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The price of the standard Nintendo Switch model has dropped in Europe

BingMag.com The price of the standard Nintendo Switch model has dropped in Europe

Nintendo has officially reduced the official price of the standard Nintendo Switch hybrid console model in Europe by 20 pounds to make it more consistent with other points Nintendo has given more details about the price change of the original Switch model in Europe. They said the price change was due to both exchange rate differences and the supply of the Old Switch. Officially, Nintendo does not set the price of the hardware in Europe, but now they have announced a new price of 5 259.99 at a reasonable price for the console in their store, which is likely to be the same price that other retailers will follow. A Nintendo spokesman told Eurogamer: "Nintendo Europe is changing the European trade price of selling the Nintendo Switch console to retailers. Now that more than four and a half years have passed since the launch of this console, Nintendo Switch still has strong and high sales in Europe. After considering various factors, including the exchange rate in Europe and the launch of the old Nintendo Switch console model, we decided that now was a good time to change the trading price of the Nintendo Switch in Europe. The commercial price of the Nintendo Switch Lite and the new Nintendo Switch Old model that will be released in the future have not been affected by these changes. "

BingMag.com The price of the standard Nintendo Switch model has dropped in Europe

The final price of the console for customers is determined by the sellers. However, according to a suggested guide for local retailers, the prices of the various Nintendo Switch console models at the Nintendo Store in Europe are as follows:

  • Nintendo Switch Light:. 199.99
  • Nintendo Switch: 9 259.99
  • Nintendo Switch - Old Model: 9 309.99

A Nintendo spokesman said: " "We made this price change before the release of the Nintendo Switch - Old Model so that the price difference between each model on Nintendo's retail site, My Nintendo Store, is what Nintendo deems appropriate for its store."

The price reduction was the official price of the standard Nintendo Switch model in Europe at 9 259.99 or 299.99, which has now dropped by 20 or 279 to 9 279.99 and 229.99 respectively. There are no further details on the same for most other regions, but Nintendo has officially announced that it has no plans to cut official prices in the United States at this time. Of course, given that the Switch console still continues to sell well in the United States, such a decision is not surprising.

Source: Eurogamer

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