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Quick Look: Sonic Colors Ultimate

One of the best and most famous Sonic games of the last two decades has been released as a remake. Of course, when we say the best, we have to compare the game with other Sonic games, because Sonic Colors Ultimate does not really have much to say as a scuba diver.

In order to review this famous Sonic issue, we decided to take a look. Let's cut it short. We have dedicated this part of the "Quick Look" series to Sonic Colors Ultimate, which is the basis for the latest 3D Sonic games.

In addition to this quick look, you can also read the full review of the game soon. It's the game design philosophy and why Sonic Colors is sometimes so good and sometimes really nerve-wracking.

We invite you to take a quick look at Sonic Colors Ultimate. p> Game Name Sonic Colors Ultimate Producer Sega Developer Sega , Blind Squirrel Games Style Scooter Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Release Date September 16, 1400

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