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Ramiez Axie Infinity promised wealth; The promise of a masterpiece, the delivery of a catastrophe

BingMag.com <b>Ramiez</b> <b>Axie</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>promised</b> <b>wealth;</b> The <b>promise</b> of a <b>masterpiece,</b> the <b>delivery</b> of a catastrophe

Although cryptocurrencies are experiencing an unprecedented collapse since their inception, there are still many people who see these currencies as the future of the capitalist world. There is a lot of discussion in the field of digital currency gaming. At present, digital currency has not successfully entered the gaming world and has not been able to attract the attention of gamers. In principle, the problem of gamers does not only lead to games. In fact, the competition between gamers and miners to buy different parts of the computer has been going on for several years.

Now the main issue is who are the games that use digital currency made for? These games are for people who are not very real gamers and look at the gaming industry as a pastime. In a way, these people spend their free time gaming and see the potential of earning money with games with digital currency.

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The story we want to tell you in this article is about the experience of one of the people with a digital currency title. In the field of digital currency gaming, we have seen many scams. The most famous example is Ghost Recon: Break Point. Ubisoft tried to use NFT in this project. After a while the players invested in this game, he announced that the project failed and did not return the money paid by the players to them!

In general, the gaming world does not discuss the game with Digital currency is not optimistic. This article is about the same. Why you should not trust digital currency titles.

BingMag.com <b>Ramiez</b> <b>Axie</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>promised</b> <b>wealth;</b> The <b>promise</b> of a <b>masterpiece,</b> the <b>delivery</b> of a catastrophe

The appearance of Axie Infinity is very simple and the content is not so difficult. Lopez de Armentia). He is alone tomorrow and does not have many friends. Armenia fills its void with gaming. Now he has found a new game. A title that allows him to make money from his entertainment. Which is not possible in normal games.

Oxy Infinity game was the title that attracted Armenia. This game is very simple. You are faced with a number of interesting characters that have a special appearance. You have 3 of these characters. Each has its own ability. When you enter a fight, you can use their special abilities. The fight also ends when all three characters are destroyed. In general, each fight lasts about 5 minutes.

Many ordinary Oxy players also believe that this game is not very attractive. However, it has many fans and many users spend a lot of time on it. Basically, everyone is trying to have the strongest team. Armenia has also spent about $ 40,000 on Oxy Infiniti. The point is that Armenia believed that Oxy Infinity could become his job. Making money from a game? . The currency in the game is originally called Smooth Love Potion. Once you have received a certain amount of it, you can receive another digital currency called Axie Infinity Shard. Even the main characters of the game, called Axie, are infamous. So you can buy and sell them as well.

BingMag.com <b>Ramiez</b> <b>Axie</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>promised</b> <b>wealth;</b> The <b>promise</b> of a <b>masterpiece,</b> the <b>delivery</b> of a catastrophe

All of the above are ways to make money from this game. Armenia also saw this and tried to make progress. One of the interesting points is that you can make a new oxy. You have to choose the two axes you have, pair them together and pay a small fee, wait for a new character.

Every new player needs an ax to be able to play. As a result, their prices have always risen. One of the promises that Oxy Infiniti made to the players was that they could triple their money in the first few days. The company that made the Oxy Infiniti game is called Sky Mavis. The company wrote on its website that it believes that playing and working will soon become one. The company believed that if it gave economic benefits to its users, it could achieve its main goal.

With this idea, the Vietnamese company earned more than $ 160 million. The important point is that Oxy Infiniti was able to cross the border of 2 million daily users. Many celebrities in the digital currency world also believe that Oxy and similar titles are the future of gaming. Some even believe They said that in the next 5 years, about 90% of the available games will be like this. Some even believe that Oxy is one of the best ways to invest! That means the game's small digital currency, or Smooth Love Push, was worth just 1.8 cents. If in the past this currency was worth more than 40 cents. On the other hand, the big currency of the game called Oxy Infinity Shard was worth only $ 56. This is if in the past this currency was also worth more than $ 150.

there is no digital currency!

SkyMovies stated the reason for this to attract more audiences. The players said they were willing to try digital currency if there was no discussion of digital currency in the new title, the company said. So the goal of the original version is to attract new players without using digital currency.

SkyMovis financial officials worked hard to show that there was no problem. However, from the devaluation of the Oxy game, it was clear that there was a flaw in the game's development. One of the interesting points is that one of the founders of Sky Mevis Studio did not reveal his whereabouts in his interview. Because these people are already under serious threat.

