world design director Stuart MacDonald, for example, cited the windowless Long Lines Tower on Thomas New York Street, formerly the AT&T building, as one of the main sources of adaptation for the "oldest house." This huge structure does not take its name from the long indentations outside the building, but refers to its old communication lines.

The architect of this tower was John Warnak, who built the building in 1974 under the name "Project X". The "long lines" are made of hard concrete and granite and are so strong that they can withstand an explosion and a wave of nuclear attack in the city. Warang's great vision was to build a twentieth-century castle inspired by the polishing style. They use high security. The Intercept website, which aims to uncover the secrets of America's most powerful state-owned corporations, says the "long lines" are likely to be a large-scale public surveillance base for the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. (FBI) is connected. However, government agencies have a long history of benefiting from refined structures for their important bases, such as the J. Building. Edgar Hoover, which is the headquarters of the FBI or even the strong factories in Quantico that we saw in Netflix's Mindhunter series. It seems that this TV series has had a great impact on the design of the "control" game.

All these areas contribute to the mysterious and scary nature of the "control" game building. The Old House and its spy agency are literally symbols of power and population control, where international communications are classified and monitored by countless agents and officers.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

Another thing that makes" control "art design interesting and, of course, scary is that next to the impossible labyrinth of rooms and corridors of the old house, when a little closer to the environment Look, you see that it is not much different from a normal office. There are several tables in each room and hundreds of papers and personal computers are scattered on each table. When you open a door, you realize that you have entered the bathroom or you may even find your way to the staff changing room.

Although some of these corridors are inspired by the Yale British Center for the Arts And it uses elements such as woodwork, luxurious carpets and antiques to decorate, it can not be denied that the scariest "control" points are its ordinary offices.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

One of the most influential sources in the design of these offices is the famous Irish architect Kevin Roach. Of course, the office compartments, which consist of endless columns of neatly arranged tables and chairs, are present throughout the building, but when you encounter them at the beginning of the game and in the management section, they have a lot to say about its surreal atmosphere. According to the article "Evolution of Office Design", the open space of these offices, which were built in the middle of the twentieth century, was such as to help increase activity. Low furniture and symmetrical design and placement were all in line with the goal of increasing the productivity of offices like factories and minimizing employee distraction. If you've ever wondered why the offices inside the "control" game make you feel weird, it's because it's inspired by Frederick Tyler's design style to increase employee productivity.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

; Secretarial

Another important inspiration for the "control" building is the Hungarian architect Marcel Brewer. His New York Gallery is one of the many places Ramdy designers went to research, and the impact of the building's admirable lobby can be seen throughout the old house management. When you enter the "control" lobbies, you see line by line rotating spotlights that act as a guarantor of the inevitable public oversight of the office.

Dead Letters Archive is one of the dramatic points of the game that Clearly inspired by Brewer's architectural style. The back wall of this area consists of indentations that form the retreat of the caves and extend to the roof. These recesses also remind us of the design of St. Francis de Sales Church, a modernist and bizarre masterpiece in suburban Michigan.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

Religious Architecture

Another dimension of Sufism associated with the surreal and mysterious elements of" control "in its architecture. There are also areas that have many stunning columns and slowly stop in an assembly that resembles the chanting platform of a cathedral. Also in this game we see gates that are a reflection of the famous Japanese architect Tadao Endo. This prominent figure illuminates the interiors of his buildings by using gaps in the concrete; An element that we see "control" everywhere.

Ramdi, inspired by orthodox architecture, has also used the work of Italian architect Carlo Scarpa in some parts of the game. One of his designs, Brion Cemetry, is a stunning dance of concrete and light. Scarpa worked on the cemetery for about a decade until he died in an accident. One of his most luxurious techniques is the use of staircases that lead into walls, columns, corridors, and even ceilings. This visual motif is something we see throughout the old house in "control" that manifests in its kind the greed of the state and their power-seeking.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

Small details in the research section

Scarpa's unique art once again finds itself in the "Center The "control" building shows research, where this large hall is filled with sculptures and bronze ornaments of his Olivetti Showroom.

Of course, more interesting than this decoration is the structure itself, which is the source It can be found in the design of the Kurashiki City Hall of Kenzo Tanji. On the walls of this research center in the game of "control", details such as geometric gaps and small windows can be seen, all of which go back to this great work. All this creates a strange contradiction for players compared to ordinary game management offices. There is no doubt that both of these are a kind of elaboration, but in the second type we see more chaotic creativity that diversifies and engages the whole game environment - even though it only happens in one building.

BingMag.com Real buildings that inspired the artistic design of Control

Control game environment may seem like a simple building at first glance, but do not doubt that each of its points serves the surreal atmosphere of this They are works and use the masterful works of great architects of history to convey their concepts and meanings. Ramdi's newest building is nothing but the Oldest House, so it may come as no surprise that builders have turned to such structures so obsessively to design it better.

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