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PubJie New State release date announced; Pabji with science-fiction style and context

BingMag.com PubJie New State release date announced; Pabji with science-fiction style and context

Pabji is still making huge strides around the world, and it is no surprise that Crafton is looking to invest more in the game. A new version of the series, called New State, was introduced earlier this year for iOS and Android, and now the exact release date has been announced.

Not be. A work that can be said to have put the Battle Royale style on the tongues and influenced the multiplayer games of the last one or two years. With the release of the mobile version, Pabji became more popular than before and was a huge success for the developers. Of course, the popularity of this game on smartphones was not accidental, and one of the reasons was the constant supply of additional content and various game modes. Due to the success, the production studio will naturally seek more profit, and the new version of this series called New State is the result of this process.

BingMag.com PubJie New State release date announced; Pabji with science-fiction style and context

PubJie: New State is set in 2051 and is set to feature Battle Royale battles in the future. Using new rendering technology, a PC-like shooting system, a unique player recruitment system, a drone store, a variety of weapon customizations and four maps, including the futuristic version of "Troi" and "Erangel", the game is once again trying to Make Pubjee's name more and more popular.

New State will be a turning point for the PubJie series. Although this is not the first game in the series to hit mobile phones, it is the first version of the series to be developed by the original game developer, PubJie Studios, as the 2018 version of PubJie Mobile was developed by Chinese giant Tencent. The developer has stated that the game, like the previous version, will benefit from various updates and will have a season-like system that balances content in each season by balancing the fun and keeping the core of the series.

BingMag.com PubJie New State release date announced; Pabji with science-fiction style and context

The game developer has also promised an improved anti-cheat system to reduce the problems that players have faced in the past. to happen. It is interesting to know that earlier this year, a report was published that reported a group of $ 70 million in revenue from the sale of fraudulent systems for PubJie Mobile.

"PubJie: New State" game on November 11 2021 (November 20, 1400) will be available for free in 200 countries for Android and iOS, and will support 17 languages at launch. Crafton has confirmed that more than 50 million copies of the game have been pre-purchased so far. In addition to New State, a new version of PubJie for PCs and consoles and a second version of PubJie Mobile are under development. Another work in the style of fear and survival called "Callisto Protocol" is scheduled to be released in 2022 and will run for the next 300 years in the world of Pabji.

Source: The Verge

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