Zirlin, a company official, said he sympathizes with those who lost money. He said that this incident also has its positive points. Because it eliminated people who only played Oxyinfiti for its money!

History of digital currency titles

This is not the first time that digital currency has been discussed in video games It becomes. In 2017, a game called Cryptokitties was created. In this game, you can raise small cats and take children from them. Then you could sell these kittens. Anafati also found its true face at the same time. The main point here was that Crypto Kitiz also quickly became very popular. However, this success was not continuous.

BingMag.com <b>Ramiez</b> <b>Axie</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>promised</b> <b>wealth;</b> The <b>promise</b> of a <b>masterpiece,</b> the <b>delivery</b> of a catastrophe

The first game Using digital currency, it can be called Crypto Kitiz.

The creators of SkyMovies also met at one of the Crypto Kitiz forums. The game's creators came up with the idea of introducing characters similar to Crypto Kitiz into a wider world than this limited game. The creators of SkyMovies have a long history of public relations and economics.

Why did Oxy Infiniti succeed? At the time, most Blockchain-based games were based on Ethereum. For this reason, all the economic activities of these games depended on the value of Atrium. This is while SkyMovies created its own blockchain. As a result, overall costs were lower and the game progressed dramatically.

There was a lot of criticism of the game from the beginning, but the original formula worked. That's why Oxy Infinity could do so well. Another reason for Oxyinfiniti's success was its economic dependence. In many countries, players could not afford to buy an oxy. So the players who had these items rented them out. The interesting thing is that in weak countries, Oxyinfiti became a job.

In the Philippines, which had the largest number of game users, the average daily income from Oxyinfiti was higher than the lowest income in this country. The factor that made many people look at this game from the perspective of monetization. When the number of weak users of this game increased, it made Oxy Infiniti seem very successful. As a result, many users were added to the game and its digital currencies became extremely valuable.

BingMag.com <b>Ramiez</b> <b>Axie</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>promised</b> <b>wealth;</b> The <b>promise</b> of a <b>masterpiece,</b> the <b>delivery</b> of a catastrophe

Many players also aim Clearly announced the monetization of this game. One of the players said in an interview that he only plays Oxy Infinity for his income. He officially said that if he wants to play seriously, he will buy a real game! This was a problem for the virtual economy of the Oxy Infiniti game. Now, if you used the currency in the game, it would disappear and disappear. Meanwhile, players have opted to sell Smooth Love covers in the digital currency market. As a result, the amount of this currency increased over time. This caused the value of the currency to depreciate sharply due to rising virtual inflation. This will also reduce the amount flowing in this currency. Players quickly bought Smooth Love when it dwindled. It then sold them with a small increase, which made the value of this digital currency even lower than it is. To solve. It was very short-lived to expect people to come in with a small amount of money and double it. Especially when the Oxy Infiniti game did not seem very profitable, the new players also decreased. "Oxy Infiniti is a very interesting story from people who learned the difficult lessons of economics and finance in a small world," says one economic analyst.

Are Digital Currency Games Reliable? ?

This question is very difficult to answer. There are not many titles out there right now that prove digital currency is a good idea in video games. However, various companies are trying to bring digital currency into the gaming world. These companies believe that the future of the gaming world lies in this.

One of the main points of digital currency titles is that real gamers do not go for these titles. People who go for blockchain games are those who do not know much about video games. For this reason, they do not notice problems and suspicious cases at all. This is in case gamers will quickly notice and suspect the strange information of these games.

BingMag.com <b>Ramiez</b> <b>Axie</b> <b>Infinity</b> <b>promised</b> <b>wealth;</b> The <b>promise</b> of a <b>masterpiece,</b> the <b>delivery</b> of a catastrophe

Many titles are being created using digital currency. The main question is, are these titles reliable? Or not.

Oxyinfiti is another example of a scam of these titles. The developer has announced that it may return the game, but the problem is that it can not restore its former success. In general, the idea of this game was not so bad. The problem was in the management discussion. As mentioned, the users of this game were not originally gamers. For this reason, they abused this game and prevented it from reaching its full potential. This caused Oxy Infiniti to fail.

Digital currency is not in good shape at the moment. This is why you may encounter many such cases. The interesting thing is that oxyinfinity problems happened before the bad conditions of digital currency. So given the current state of digital currency, the chances of fraud are very high and users should be careful.

Source: Bloomberg.com

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